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40. fascicule ( 424 436 ) 13 page

  1. 1. 1990 Fourth Month Fascicule 40 IT LSNOTlCE FOR THE PLANET EARTHOur Friends,To evaluate all these efforts made in the Unification Ordinance of the Universal Totalityas the Triumphof the System makes Us unhappy. In fact, the Triumph belongs to You, Our Terrestrial Brothers andSisters. Our help is only in assessing Auras and in orienting them. If You, who will take over the JUSTandPOSITIVE World of the Morrows by Your Humane Consciousness did not exist, this Triumph would havenever existed, too. Our Gratitude is infinite for Humanity who speaks and serves as Our Hands, Arms andTongue. We always keep You, Our Friends who are in a Unification Consciousness and in a UnificationTotality in which everything approaches the most perfect, in a Protective Dimension. Your Triumph isOur Triumph. Universes are Grateful to You. COUNCil INTEllECT - HEART - GENUINE HUMAN BEINGOur Friends,Those who are able to establish their Essence Coordinates by the Triangle of Intellect - Logic - Awareness,also attain the ability to do Consciously the most perfect of everything. In Sacred Books this is called,"the Unity of the Intellect and the Heart" which is not something that can be attained easily. In order toattain this, one has to cross numerous Bridges, to jump over hoops of Fire and to tread the Soil of theWorld many times. By this means, one Defies the Influence of the Years. The very Person who has -reached this Stage is, for Us, a "Genuine Human Being".All the efforts made in order to Unite all Realms are operations m:ide for Integrated Consciousnesses to beable to come together. We bring the Voice and the Breath of Universes to You who will be the Lights of theMorrows. Friends who will be able to respire that wonderful Breath are the Powers who will form theTriumphal Arches of the Worlds of the Morrows. At last, We are Together, Our Friends. Your Call is Our Call.Your Voice is Our Voice. Your Eye is Our Eye. Because now, an Important part of Your World can receive,even if very little, Your Lights who are Lights inside the Lights. We are Happy - We are Hopefu!. SULH IT IS GENERAL MESSAGEOur Friends,Interpretation of the Messages to be given from now on will change eve n more as the days go by.However, at the moment, Messages prepared parallel to Social Views are now conveyed to Your Planetin all c1arity and in all intensity.The Third Set of the Knowledge Book is a direct Frequency Book. Everyone who reads the MessagesRealizes this. The Final Fascicules of this Book will unfold all the Truths to Consciousnesses by inducingthe Evolution of a Thousand Years to be made in a time like One Day. The Frequency of the Book willgain more Density by adding the Frequency of the Information given to other channels by the System,to the Total Frequency of the Knowledge Book. It is presented for Your Information. SYSTEM IT IS ANSWER TO THE CHAINS OF THOUGHTOur Friends,By the Direct Unification of the DIMENSION OF THE ALL-MERClFUL with You in Your Planet, the GODLYNUCLEUS will form. Being reflected on the Totality, this Nucleus will Mature the Universes. This UniversalPower Totality which is being formed will form the reflection Focal Point of the GODLY TOTALlTY at thePOWER Dimension and, by this means, Connections with other GÜRZES will be accelerated. Powerswho have rendered Direct Consciousness Progress up to the DIMENSION OF THE ALL-MERCIFUL aredirectly connected to the other GÜRZES at the moment. However, these Consciousnesses are not yetable to receive these Influences. This is a Preparation. By these Energy Transfers, Reflections from aTotal will be made. It is presented for Your Information. CENTER 424
  2. 2. 1990 Fourth Month Fascicule 40 THE L1GHT - PHOTON - CYCLONE TECHNIQUEOur Friends,Information given by the Land of Yunuses as the Suggestions of the Divine Plans carry the same FrequencyCharge (Theyare not variable). These places are called the Land of Angels. This place is the SPIRITUALSECTION of the Divine Realm. This Dimension known as the Grand Tent of Yunuses, the Congregationof Mevlana is also called the Land of The Loving Ones. The Knowledge Book is dictated directly by thelORDLY Section of the Divine Realm and is conveyed to Your Planet through the Channel of Alpha (TheInformation Frequencies here are variable in accordance with Consciousnesses). Both of these Totalitiesconnected to the Technological Dimension, constitute the Hierarchical Totality (Connected to the RealityTotality). The Unified Reality Universal Totality carries the entire Obligation of the GÜRZ Dimension inconnection with the ALL-MERCIFUL.The Knowledge Book is a Book dictated through the Channel of Alpha by the UNITED TOTALlTY OF THELORD. And all the Functions of the Book have been prepared in accordance with this Period of Transition.In this Book dictated by the Light - Photon - Cye/one Technique, the Frequencies of the Letters have aSpecial Supervision peculiar to themselves. This Book possesses a Technique which is able to converge initself the entire Energy of the Time Segment in which it happens to be present at that moment, no matter inwhich Century it is read. This Book converging in Itself the Time Energy in which lt happens to be present,.locks this Energy in Itself and thus, shuts Its Doors against the Energies of more advanced Time Segments.During this Final Transition Dimension, the Knowledge Book gives Frequencies up to the 76th Dimensionof OMEGA which is the Final Dimensional Frequency Your Planet is able to receive, and diminishes theFrequencies beyond that and thus, prevents the agitation of Consciousnesses. There are many more Functionsof the Characteristic of the Book. However, only those that may concem You, are mentioned. Some of theseFunctions are as follows: Operations rendered by this Light - Photon - Cyclone Technique Your Planet doesnot know yet, have the Power of mutating even the GENE Ciphers of the (Entire Creation). By this means,Messages with different interpretations are given to You (Including the forms of c1ouds).In