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Prune mateo consulting project_report

  1. 1. Prune Mateo consulting report Advanced International Marketing Samuel Abergel – Aurelie Buisson – Selim El Feghaly – Baptiste Lebocq – Xavier Monpoix EMC, Paris March 2010
  2. 2. Background: On february 26th 2010, the European Management Center's Advanced International Marketing Executive MBA students conducted a client interview with Prune Mateo. The following is a short summary of what the students learned about Prune Mateo, her arts and her goals for expansion. Client background & personal philosophy: Prune Mateo is a 30 years old active artist who has been doing for over 12 years now several and authentic paintings and collages. When we asked her where she got her inspiration from, her answer was : "It is a mystery, and I want to keep it like that" She has in her asset:  more than 2500 Paintings  Hundreds of collages  New science fiction writings Prune is a Parisian girl holding a theater bacalaureat eventhough it was not her aim objective neither her passion. She is a self taught person, she discovered by chance a passion for painting and started from scratch. Besides her unemployed status, Prune never lacked for money and courage, she always managed to get her materials from junk at some construction sites where she was able to manage amount of unused paint. She has already exposed hers paintings, especially during collective exhibitions. Her art was not emphasized enough which discouraged her for other exhibitions. Owner of more than 2500 paintings, with not enough resources to maintain them, frame them, store them... Painting are stacking up and deteriorating. So she offered to give ALL her collection for free to anyone who has the time and resources to handle this huge amount of work and to commercialize her paintings, and eventually earn some money. In other words, find an art agent. Besides the fact of looking for a professional agent, Prune is not really as interested in the financial aspect of this approach as to expose her work getting people to know about her and evaluate her authentic art. She was contacted by a company which assists artists to rent - by exposing - their paintings in any kind of companies. For Prune it was a good start that someone can manage her stock of paintings, unfortunately the project was let down when the company anounced not being able to handle the huge amount of her work.
  3. 3. Client's current target market: Her main target is to sell her paintings to her friends, family, and people who visit her workshop. She has no contact to expose her work outside. Her 2 blogs don't give her new clients, or opportunity to expand her business. Problems :  She doesn't live from it  She has no business management skills  She has no time neither motivation to commercialize her work  More than 2500 paintings to manage (frame, store..)  Her work is not exposed and not sold  She tried to approach different organism and foundations with no success Strengthes :  She is open minded person and willing to develop her online skills (blog, facebook, twitter...)  Real motivated person but needs to be guided  Resourceful  Have a portfolio of usual customers and fans  Friends and familly support her and encourage her  Is not looking to create a fake image of herself just to become famous and sell her paintings. For her, what makes her image is her work : "Parlez de moi c'est peindre"  she is proud of her uniqueness and doesn't want to compromize her work to please anyone She wants to be true to herself. Weaknesses :  Not aware about actual artistic events :  She is afraid of "perverting" her art process : "Art for her is not theory"  Afraid of success  She doesn't like the use of online tehcnology and is not ready to be following it up  She doesn't know how to promote her work : "Her work speaks for herself"  Prefers individual work  her proud of her work can stop her of being successfull  Not into artistic networking Objectives :  Find an art agent to take care of her paintings and manage the process of commercializing and exposing o Find a space and a safe storage for her paintings  Build a reputation
  4. 4. Recommendations : Marketing Plan Theme Observation Recommendations Who? Cost Time Make an inventory using a software (google PICASA): Huge amount of paintings - Sort and select the 2500 paintings and collage deteriorating Prune Mateo + 4-6 months (half Products - reference all the paintings by category, by size, by 0€ and stacking up without Friends day/day) theme/collections, by techniques, by years of creation any space nor frame - Take pictures of the paintings and make pitch out of them - See equivalent artists and see how much they sells their paintings in order to get a price by m² No price defined for any 4-6 months (half paintings => risk of Prune Mateo 0€ - ARTS UP COTATION day/day) devaluation of her work http://www.arts- Price To define a cotation, she can ask for an expert (commissaire Prune Mateo/ In order to get a cotation, priseur) who will evaluate her work. Commissaire it is essential to define a priseur (Vincent 1 month price on the art public Wapler) / IEMI- market. obtenir-votre-premiere-cotation/ CMH Prune Mateo 150€ More than 2500 paintings Auction sale on theme: /Commissaire 5% of the Distribution stacking up and losing - Public auction Priseur /IEMI- estimated value - Internet auction : CMH value
  5. 5. Internet provide you the possibilty of selling your paintings online. You can create your own gallery on your website. If you have enough traffic on your website, having an online shop could be very profitable. Prune 0€- 150€ The other way is to put your paintings on existing high trafic No Commercial website Mateo/IEMI- (without cost 1 day/week website such as Ebay, Priceminister or leboncoin. Dedicate CMH delivery) painting website also allow you to put your work online. (For example:, Thoses sites are without commission) There is actually a great wave of a new trend in hospitality called boutique and design hotels. Move closer to her target customers : exhibition in trendy hotels : Exhibitions Most of these hotels are adopting a new policy in openning IEMI-CMH 0€ 1 day/week in boutique and design their doors to exhibitions, varnishings and the art of Prune hotels Mateo must be seen in these places. Few examples of parisian hotels: Hotel Bel Ami , Hotel Artus, Hotel de Sèvres... Participe in as much event as possible. Be curious of what is From 0€ to happening out there, of other artists could give you! more: cost of Communication: Visit this website: Prune Mateo the train ticket nobody know who You will find the agenda of events, festival and contests and/or (there are a lot Expositions, events, Check the website at Prune Mateo is or (there is a lot to do for your paintings and your experiences), representative of event contests… least once every week. what she can do. This job listings… (could be IEMI- outside of has to change! The application forms are different from one event to CMH) Paris) and the another but the website is well made and everything is stay during the explained. event.
