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Someone sent these pics to me

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  1. 1. Confidence
  2. 2. Confidence comes from having a strong theoretical foundation and reinforcing it repeatedly.
  3. 3. Practice helps to build confidence if you are practicing the right thing. 
  4. 4. A golfer who slices the ball can practice and practice and practice, and will continue to slice the ball. 
  5. 5. Practice can also reinforce the bad habits! 
  6. 6. But if practice is integrated with consistently learning better technique and   consistently reinforcing the foundational principles,
  7. 7. then practice can be a powerful tool to help you develop great knowledge and skills. 
  8. 8. What are you practicing?
  9. 9. Are you practicing the same things that you learned once a long time ago or are you practicing your basic skills
  10. 10. using new information and consistent evaluation. 
  11. 11. Practice builds confidence;  
  12. 12. if you are practicing with the intention to improve your skills rather  
  13. 13. than just reinforce the ones you already have. 
  14. 14. I Let The Dogs Out