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An Introduction to Web VR January 2015

Slides from Mega VR Meetup night

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An Introduction to Web VR January 2015

  2. 2. CONSUMER VR IS HERE! 1/16/2015  Oculus Rift  Developer Kit CHEAP $350  In production late 2015/early 2016  The GOLD STANDARD of VR devices  Samsung GearVR  Technology licensed from Oculus  The best VR experience out there! (Look Ma, no wires)  BUT $200 + requires new Phone NOT CHEAP $1,000  Google Cardboard  $2 in parts or $25 ready-to-assemble Kits WAY CHEAP  Just Add SmartPhone  Not as nice… but great for the price! AFFORDABLE STEREOSCOPIC DISPLAYS AND MOTION TRACKING FTW!
  3. 3. 1/16/2015  Giant downloads  App store installs  Proprietary stacks  Closed culture  Experts only! VR APPS TODAY
  4. 4. WEB APPS TODAY  Instant access  No gatekeepers  Instant publishing  Your choice of tools  Culture of collaboration  Source code  No barriers to entry 1/16/2015 image: Mark Surman
  5. 5. THE WEB + VR TWO GREAT TASTES… ? 1/16/2015
  6. 6. WEBVR FAST, CHEAP, AND DEMOCRATIZED  Build Oculus VR apps in JavaScript  Rendered in WebGL  Head-tracking and fullscreen VR support now in browser dev builds (SOON IN NIGHTLY CHANNEL!!!)  All in the browser – no downloads, installs or app stores! 1/16/2015  Mobile WebVR: Just Add Smartphone  Side-by-side stereo rendering with Google Cardboard VR  Head tracking with phone’s accelerometer  Run in mobile browser or “hybrid” app
  7. 7. 1/16/2015 Mozilla VR Showcase Powered by Firefox Built with GLAM EARLY EXPERIMENTS
  8. 8. THE WEBVR API 1/16/2015 RUNS IN DEV BUILDS OF FIREFOX AND CHROME – SAME API  Query the browser for VR Devices  Use VR device, if found, to set Fullscreen mode – it will do the Oculus Rift rendering  During requestAnimationFrame, query position- and orientation-tracking devices for current values  Three.js supports it (r68 and up) examples/js/effects/VREffect.js examples/js/controls/VRControls.js
  9. 9. WEBVR AND CARDBOARD  Google Cardboard showcase  Mobile Chrome  Desktop Chrome  Even easier than Oculus…  Render WebGL side-by-side stereo (no need to query devices)  Use existing browser fullscreen mode  Use existing browser device orientation API for head tracking  Three.js makes it super easy examples/js/effects/StereoEffect.js examples/js/controls/DeviceOrientationControls.js 1/16/2015
  10. 10. CHALLENGES  WebVR on Oculus is not ready for prime time  That’s OK neither is Oculus! D-)  Latency is the biggest issue – browser needs to un-throttle at 60fps (It’s in the works…)  Software installation and device setup is still pretty clunky  GearVR requires hybrid native/mobile – uses custom sensor  But we’re good to go on Cardboard!  60fps works great  Nearly 2 billion VR devices already deployed  500k+ Cardboard headsets shipped  Still need to figure out input – we’re flying blind (literally)  Tools are rough, especially compared to pro tools like Unity and Unreal 1/16/2015
  11. 11. VR + ML A MARKUP LANGUAGE FOR THE METAVERSE 1/16/2015  GLAM (GL And Markup) - a declarative language for 3D web content  Define 3D scene content in markup; style it in CSS <glam> <renderer type="rift"></renderer> <scene> <controller type="rift"></controller> <background id="sb1" class="skybox"> </background> <group y ='1' z='-3'> <sphere class="bubble skybox”> </sphere> <sphere class="bubble skybox”> </sphere> </group> … THE MARKUP <style> .skybox { envmap-right:url(../images/Park2/posx.jpg); … } .bubble { radius:.5; shader-vertex:url(../shaders/fresnel.vs); shader-fragment:url(../shaders/fresnel.fs); shader-uniforms:mRefractionRatio f 1.02 mFresnelBias f 0.1 mFresnelPower f 2.0 mFresnelScale f 1.0 tCube t null; } #sb1 { background-type:box; } </style> THE CSS Or check out SceneVR from Ben Nolan
  12. 12. LINKS  Simple WebVR examples to get up and running  Browser Dev Builds Firefox Chrome  Mozilla VR Showcase  Cardboard VR Showcase  WebVR Mailing List 1/16/2015
  13. 13. COMING IN MAY 2015 1/16/2015
  14. 14. KEEP IN TOUCH 1/16/2015 CONTACT skype: auradeluxe http://www.tonypa GET THE BOOKS! WebGL: Up and Running Programming 3D Applications with HTML and WebGL Visualization/dp/1449362966 GET VIZI MEETUPS BOOK CODE GET GLAM WORK CREDS Co-creator, VRML and X3D