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Blog visual literacy


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the grammar of watching and looking deeper

Published in: Education
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Blog visual literacy

  1. 1. Visual Literacy Debbie Abilock, NoodleTools, Inc. 21st Century Learning Hong Kong (21CLHK) January 25, 2013
  2. 2. Two ways of knowing with different cognitive strategies • Written text is governed by the logic of time or temporal sequence whereas visual images are governed by spatiality, composition, and simultaneity (Kress, 2003). • In addition, meaning is derived from position in the temporal sequence of written text, whereas meaning is derived from the spatial relations or grammar of visual images (Kress & van Leeuwen, 1996).
  3. 3. From observing to constructing meaning What we notice What it might mean Implications
  4. 4. Read, understand, evaluate, create
  5. 5. Winter, Damon. March on Jena, La. 20 Sept. 2007. New York Times. New York Times, 21 Sept. 2007. Web. 15 Dec. 2010. < 0070921JENA_8.html>. Body Language Candia, Robert. Chile Prison Fire. 8 Dec. 2010. AP Images. AP, 8 Dec. 2010. Web. 5 May 2010. 101208042875
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  7. 7. “The bridegroom leaps and bounds like an acrobat strutting, swaggering, showing off for his bride.”
  8. 8. SnooK irlone ~ Ma/1jfy/1 Nelso/l Iljll.dMII~/I~1 TiIIlothy Basil E/I/~~ Abba Jacob splashed out. He ran to meet the barking somersault that leaped into his arms. "Oh, Snook," he said. "Good dog!" Snook whimpered against his friend's chest. He licked his chin. his ears. Abba Jacob laughed. "You silly. 'orriblt: littlt: beastie. you.
  9. 9. Questions for a “Picture Walk” • What catches your eye first? • How do the books' physical components relate to the content? • Where is the text located on the page? • How do the illustrations spreads, single-page images, collages, overlapping images, or portraits convey the content? • Where is the viewer positioned? • Do the images in the book change from beginning to end? • What is foregrounded, and what is included in the background? • What are the dominant colors? • How is white, or negative, space used? • Are there recurring image patterns (motifs, symbols)? • Are there elements that seem odd? • What is large? Why are certain elements larger than others?
  10. 10. Problems with “picture walks” “During a picture walk, the illustrations and design elements of a picture book are often reduced to serving as prompts for reading the written text, rather than as a system of meaning in their own right (Serafini & Ladd, 2008).” Serafini, Frank. "When Bad Things Happen to Good Books." Reading Teacher Dec.-Jan. 2011/ 2012: 238-41. Print.
  11. 11. The “grammar” of images • Elements – line, scale, shape, texture, patterns, light • Arrangement – balance, contrast, dominance /subordination, emphasis, movement, repetition, rhythm, variation, unity
  12. 12. The angle Where are [ you ] standing?
  13. 13. Eye moves from side to side – spacious and stable © Debbie Abilock
  14. 14. © Debbie Abilock Eye moves from near to far Vertical image exaggerates depth and distance
  15. 15. “The same text is interpreted differently depending on context.” Harry Farid, Digital Forensics, Computer Science Dept. Dartmouth
  16. 16. © Debbie Abilock
  17. 17. Hoshiko, Eugene. China Rich at 60. 11 Aug. 2009. AP Images. AP, 29 Sept. 2009. Web. 5 May 2010. 090811065979
  18. 18. Light What is illuminated? Where is the light source?
  19. 19. © Debbie Abilock
  20. 20. Hine, Lewis. Manuel the young shrimp picker, 5 years old and a mountain of child labor oyster shells behind him. He worked last year. Understands not a word of English. Biloxi, Miss. 20 Feb. 1911. National Archives. National Archives and Records Administration, 2006. Web. 19 Dec. 2010. <>.
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  25. 25. © Robert Abilock
  26. 26. Lines Where do your eyes go? What patterns do you see?
  27. 27. © Debbie Abilock
  28. 28. Jeffrey, Paul. A boy scavenges in the municipal garbage dump in Chennai, India. He and other boys who work in the dump spend their nights safely in a shelter sponsored by the Madras Christian Council of Social Service. Images by Paul Jeffrey. KairosPhotos, n.d. Web. 15 Dec. 2012. < C0000_PhPeDw7ock>.
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  30. 30. Pet:er McCart:y
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  38. 38. “The underlying goal of the encyclopedia is to promote knowledge that leads to human happiness, well-being, world peace.”
  39. 39. Movement Which direction? What effect?
  40. 40. The White Church, Hornitos, CA (1946) "The White Church, Hornitos, CA." CARE. Collaborative Arts Resources for Education, n.d. Web. 19 Dec. 2010. < image-bank/o-1/the- white-church-hornitos-ca.html>.
  41. 41. “No one looked down…”
  42. 42. Balilty, Oded. A Jewish settler struggles with an Israeli security officer as authorities evacuate a West Bank settlement near the Palestinian town of Ramallah after Israel’s Supreme Court cleared the way for the demolition of nine homes at the site. Feb. 2006. Associated Press. AP, 16 Apr. 2007. Web. 19 Dec. 2010. <>.
  43. 43. The context Which image is chosen?
  44. 44. Lange, Dorothea. Destitute pea pickers in California. Mother of seven children. Age thirty-two. Nipomo, California. Feb. 1936. Prints & Photographs Online Catalog. Lib. of Congress, 2006. Web. 19 Dec. 2010. <>
  45. 45. EL MERCURIO....,A...,u.. Transmision telerisiv.1 se convierle en hilo mundial de 1.1S comunica.ciones: Un rescate perfecto Pn:sidente Pi.[iera inie~'1 gira a Europa. m.u'od.l por el aito e inler~ en el s:llvalaje minem pr~ ~l:mlD ]6:m..."-nJi, ~ U!rIM':I;r I:!t~~ lIl' olt,IJrxid-=:n - EI ref:tlccentm y L'I reruperaci6n de los te5Gl3dos en el Hospilal de COp~'1p6 Mario SepUlveda sera capitan de telefonistas en la Teleton ,JIIIoo;Loi _ _ "--'1..._~ WI_.~.:JI • • ~ .._-~..- -~.....c-.llll'lvo-~ ____ ,.-Jw.~ ..... ,~""- 11ft. ~ ~ ~..-.. :=:~~.~.~- ...-.......-..~.--.- =-~~=:-.-ur:.r=.._1_UJl CQI • 11'U1lU1U<llt.5 Alb mc::idc=ocb t~t:nGJ a:rlx:;;r, ~ ublcci6cr. I J:)(lW r~ J r ___... _:....J _ _ .r. A1...:.1Ao-." ... _ ... -.....-. ~ S,.OIIproi.. _ lA emocion de los 33 mineros, al S.llir a b ~perficie, en sus primuas pilibras y geslDs I rx:. tI"IIQ fD~ Ir c:;&.irn;Q ":r'll'" ~t:I ~ !~~dm!i. k:ird tncr r1.1
  46. 46. “Screaming silences” Which images are missing?