  6. 6. Events : One time (1 evening or 1 Sunday) Prune Mateo Cost of the - “Visit of a professional workshop”: Get a look at where a and/or cocktail + cost professional artist work. Get a feel of a creative athmosphere and buy representative of the Or monthly event painting directly where they have been created! (could be IEMI- representative (everyfirst Sunday of CMH) if need be. the month for exemple). Exposition of the best paintings, coktail, music. Private network: make - “The first painting concert”: You like music? You like art? Prune Mateo yourself known by the Location of Are you ready to enjoy really good music while admiring some fine and/or specialists, other artists or the place paintings ? Discover some artists that wish to show their work through representative the amateurs where the One time event: one the first painting concert ever! (could be IEMI- concert will be evening CMH) + + fliers and Cooperation between Prune Mateo and some of her musicians advertizing musician friends. Possibility to sell the paintings. friends Mailing: Possibility to suscribe to a mailing list via the blog: Get informed of the latest news (last paintings created, future Prune Mateo 0€ Weekly or bi-monthly events…). Send regular email about news on the blog and the last creations. Prune Mateo and/or Call the press every time an event is organized: local press, Every time an event is representative 0€ specialized press, regional press. organized. (could be IEMI- Press: make yourself CMH) known by the general public and the critics Prune Mateo and/or Send advertizing to the press for the event: use of articles, Cost of the Every time an event is representative flyers or flashcodes. advertizing organized. (could be IEMI- CMH)
  7. 7. Internet is one of the best display case for painters. It's an easy way to promote your work, and find new customers. First of all, your brand is you, so you have to promote yourself on the web. First thing to do is to buy a domain name with first name and last name. Many websites provide the purchase. ( around) Domains name and are available. Your current blog can be redirect to your new site easily. As your painter profiter, your website has to be more professional and more friendly. To do not disturb vision with many advertising, free host providers are available such as Google Site ( Suffers who go on your website want to learn about you, about your background, about your hobbies. Don't hesitate to write pages on yourself. Yours products are yours paintings. People want to see the Improvement of her 3 - 6 months more images available IEMI-CMH 10€- 4000€ Internet visibility. (outsourced) An online Painting galery on your website is compulsory. Put the maximum online. To increase your popularity on your site, you have to register it on artistics directories. At the same time, it's a good way to do an exhange linking with artistic websites. One person out of two use social network each day. It's a performance way to find or improve the relationship with yours customers. You have to create your facebook page, your twitter account and as your website, put the maximum on it : your background and Paintings. Try to find on both social network, similare profile to exchange link between theirs pages and yours. People on thoses websites are currious on friend relationship. Even if everybody do not have smartphone, figures increase every days. When you do an exhibition, put flashcode at the bottom of each paint to affort direct link on an on line painting.
  8. 8. "Prune Mateo" is already an excellent brand name. The issue http://www. is to register the name at the INPI and to create domain name on the internet in order to preserve its online business rques/boite- Creation/protection of development. All arts work. paintings, novels and collages a-outils- must all be signed or stamped "Prune Mateo". IEMI-CMH 1 day brand name marque/tarif s-et- Prune Mateo as an artist could start than working on developping her artsitic identity. ml Sstart by getting personal artisic business cards. Though people tend to be more virtual nowadays, business cards still are a very important tool of communication. Business cards Commercial support can be distributed easily and can reach too many people. A Prune Mateo ~30€ 1/2 hour good example of ineteresting packages can be found on :250 business cards for free or BC+head letter+stamp Go to this website ?pg=appel Prune Mateo and/or To see the different offer related to the 1% artistic. representative Subscribe to the 1% Long term (could be IEMI- artistic organism with 0€ Every ten days or so. development For example, for this offer: CMH) that could "mairies" write somme of uFiles/appel/200_doc1.pdf the file demanded The artist needs to send an artistic file, a CV and a letter of motivation.
  9. 9. The IEMI-CMH is entirely at disposal to help Prune Mateo in all the administrative steps she will have to go through.