  47. 47. The context Where is it embedded? Why is it there?
  48. 48. Page 2 lelegraph CO uk 0;;,) 620 x 387 - Mohammed Morsi grants himself sweeping new powers in wake of Gaza SIlTlllar More sIZes
  49. 49. Monroe, Mary Alice. Turtle Summer: A Journal for My Daughter. Illus. Barbara J. Bergwerf. Mt. Pleasant, SC: Sylvan Dell, 2007. N. pag. Print. Tha~ks to: Bilrbar. Sthroeder of NOM's Natio~al Mari~e Fisheries ~rvl(e­ Offic~ of Protected Resour(u for ve"fvi~g the accuracy of the information j~ this book Educators and husbandry staff at the South Caroli~a Aquarium for identifvi~g shells. birds. and plants Ni(hol.sJohannes for his "day nester" photos Kelly Thorvalson. and Susan and Lauren Geddings for their help modeling Publ,,"er Cataloglng-In-Publication D,'~ "'OO",,", "'aryAlic~ Tu,tle ,ummer: ajou,nal lor my daugh,er / r..t~ry Alice Mon",,": Iphotog,.ph, by111.lrn.raj. k'gwe,l, .ket,h... ;llumal'on., and la)'OlJ' ~I>g" by liu Downey. I32J p.' col. ill., em ISBN: 978 O·977HH-5-6 (ha,deo,",.) ISBN 978-0-9777423-7-0,pbU 1. logge,head tu,tle--At"'"'" Coa>l'U.S.Hu,",n,lt I,(t,.ru,e. 1."I....A(I."to< COlt.( {U.S.}·)uvt"'" I"t,otu,,". 3.logg. ,hnd wnle 4. Seatun",._ I. k'gwerf, a..rboraj. II. Downty,lls.a. III. litle QL666.C536 r..t66 2007 59792/10975 2006938664 Tu, Copyright " 2007 by Mary Alice Mon,oe Photograph Copyrighl " 2007 by II.l,N,aj. k.gwerl Sketc..... illustrll,on•. and layout de.'gn by lis. Downev Tltt ·Fo. Creati'"' Mind,' ~u<atlo""l ,echon m.y be copied by t'"Owner lor personal u,e 0' bv educato.. u,lng cOpit> in d .."oom .ttl,ng, Syl"'n [)o,11 PubliSh,"II 976 Hou.ton Nonh<;u1 Blvd.. Su,(e 1 "'I. Plt..a"t. SC 19464
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  52. 52. Saturday, Dec 18, 2010 Home Metro Beijing RegiOnal ! World ! Opinion - ~: :;tje1L I Cover Story Supercaryouths In drive lor gooo image ;. :.~,~.• "~, I .'~ ~-'~. d i ", , ' _'___~_~__-=-.-:J Beijing: .' + I Piloto Debate I f orum I Government I Thin~ T.n~ I E-p.per I Mobile News I Lenguog~ TIf,. I News photo I CUlM " I Cartoon I ellina Tr....el Ilewsle!te. I E-SM p .. -.-- - . ~- ..~- ----~.":":--- .-- ---.-- .... Netizens find a word to sum up frustration The Chinese character",*," (zhang), which Is used to describe a rapid price rise, has Deen voted ' Charader of the Yeann an online poll as tne pubUcis Increasingly dIssatisfied with the soaring prices, Q Netizens unhappywith poor S€IIiC€ on govt sites Beijing stern over Japan's Diaoyu plot China lashed aJapanese diy's move to commemorate Japan's stealthy occupation of the Diaoyu Islands more than a century ago, sa~l ng such sene e is nothing bulfru ~l ess ..~ ........~ China uTges restraint all. Korean Peninsula China warnea on Saturdaythat a pOSSible fresh dash between the two countries on tM Korean Peninsula could shake region al stability and il urged both governmenls 10 avoid mo es thai il said woula stoke tensions. OPRK warns againsl Saoul's shelling drill a Security Council 10 meel over peninsula tllnslon • Snow forecast for North China , Israen companies Ou!soulcing to Palestinians • Obama to slgo low ending military gay boo • Chlna to ioves! 100b yuan for foocl security • US 'very ready' to counter Iran's nuclear move • Wiklleaks' Assange says fears US extradition • FestiVal coming, China warns of school bribes • Post-quake welfare houses, a second disaster latest !lews I Chinese Media • SnoVJ forecaslorNorth China (11'40) • Wen caUs lor closer mMery exchanges with Pakislan (11 '27) • Holog rams deliver moving 3-0 (08:48) • Dragon's Heart A kungfu master's living legacy (10:26) • Memories and memorabilia of Bruce lee (10:22) • The art of Jeel Kune Do (10.1B) SUde Podcast Pictures 1"•..a- CHI~4'~JE~1~1China Daily launches European edition -r . ~ .. -,...... '--_ Top 10 entertainment events Showbiz will never stop gener3Unl) buzz as much as people Will nelfer stop gossiping. II mayhe a rumor, accident or scandal to rill tne headlines, but when II Invotlles a celebrity il soon becomes a hot toptc. Chck for more op 10" lopfcs • Top 10 ChInese new words in 2010 ..,all by a simple 11 Mllill LV•
  53. 53. Now OFFERING CHINA DAILY US EDITION thin.. I us China Sites offering songs tolcl to obey the law or face the music • From the editor The MInistry of Culture has ordered 237 websites to haJt operatlOlls immedi03lely for Illegall)' offering music. • China Dally makes debut In Houston • Sleepy organic town wins first 'slow City' priZe • Second child? One Is enough! • A snapshot of the overworked middle class • Diplomacy goes on for DPRK-ROK tensions China Daily makes debut in Houston Former us president George H W. Bush Joined a group of politid ans. officials, tluslness people and celeb rities to welcome Ch ina Dally USA's printin g in Houston, Texas, • China-US trade talks 'make progress' • MInister: China targets foreIgn trade 'balancing' • News from China IVIII be more open official vows • Manila pledges safety after hostage standoff lallings Mayor pushes for ties with China When Houston I~ayor Anmse ParKer led her trade missions 10 China this year, she was delighted to ft nd 1/13t her city is w ell known to the Chinese, thanks 10 NBA star Yao Ming and his Houston Rockets. • China Daily makes debut ]n Houston • US and UK colleges move 0 boost Chinese vet standards • US ollielal ln Beijing over Korea tensions • A slow and disappointing fortnight • Kyoto a MeXican standoff at Cancun • l oofdng for -mn-wln solutions CO'le r SIOry: Tudou, Youku to face tou,g.h, times a.head I Management I photo I ~ LEAVE COMMENTS ~ TAKE AWAV PRIZES ~.r::lr-',$.a.c·1ytl![. "~ii~'l'iihlttll' Latest News • From the editor • Subsidy for sea burials 10 Increase fivefold • 2 nour additives may be banned • Consumers concerned aboul 100 many antibiotIcs In meal Survey • Officials feeling pressure over illegal land use """" Follow China Dally US Edilion on
  54. 54. Outing, Steve, and Laura Ruel. "The Best of Eyetrack III: What We Saw When We Looked through Their Eyes." Eyetrack III. Poynter Online, 2003. Web. 25 Dec. 2010. <>. Reading visually
  55. 55. What site designs do college students prefer? • Clear menus • Clean, simple – not flashy and busy • Appreciate multimedia but not “blasted” • Easy to scan Nielsen, Jacob. "College Students on the Web: User Experience Guidelines." Alertbox 15 Dec. 2010: n. pag. Web. 29 Dec. 2010.
  56. 56. AUOUACU . ""'--CASTILLEJA SCHOOL~ r y. j~ 1 Nerdflghters at Castilleja Old "'" see ... lnowmen at !he glass IIOcrs hs morning? Were"", U lied MVllht Sl>Ol1tan1OuS. r....dOm-act-<l!· _us JOI'~ Ih. season as ,was? rm not SUrt _ 11, N..dligl1ter" 3IQYI1d 111ft art. DUll 1M, 001 II1elr InspkaloOO 10m JOlIn ar(lH;IOkC!un JOM Gllffl II all ~or _ "'"''' IllCInent tJoook$ !..) Pcn.I.d III Cool Stull OidYouKnIlW? R~nI. S!uOeMWOJIo: 0 0 c-. Did You Know? Where II"" 8oo~all/l)' , , Young Women Make a Difference irltertsl1ld In IIUIIOinO a DH.t wOltd'? CIlICk ou(ll'll Dol OMIs young ........... wI1ous. oomPlJlnO10 ~n a _renot1'1 thl wDltd. Manr of them wort< in '"""'" "'" mil)' lind surpri!ling Browst rour areas of "'WIS,,.,(I S... what comPllllllO 1'115 ID oller """'!Of some comlc ri~er te s..e 10 _<11 ~-J o COftIirlue INdiftg PGSle(lI'l Cool SIuII.Did You Know? Rectnt TldVloiogy 0 0 C _ 6th Grade literary Salon Reviewed 29 NCHamtHH 20.0 ." Class Of 2017 ,ornves 31 castilltJa! Did you travel tillS surnmefl Send)l<lUf J)lCt).J!'i!s 10 phoIO.OU5ttl'i!~,orQ lItnd w,'.dtSOllily """'. Community Photos'
  57. 57. o H ARK ER®LIBRARIES Ubfllry ,. UbGuides ,. Inlernalionalls!UleS and Public Policy Admin Silln In International Issues and Public Policy This upper school guide provides a methodolgy and resources for researching contemporary topics in the IntemaUonallssues and Public PoliCY elective last Updated: Nov 26, 2(112 f URL: hltp:l1h8rker.llbgukles.comiinlemalionaliuues i .s Print Guide I &i1 RSS Updlltes S Email Alerts ID SHARE 11 _ t'9J _ Nood leBlbHome GeHfng Background Info News Feeds .......,~-':--'---,-..,Deep Web Subscription Oatabases News Portals Ii Al erts Books IGOs 80. NGOs Home ~ CommentslOl 8 Print P8Qe Search: Welcome Welcome to the home page for your International Issues and Public Policy research projeci. This guide will help you plan your research and link you to resources, There will be several milestones for the project but our goal is to prepare you to conduct independent research in college and monitor your own progress along the way. ropic prnell.tion d~ 9112 110 pts) Revlnd Questions Due 9121 lli pt.) Book s clled in Noodl.Bib, d... 1GJ1 2 115 ..) Journ.ols cited In Noodl.Blb. d... 11116 1 1~ plsi Web,illO$. media. and IWi>W'$ cited in NoodlHlib. d... 1 211 1'~ pts} Devise d Research Plan "Represent -5 ~ ~ ~E t Posslbl .,,,.,. v.I!' Ie ! Har~l!bt¥v "...Q,...... 'I , ~ '"""-Lftle.. N~Pln ~ffll, "'...""- -_ ........ .. _ '... _ .....10" REMEMBER: Represent the Dest Eossible ..sources! Sources ~ o 1R ~ Articles Authority 1 This Guide .... S.lIrch My Profile Susan Smith Contact Info LilfBry Director The HBlter School Send Emal links: Profie & Guides
  58. 58. Welcome to our MHMS learning Wikl - Table of Contents: .. pia<. lor Ion"" plao. . .._ oct_.,on<! ,oeM clK"""", • • • "" _ SchooIoo,' :;;r.;i::::':::::. i"'""....,..,ntu"," -I You wl1lf Ihe book ","'-WI & we pUbIlth Iheml - You n"d IltCh help.I home & YOiI got ItI
  59. 59. EncyclopedIa of r/l~ Middle Easl - - -emll'llift'I'El'IIIpite" - - - - • "".cow .~ bqo~. "'" --- oil'.. 'htC Gi'fGMA:tiICUPtft- ,., 'JID '0"""""'_=Am" .. l.xu 1151 h-q: ... ~-, , IIIkq1kl .. 1"'5'1 l.-s'~rn 0 ..... " t5':1~l~is-n11 .............. ~~ '_~~"'~1 ,~ ...
  60. 60. - 1 a Log in I create account lrticle Discussion Read Edit View history [iearch WIKIPEDIA lhe Fr~ Encyclopedi:t Main page Contents Featured conlent Current events Random artide Donate to Wikipedia .... Interaction Help About Wikipedia Community portal Recent changes Contact Wikipedia • Print/export .... Languages Afrikaans A1emannlsch AraQones Asturlanu Az.arbaycanca '<;'Il Ban-Iam-gu 5enapYCl<a~ 6enapYCKa~ (TapaWKeBh.,a) Bosanski Bremoneg 6bnrapom Calala Cesk)' Cymraeg Oansk .Q!ut!£!! I IOttoman Empire I FromWikipedia, the free encyd opedia I The Ottoman Empire (Ottoman Turkish: -:,...; q.:..;Jjl Dev/et-i 'A/iyye-yi ·O~maniyye.15) Modern Turkish: VOce Osmanlt Devleti or Osmanll imparatorlugu) was an empire that lasted from 27 July I1299t' 1to 29 October 1923. I At the height of its power, in the 16th and 17th centuries, the empire spanned three continents,[7J controlling much of Southeastern Europe, Western Asia and North Africa.ISI The Ottoman Empire I contained 29 provinces and numerous vassal states, some of which were later absorbed into the empire, while others were granted various types of autonomy during the course of centuries. The empire Ialso temporarily gained authority over distant overseas lands through declarations of allegiance to the Ottoman Sultan and Caliph, such as the declaration by the Sultan of Aceh in 1565; or through the I temporary acquisitions of islands in the Atlantic Ocean, such as Lanzarote in 1585.191 IWith Istanbul as its capital city,ll0.l l l and vast control of lands around the eastern Mediterranean during the reign of $uleiman the Magnificent (ruled 1520 to 1566), the empire was at the center of l interactions between the Eastern and Western worlds for six centuries. The Ottoman Empire came to an end, as a regime under an imperial monarchy, on November 1, 1 1922.112111 formally ended, as a de Jure state. on July 24 , 1923, under the Treaty of Lausanne.(13) It was I succeeded by the Republic of Turkey 141which was officially proclaimed on October 29, 1923. The empire was also known in English as the Osmanic Empire, the Osmanian Empire or the I Ottoman State and Osmanh imparatorlugu in Turkish . Some referred 10 il colloquially as the ITurkish Empire or simply Turkey (see the other names of the Ottoman State). I 1 History Contents (hide) I 1.1 Rise (1299-1453) I I I I I I 1.2 Growth (1453-1683) 1.2.1 Expansion and aporJee (1453-1566) 1.2.2 Revolts and revivat (1566-1683) 1.3 StarJnation and reform (1683-1827) 1.4 Dedine and modernization (1828-1908) 1.5 Dissolution (1908-1922) 1.5.1 FirstWorldWar(1914-1918) 1.5.2 Turkish War of Independence (1919-1922) 1.5.3 ottoman descendants during and after the exile 2 Fall of the Empire 3 Economy .... 4State t l, ---------I I I ~ I ~~.,:.i.jj Devlet·i 'Aliyye.i 'Osmaniyye Yiice Osmanll Devleti Sublime Ottoman State 1299-1923 (0 . FO, Coat of arm5 Motto ~ .:....~~ Devlet-i Ebed-niiddet (The Eternal State) Anthem Ottoman imperial anthem ~ I Otlonwl lemloriH ~ecI ber"'ftI 1300 ~ 1&83 (See. fist of - - - -I~) - - - -
  61. 61. Eras OVERVIEW ACnVtTY'-'-_ _ __ DlSCUSSIOII ARTICLES MEDIA, VISUALS, & MAPS Eras IThe Ottoman Empire I The Rise of the Ottomans (Overview) -~e Ottomans started as one Turkish tribe among many in ASia Minor (the teninsula thai forms most of modem Turkey) during the 13th century AD. From ' hose humble beginnings, they rose to establish a powerful empire that lasted for t enturies. A dramatic interweaving of cultures fostered by war. trade. and ethnic migration, the Ottoman Emptre eventually stretched across the Near East and lnuCh of Europe. ~rigins ~sia Minor has always been a crossroads of cultures. During the 11th to 15th PRIIlT Tlfl S DOCUMEIH EMAIL 1l-IlS DOCUMENT CITE TlfIS OOCUMEIIT _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ -t::enturies. tribes in Asia Minor found themselves in the middle of an ongoing power struflgle between the waning Byzantine Empire to the northwest, the Seljuk Turks to the east. the II-Khamd dynasty of Mongols farther to the east. and the MamJuks of Egypt and Syria to the south. Clic k to Enla rge I±I Trade was :also a major factodn shaping the society. politics. and economy of the region. As the bridge between Asia and Europe,. Asia Minor was crossed by caravan routes and peppered with merchant towns. Riches from much of the world collected there. spices, precious metals. fine textiles, coffee, and more. The wealth brought in by trade would fuel the rising Ottoman Empire for centuries. Trade also brought a great mixture of peoples. Turkish peoples mixed with Greeks . Ar.abs, Mongols. and even Chinese, who all brought their own religions. cultures. and languages to the peninsula. ,------;;,--------, The SelJuks ruled over Asia Minor until the 13th century, when their collapse left the tribal groups of the peninsula to compete for power. Osman I. ruler of a principality near Byzantine territory. immediately started to extend his influence over the surrounding lands Click to Enla rge IE and tribes. Military might and politically advantageous marriages quickly cemented his control. Osman's location in north-central Asia Minor also gave his tribe a tremendous advantage. They were very near the Dardanelles and within striking distance of the Bosporus-two straits that were gateways to Europe Osman and his followers. who laler became known as the Ottomans. claimed territory under the ghazf tradition, the struggle to advance the power of Islam. As Osman's strength and notoriety rose, he drew more soldie!rs willing to fight for their raith-as well as for booty-under the Ottoman banner Early Exp,msion
  62. 62. All Referen~ mages Prmary Sources AcacJelTllC Journals "'ore. @ World ~ US t) Both Wort! & US Ottoman Empire - -----., IThe Ottoman Empire (1299-1923) was a Turkish·Musllm state that eXisted for more than SIX hundred years. It was one of the largest and longest-lived empires in history, and it represented one of the greatest civHlzatiOnsl:>f the mOdern period. Its territories, at fts height. included AnatoHa (part of present-day Turkey), the Middle East. parts of East and North Africa, and southeastern Europe. comprising a total area of more !tIan 22 million squcle Kilometers (aoout 8.5 million square miles) The Ottoman state was estaOlished oy a tribe of ognuz TurKS as one of many small Turkish principalities that emerged in Anatolia during the Mongolian breakdown of the Anatolia~ SeljuK State. The state was ruled by the Ottoman dynasty of the Kayi tribe. The dynasty was founded oy Osm n I (ca. 1258-1324; in EngliSh, Olloman) in SOgJ.Ot, in the Marmara region of modern Turkey. Situated on the borders of the tottering Byzantine.,.View More ------ .. Iii Images V~wAII50 Ol? Audio V!ewA1I16 Military Marching Bands: Your Tax Dollars At Work an All Things Considered, September 29,2010 - Among The Greatest Cuisines Turkish Is A Qftlight lim Weekend EdrtJon Sunday, August 1. 2010 <;jl Expert Picks IJ!I IJ!I Part 5: Treaties: Limitation of Egyptian Arms 11841-1879) Encyclopedia of AffllS Control and Dlsaffllament, 1879 The Ottoman Turks sought to employ arms control techniques during the nineteenth century to maintain their rule over the empire's most prized province, Egypt. at a time that local governors, or Pashas, sought not only... Ottoman Empire: Oid the Collapse of the Ottoman Empire.. . History In Dispute, 2002 .. The Ottoman Empire, like other multiethnic polities, underwent an identity crisis during the nineteenth century as two competing forms of nationalism influenced It. ' State nationalism." like its counterpart in the... @ Tools ~ Bookm4rt -4l. Share ~ E""l o€ Related Topics - BYZantine Empire - World War I - Obama Marks Anniversary Of Armenian Slaughter I ,I, Ottoman Military: Ottoman Navy L _____ .I
  63. 63. FrontPage I,:j--, Digitill Rf!Sl'ilrch Tools (OiRn "'"....,,-.,~_"" ond " ......,.. ,"'" "'" ...." - . Ip¥!"""""""' .... ...........,., ond ""'"' _ I ,onW<> ' ......'" <!'lOt• .,.,-~ 0< ".-,.,.. _ ,O<J ..0<1 _ . t. ~ l"'" """""J' at...,,,, .....". _do.> ..or'<. '" ~. ,...~ "'9''' ~....m look ... ""' roo hod _ you... 100l>oI j",. W. prowj< • "'=''''Y 01 toots ........,.0 Of ,,,,,...<10 KIMI)'......... ,..,.,.., 01 IMc! ,_ on _ ... oot ".., ~ tho tool, !......... W oko •..,..,.. '- • ""ItO 1M ompIoyoa mo" """"""'" by '...If"""'. 1)"011" ..." ..toa '" ",,",_,. ,... "'"'l ....... .". 0... Spi<a .. bojrpClO!:' W .......... (1 "#'1 !pi '''""'''''", t. DO _,• ......... ~"'m."." to .... __ f'V'IIloO""W 'OIIW"'~""""" .. o.!<l . TYpes 01Tool> I • ~1!~1tI • .!Ao'" de""", ""'" • ..• ,,_nil........tdt., • ..., ond y , 'nftrmOIl) • co!IeQprM • '.,,-- I I I I I om MM' 11M te'"""" Io Comp«. ruo¥(" o . _ kIgiIIIo: ,,".,!II o to"""""",,,"' " ,., o qUlt'rnastM> o t""",gu o fIId "".,d!"",,,roI, .-o M.!!:I''''''"""o "'M•• KItm"l9 • I I I I 1.,0-.<;1;"'_ .. ro"*' ..... _ _ _ - • -------- • --- I I I I I ''''''''~'''..t' - I -HoO!!c"""" I -.".""'....... I I I ---I
  64. 64. Consider the impact of smaller screens Ii I..ilm.ry P'ublic Public LibraryII••"'OVOICD w". Books (AdulUl) Hard Magic. My Accoum >by 'laura Anne Gilman ••, > Holds. fees and renewals Books (Teena, Luna 201O, Search the Catalog > >Harlem VS. Columbia University : Find and request Items Books (Children) Black siudeni power In the late 19605 Ask. Librarian > by 'Stefan M. Bradley ••• > > Urbana : UnlV1l(stty 0111110015 Press, 1M, texl or call I Audio Books > """,. Calendar of Event. >Programs and classes Hard rain : 8 thriller DVDo > by 'David Rollins ~. " Library Locations >Now Yorl! : Bantam Books, 2010. Addresses, Ilours, maps Co. > Harwstlng young-ol-the-year from 8ookIDVOlCD Llil. >large mammal populations an New and recommended application 01 systemic management Library 81og. oy 'Charles W. Fowler: .. E. Jewell: 'M. For adults and leens > V. Lee • , Facabook >
  65. 65. ROT: Design Fogg, B. J., et al. How Do People Evaluate a Web Site’s Credibility? Results from a Large Study. Consumer Reports WebWatch. Consumer Union, 11 Nov. 2002. Web. 5 Feb. 2011. < fs/stanfordPTL.pdf>.
  66. 66. Donat OCEAN ACIDIFICAnON DATABASE DoPI.ANTS UIC£ MORECOl? SEARcH BY lbPIc 8'QEf~I:IJ JK L oe RSIUY XY Z The Many Benefits of Atmospheric C02 Enrichment • Vollume 15 Number 52: 26 December 2012 New issue posted every Wednesday To receive weekly summaries of C02 Science by XML/RSS _._ .........._~ feed, click here. Major Report The State of Earth's Terrestrial Biosphere: How is it Responding to Rising Atmospheric C02 and Warmer Temperatures? : Climate alarmists have long suggested it is in dire straits. Real-world observations, on the other hand, reveal that vegetative productivity and growth have been significantly increasing over the past century or more. Contribute to the Center Click Here to Donate: We need your financial support! As a SOl(c)(3) public charity, the Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change accepts corporate, foundation and individual donations to fund its educational activities. All donations are kept confidential. If you have browsed our website or utilized our material in the past year, please consider making a financial contribution during this holiday season. Your contribution is greatly appreciated. Editorial Eight Decades of Glacier Movements in Southeast Greenland: Have the ice masses been uniformly wastingavJay and retreating? Journal Reviews Drifting Along with the CMIP3 Models: ... as they carry their creators on a frustratingly wild ride that is often far removed from reality. The Ability to Identify Category 4 and 5 Atlantic Hurricanes v ith Mid-20th-Century Tools: Were the tools of that earlier age good enough to do a good enough job?
  67. 67. sCI nee Public Poll MOST RECENT ~e~.L~y~~ .~~......~~..~~sl~g ................~......_M_M_____M_._........._...._...... ~ios.eher~ ~~~q~~ivl.ty ~~...~fnca ...._. .._...__._..._.._.. ~~~ph~~i~ ~rod~~ i~ity_~n .A~~~.....~~~.I~.~~.~.Q..~.~~_~a......__... __.... The Unbalance Sheet AnalysIs of US and State-b. -State Carbon Dioxide Emissions & Potential '~Saving "in Future Global Tem~~~~ur~ &...§~.~~~~_~~~._~~.~...~.~~.~..._._______.__.._..._.................. Sea Leyel is Not Rising Written by Professor Nils-Axel orner Friday, 07 December 201 2 10:31 Main points POPULAR 35 Inconvenrent Truths' The errors In AI Gore's movie Proved The e is 0 Climate CrisIs_.........- ...._...... ...... ----_.. -_..- ...._...__._.........._ .._.._.._.._. ~allacies..~~.?~9.~b~~ar ....._ _...... _ ...__ ~.~~~.~.~~~~..~~.._~!~~?..~~.~.~...~E.~.~.~.?~.~.~ ~~~~.~~.~?........_. uConsensus? hat Consensus ? An ong Climate SCientists The ebate Is at Over - At most global average sea level is rising at a rate equivalent to 2-3 inches per century. It is probably no ising at all. - Sea level is measured both by tide gauges and. since 1992 by satellite altil l etry. One of the Keepers of the satellite retord told Professor orner that the record had been interfered with to sho sea level rising because the raw data from the sateIHtes sho red no increase in glObal sea level at all. - The ra. data from the TOPEXIPOSEIDON sea-level satellites. which operated from 993-2000, sho s a slight uptrend in sea level However. after exclusion of the distorting effects of the Great EI ina Southern Oscillation of 9971 998 a naturally-occurring event. the sea-level trend is zero. - The GRACE gravitational-anomaly satellites are able to measure ocean mass. from hich. sea-level change can be NAVIGATION Home PP Blog UtahClimate Blog Pre Release Reports ~ dia Links NEW BOOK OUT~
  68. 68. Truthful images aren’t just pretty
  69. 69. Edward Tufte: Visualize data • Graphical excellence – Greatest number of ideas – In the shortest time – With the least ink – In the smallest space • Shows data variation, not decoration • Tells the truth Tufte, Edward R. The Visual Display of Quantitative Information. 2nd ed. Cheshire: Graphics, 2001. Print.
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  71. 71. "Outbreak: The Deadliest Pandemics in History." Infographic. GOOD. GOOD Worldwide, 11 Aug. 2011. Web. 29 Dec. 2012. <>. OUTBREAKDeadliest Pandemics in History )()C:.:>::>:XXX:IC.:JCXXXXXXXX.X>::>::>:XXX:.:.:.:>::.X)lXICIC.:.:.:>::>:::X RI,. Around the Ro.... • Pocket full of PIque ~SI'I)'IlhtI BlIIC~ Dt..lh "sue OflsporedllMc:hokhn'J. .fIy"", ~Ibo& Nound The Ros~"""'id> iIIklded 10 the '1Ith-tN.e rinp WId .sne of1M<Ie«Iued vlttlms.. Because a virus doesn·t care about state lines or national borders, II can Wipe out mllhons and span multiple continents rapidly. Here Is a loOk at the inlectk/Us diseases the world has battled throughout history. What Is a Pandemic? Denved from the Greek WOfd pandemos meaning " pertaining to ail people.- a pandelTMc is a widespread disease that affects humans over a wide geographIC area. 25+ million Key: PANDEMIC DEATH TOLL , I 25 million HONG KONG FLU 1 million "Jo- I" A~O'l~oIIbnof_ ,wdlonr:Qll1'O I)'nlph IOdn. Honorable Mentions Although the fOllowing viruses do not have a figure fOf tolal amount of hves claimed, they continue to terrorize vanous areas around the world. MALARIA IIiOO Tod~ COrlV'llOn S~<loto",! Chlb.Heaoacne. r~.;.und.c:e. "'U$de Pan ~UM;II. VomI"""Sto_ D...' ... r.... A.ccotdq: 10 lhe 'ItIoot<I Helllt/ Qrpt!Uhon's 2010 ....'hwld MIlan. ~I: .., fitJrNtad 781 000 ptOOle tire I(,oe" b'l/11'Ie "'_US fNt:I'J 'jUI nJBERCULOSIS 100 BC Tod~y COrlvnQn 5,mplOnn ',*''''II~ 2 rniIIIotI lutlefC!.llO$o$o.elale<l a.attI:I'oIoOridW!d.~)'Nf_ 'l'EllOW fEVER llith C~n' ury Today CO""""",S~....,tom, 8Iftd1f18 r_ ,...._.bmd."..Dt~1um. ~Jaunda
  72. 72. Pandemic vs. endemic • Pandemic: an epidemic of infectious  disease that has spread through human  populations across a large region – HIV, Spanish Plague, Black Death • Endemic: a stable disease, continually  present in a community, people develop  resistance over time
  73. 73. OUT~EAK 86CillI5e il ",irliS doesn't C;lfe ilbo ~ rt s"te lines or niltlOn<ll borders. it com WIJljl: out InilhOilS and SP<lI1 multiple continents filPidly. Here is II look at UtI! IIllectious dl~l!aSl!s the lYorld has battled throughout history. Deacllies Pandemics I :r.: ... What is a Pandemic? "'l..l.::;tory DariYfld trom the Gre~k word pilndemru meaning "pertaimng 0 human,.; owr lIl'Ird", ~mgraphlC: arl'1I Key: PANDEMIC DEATH TOLL __~~~~~~~~~~~~=~=~=~~~~~~~:x:~:x:~J~'~":""'::.::I!: " palltllHllic is a widespll!lIu dIsuse Ina! IIffl!ct~ ----~=------------------------- RI.. Around the Aolie, • Podlet ".11 of 1............" ..........0.-0411 ('"0,.. "'~,. . ...p.," ,~.... ·~ .""""' ttor""-'" ·"" '''''' ...,.,..,l lnl1;.. ~ ·_,,,,I' .'''''" eI1<'lIljl" l'II~ ~..,;"'" 25+ million CHOLERA I 3 million, I I 25 million • THIRD PANDEMIC 12 million I HONG KONG FLU 1 million ,,,,-; . ~--.. .. Houorable Mendon..... Although the loIklwmg y"u ~s do not haw iI figure flJol' tol~ 1 iIImount of h~I!S claimed. !hey !;onbnUiI!D ll!rrori~e vanous ar~as around the world LlAUO... woo ~rr :,,,,,",",,~'-"'- ~'~._F_~~,....., 'j _ ~ t" ___ ~bJr"fI~~"~"'"'*2D!O W,. liIw..t.II~ .·, .·I.......~ 7~l OOO -*.... tJIiio!IllI n.. " .._ } )d Y1JDE~'lho-.l~ '00 DC 'blol, ;::a,_,_,_ YlI I. ON . r~r'l .....IICOOn...' l<>dry ~""""M"_I><_ ...u_ lOJ:OO ~Un -""'-Ir;o ,"- t~ .~""
  74. 74. What % of people who get this disease die from it? (CFR) 17- 44%McCandless, David. "Fatal Infection: Disease Case Fatality Rates.“ Information Is Beautiful. N.p., 24 Sept. 2009. Web. 29 Dec. 2012. <http://www.informationisb infection/>
  75. 75. What % of population died? What % of infected died?
  76. 76. What goes in? How is it presented? Quality of result Data visualization is not inherently neutral
  77. 77. Information in a visual is not yet know/edge 1000/0 - Other Female Ph.D 31-85 80 - Masters 23-30 Under- No pa rtn er - graduate60 degree Male - 18-22 40 Secondary - Have 20 <18 partner Primary o Gender Age Education Relationship Not : Data for age category al 0 includes respondents who were not contributor but who did read Wikipedia . A rage ag for contributors i 26.8 (v . 25.3 for readers). "Regular" contributor includ authors, editors, and administrators. Occasional" contri butors include readers who occasionally contribute as authors or editors. ~()llr("t=I· 'ililtint=lrli~ <:;l lrVt=lV - ir t RA<;:ldt II I I II- MFR TT Anril Jnnq No childre n Have children Family
  78. 78. Graham, Mark. "Virtuous Visible Circles: Mapping Views to Place-based Wikipedia Articles." Zero Geography. N.p., 5 Nov. 2012. Web. 27 Dec. 2012. < mapping-views.html>.
  79. 79. Creator Audience Content Photograph Persuade? Document? Express?
  80. 80. What’s the visual message? User:Jamesinderbyshire From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Hi, my first name is James and I live in Derbyshire, England. I am English by origin but have travelled extensively internationally. My main interests are generally in history, pOlitics, religion and also specifically in the geography, landscapes, culture, history and beliefs of Jamesinderbyshire This user tries to do the right thing. If '-" they make a mistake, please let them know. I ~ This user believes in civility and ~ assuming good faith. GMT This use(s lime zone is GMT. This user wastes far too much time editing Wikipedia. en This user is a native speaker of English. Search user languages people in the British Isles and Europe. I specialise in the history and archaeology of Roman and Sub-Roman Britain and also have a Keen interest in Byzantium and related fields liKe the Holy Roman Empire and Late Antiquity. I am not an archaeologist or historian by profession, but a keen amateur, which has pluses and minuses. You are viewing the user page of a BBC-fan, particularly of Radio 4 and BBC Four. The latter is a wonderful source of programming in a huge range of faSCinating topics and I recommend it to international audiences who want to learn about Britain. For US citizens in particular, BBC News Online offers a welcome factuality and depth of commercial-free coverage onen lacKing in US media. ~ Userboxes ---:T::::h'7'is"'u-s"'e-r"'be-:-:I"'ie-ve""s"'t:::-h"'at"'a"'n-yo""n"'e-w-':h"'o' thinks Wikipedia is an unreliable source should conlinue their quest to find a better website. This user lives in Derbyshire. This user is a history buff. This user has an active inlerest in Social History This user is interested in This user is interested in the history of the Cold War. military history of ancient Rome. This user is interested in the The Revelation - sculpture by Angela £;J Conner, from the sculptures exhibition at Chatsworth House, Derbyshire
  81. 81. “The minute you pick up the camera you begin  to lie – or to tell your own truth…You make  subjective judgments every step of the way – in  how you light the subject, in choosing the  moment of exposure, in cropping the print.  It’s  just a matter of how far you choose to go.” --- Richard Avedon Fineman, Mia. Faking It: Manipulated Photography before Photoshop. New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2012. Print.
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  89. 89. What will history say about this photograph?
  90. 90. News and Entertainment TV News TV Entertainment TV Nass, Clifford & Corina Yen. The Man Who Lied to his Laptop: What Machines Teach us About Human Relationships.. Current-Penguin, 164-69 Credibility changes with our expectations
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  104. 104. “The Home of a Rebel Sharpshooter” (1865-66) by Alexander Gardner. Photographic Sketch Book of the War. American Memory. Another example: Union or Confederate? history/
  105. 105. Teaching Tips
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  111. 111. Teaching Questions • What is its impact on me? • What do I literally see? • How is it composed? What effect does that have? • What can I infer about it? • Who created it? • For what purpose? Is it from something larger? • Who is the audience? • What’s the point of view (rhetorical stance)? • Does it use conventions of a genre (news, art, personal…)? What expectation do I have of this? • What’s the larger context (historical, cultural)? • What’s the message, theme or argument? • Why is it important?
  112. 112. Jim Gourley Central Chinese TV Headquarters CCTV Headquarters, Beijing, CN.05.10.08
  113. 113. © Debbie Abilock Show Me© Born Digital Photo or Image How do I evaluate a "born digital" photograph? A photograph can be both a visual record and a fine art Its meaning is shaped by the photographer's point of view and the background we tJrirlg to it To "read" and evaluate a photograph, ask: • rVhat do I see (observations)? • rIhat might it mean (inferences)? • How does it make me feel? • 'Why might this photo have t>een taken? • What might be the photographer's intent (e.g , to persuade, anat(Ze, record or document, or as an artistic expression)? • IVhat is out 01 the picture? What might be missing? • rVhat other questions might I ask?
  114. 114. Pro eots NoodleTools MLA Works Cited ell. A;. <Select a citation type> ~ PrlntJElq)orl "',,,____ Ilu """,,,,, J Paper Project: Visual lileracy1 Style: MLA Advanced Author: debbie_new Sort: Alphabetic Notecard display: SOOw.'bde 1'111 Showfrlide thougN CfIIf1I: tnctOCl8lI1s: IDIllnked to . ctl.!tlJon) I ShawnolBcafd§. lhBl h8vecommBfti Media Type Citation -'- r! Photo or Image (Born Digital) Arl::llive I!i. ........ """" 10 Photo or I lI l,Jstra~on v.o.w IrvO --Af(:lv.rn & .........pogo Photo or 'm_(Born Dt9 1lal) VIow ,.,. -page & -""",... Curtis, Ben. 1..ebanon Mideast Fighting i AP Images I"p, 7 AUg. 2006. Web. 15 Dec. 2012 . r Cm.1tOO- 1211!'"6 t i! [14 111 PM I llpdat~ 1;! 1& 12 D7-3£ PM Hine, lewis Wickes. Boys Picking OVer G8rbi"'!~..:i~'9<""o.:..Il"-!!IJ!).-, National Child Labor Committee Colle p nnts and Photographs Dlv.. lib. of Cong.. Washington. LC--DIG-nclc-O Dec. 2012. <http.ffhdUocgov/loc.pnplnclc.04552> ero.~ l 'lJ l f): 111154 Mt l~1Bd '2115Jt20133PM IJVarren, Jon. "Cambodia - Garbage PlckersgJl'l8Q'9SofCiwldl.abi;¥"~hild Labor and the Global Village Photography for lYI QIBI¢, 2tAil 99 15 Dec 2012 < html> ClmCeo1. 121 1'V12 12 17 PM Description Noteca.rds ON?'.' ONr.w ON.. "j ~l .. CDP'( • Ofiet_ n-tmd nd~~ I~ II questnm? I .. roro, . 0001e ....1t');l l1'1ff1'OCeo ftf,..,. II ~u)r" EdA .. CfI~'r • D!feIe I ".11,·,1~I Hlfflt:e ~""LI4l£llQnl'
  115. 115. Search visuals first Google ~t Everything ,.11";1.1£_ • Videos News Shopping ... More Any size large Medium Icon larger than. Exactly... Any type Face Photo Clip art Line drawing Any color Full color Black and white . 00• • • .00 • • Standard view Show sizes ~boForm .. ~~rth knowledge dimension revised Bloom Abou18,(60 resul$ (0.32 secol'lds) 6-- = .----..._------ _ -=E:.__ ---===-.-- :::;=::==... =--..:::::=:= ~ - ~ ~ m~~EI=:t~ ~~ F'-'l too. ..... ~ -.---u_ Search S5feSe~rch moderllte 'I' A.dvllneed search COGNntVl! DOMAIN IU!VlSEO --~ _ .J' -f- - .... -__ L - - - - I I ..-..~. --. "'~- -.., ~-- "- -- c-""" - Search settings '" "..-,,,,,,,,,,- • - - --..,.. ---
  116. 116. Compare Front Pages • Newseum – pick two • CNN v. CNN International • NY Times Print v. NY Times Web Edition • China Daily US, HK, China
  117. 117. Reading an image • Elements – line, scale, shape, texture, patterns, light • Arrangement – balance, contrast, dominance /subordination, emphasis, movement, repetition, rhythm, variation, unity. • Subject – main / supporting • Context – Culture, symbols, background • Purpose / Audience
  118. 118. Classical rhetoric can provide a framework for visual literacy • Ethos: The perceived credibility of the author / creator • Logos: The logical appeals of the author / creator designed to influence the audience • Pathos: The emotional appeals of the author / creator designed to influence the audience.
  119. 119. Content Viewer response, background Creator purpose Image tone, style, genre, structure medium beliefs, point of view Context Created when and where? (Social, cultural, political, economic…) Context Embedded in…? (newspaper, album, scientific paper…)
  120. 120. Content Viewer response Photographer purpose Photograph tone, style, genre, structure beliefs, point of view Context Created when and where? (Social, cultural, political, economic…) Context Embedded where? (newspaper, album, scientific paper…)
  121. 121. Visual Literacy: News Media ______'s Reading of a Media Photograph 'VHAT DO YOU SEE? (Observations) WHAT DOES IT MEAN? (Inference) Nonverbal gestures (anus, hands, fingers) Facial expression (head, eyes, mouth) Body language (distances, code matchiug) People (age, gender, ethnicity)
  122. 122. Teaching Considerations “visual thinkers”* • They differ: memory, imagery, spatial abilities • Trouble translating visuals into words – may be reluctant or late talkers • Trouble ordering, relating, connecting pieces of information • Sensitivity to visual overload • Tendency toward false memories • Trouble retrieving information - but a visual cue can bring back a flood of knowledge Eide, Brock, and Fernette Eide. "Vivid Visual Thinkers - Blessings and Burdens." Eide Neurolearning Blog. Blogger, 27 Apr. 2007. Web. 25 Dec. 2010. < vivid-visual- thinkers-blessings-and.html>.
  123. 123. Strengths of visual thinkers* • Exceptional photographic recall • Can visually imagine, manipulate, and rotate objects in mind. • Cinematic thinking - potentially great for film- making or storytelling • Strong recall of visual details • Strengths in visual analysis, problem-solving, pattern recognition Eide, Brock, and Fernette Eide. "Vivid Visual Thinkers - Blessings and Burdens." Eide Neurolearning Blog. Blogger, 27 Apr. 2007. Web. 25 Dec. 2010. < vivid-visual- thinkers-blessings-and.html>.
  124. 124. Visual Literacy New challenge… • European Americans find it easy to identify an object out of context while Asians more accurately detect changes in the background environment. (Cole & Packer 143) – Eye tracking shows differences between fixing on the focal object vs. background. (Cole & Packer 148) • Americans take photos in which faces are 35% larger than in East Asians’ photos. (Phillips 176-77) Cole, Michael, and Martin Packer. "Culture and Cognition." Cross-Cultural Psychology: Contemporary Themes and Perspectives. Ed. Kenneth D. Keith. West Sussex: Wiley-Blackwell, 2011. 133-59. Print. Phillips, William L. "Cross-Cultural Differences in Visual Perception." Cross-Cultural Psychology: Contemporary Themes and Perspectives. Ed. Kenneth D. Keith. West Sussex: Wiley-Blackwell, 2011. 160-80. Print.
  125. 125. Visual Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education “Visual literacy is a set of abilities that enables an individual to effectively find, interpret, evaluate, use, and create images and visual media. Visual literacy skills equip a learner to understand and analyze the contextual, cultural, ethical, aesthetic, intellectual, and technical components involved in the production and use of visual materials. A visually literate individual is both a critical consumer of visual media and a competent contributor to a body of shared knowledge and culture.”
  126. 126. Teaching provocation… Visual literacy education should not begin with  reading [advertising] messages.  We need  children to understand that they (we) are  exploited workers in the living room factory,  employed by the media and paid by content.   Our “job” is to consume advertising.  ‐ Sut Jhally Jhally, Sut. "The Factory in the Living Room: How Television Exploits Its Audience." Distinguished Faculty Lecture, Dept. of Communication. U of Mass., Amherst. 8 Mar. 2007. Sut Jhally. Web. 25 Dec. 2010. <>.
  127. 127. Visual Literacy Debbie Abilock NoodleTools, Inc.