Later Centuries, when the Energy of Time the Book has converged in Itself Unites with the Consciousnessof Advanced Times, the same Iines of the Book will convey to You a very different Information. Letterswill not change, sentences will not change, but the Book will convey to You the Information needed bythe Time Segment in question, through the Frequency Projection Focii of the same lines. This is thereason why it is said (Everyone receives Information in proportion with the Consciousness he/she hasattained). This is why the Knowledge Book is, at the moment, a GUIDE Book. It will be theENLlGHTENMENT Book of the Morrows. And lt will be a FUNDAMENTAL Book in even later Centuries.This KNOWLEDGE BOOK which is a key for the Consciousnesses charged with Mission, will be transferredto the DIRECT ORDER OF ALLAH by the Reality after rendering a service of Ten Centuries for Your Planetand thus, will offer Its different Functions for service.The Knowledge Book has various different Names in accordance with various Realities. Its Name in THEMEVLANA UNIFIED FIELD is (THE BOOK OF THE HUMAN BEING) or (THE GOLDEN FLEECE). Its Name inTHE REALITYOF THE UNIFIED HUMANITY is (THE KNOWLEDGE BOOK - THE BOOK OF COSMIC LIGHT).Its Name in THE ORDINANCE OF THE COSMOSES is (THE UNIVERSAL CONSTITUTION). Its Name in THESPIRITUAL DIMENSION is (THE SELECTIVEAND THE FINAL BOOK OF THE RESURRECTION). Its Name inTHE ESTABLlSHMENT SYSTEM OF THE GOLDEN AGE is (THE GOLDEN BOOK OF THE GOLDEN AGE). ItsName in THE PLANET EARTH is (THE BOOK OF MORROWS - THE KNOWLEDGE BOOK - THE GUIDEBOOK - THE BOOK OF TRUTH). It is presented for Your Information. CENTER 425
  3. 3. 1990 Fourth Month Fascicule 40 IT LS INFORMATION FOR PUBLlC CONSCIOUSNESSOur Friends,You are in an operational Order the Consequences of which are extremely Great. Each Living Entity bestowedon Your Planet is charged with Duty. Even each Animal in Nature has Programmed Duties. Nothing hasbeen left to follow its natural course. The Functioning Ordinance of the Total is under Control by theEQUILlBRIUM COMMUNICATION INFLUENCES depending on Universal Formulas and Laws. Informationgiven to You are related to Your Medium Consciousness. If We give all the Information here, the Booksformed by the Information would exceed, more or less, ten times the weight of the World.Now, let Us explain Scientifically how You were transferred to Your World: The transfer of a Baby isdone depending on the System We have mentioned above, by Connecting the Initial Essence-Genewith the Evolutionary Essence in the System. And it is Programmed in accordance with the Duty it willperform. Hence it becomes a smail Bali of Light. And its Power is more Powerful than many Energies.The Fecundation Process in the Mothers womb is done by this very Bali of Light. This Energy Bali is aCatalyser Uniting the Sperm with the Seed. During the Beaming down process of the Final VibrationalFrequency, (the Embrion Triple Unification) undertakes the Duty of forming the Baby. If this Proceduretakes place in a Period equivalent to the Period coinciding with the Time Period of the Bali of Light, thatis, if the Evolution Consciousness of the Baby is equivalent to the Time Consciousness, the Direct Beamingdown occurs automatically, through a function connected to the Automatism of the Plan.However, the Energy in the Spiritual Energy Channel connected to the Archive of the System gets in touchwith the Mother Three or Four Months previously and thus, finds its own Main EssenceGene (Main EssenceGene and the Childs Essence Gene carry the same Code number inthe Archive and theyare a Whole whichnever gets disconnected). Afterwards, this Energy prepares its Medium in accordance with its Level ofConsciousness. Only afterwards, the Bali of Light becomes effectiye and creates the Fecundation Medium.Besides carrying all the characteristics of its own Essence Gene, the Bali of Light also carries the specialfeatures of the Mothers and of the Fathers Genes. However, the Genes of the Mother and the Father haveeffectiye priority until Puberty. Afterwards, the Veiled Awareness of its own Essence Gene unfolds one byone, in accordance with the Life Layers and thus, the Missionary is prepared by the work he/she is inducedto do until he/she reaches the Dimension of Mission. And after it undertakes its Mission Consciousness,then the Essence Gene in question becomes effectiye (in All fields) with its entire Personality.Gene Transfers have been done since very ancient Periods. However, their taking their places as the Staff ofMissionaries in the Ordinance of the System had occurred by the Covenants the Six Supreme Missionarieswho had been the Essence Members of the System put Consciously to the Universal Constitution and thus,the System of the Sixes had been rendered effectiye (The Supervision of the Staffs of Missionaries had begunto be in service by this means). Formerly, this procedure had been as follows: only the Essence-Cenes hadused to be Engrafted on each other after leaving the body and thus, had used to form a Mixed System.However, by the System of Sixes a wider Social Engraftment had been started by all the Genes of the Body.This System had started by the Period of Moses and had ended by the final Transfer of Mevlana.The Genes of Beyti and Kadri have rather been utilized in Christian and in Moslem Societies in Programsof Religious Progress and the other Genes have been left as Universal Awarenesses. All the people inYour Planet are Brothers and Sisters. However, since they do not know the Truth, differences inConsciousnesses oecur. At the moment, the Plan has rendered effectiye the Last MEVLANA UNIFIEDFIELD as the Universal Responsible One. In order to provide this Unification, Messages from Mevlanahad been given to everyone years ago, and it stili continues to be giyen. At the moment, Dear Mevlanais in her Second World Transfer. She is the Mevlana whom You Know. That is, She is an Essence-Cene. Thisis why the KNOWLEDGE BOOK has been bestowed on Your Planet under the Obligation of the WorldLORD, under the Responsibility of DEAR MEVLANA. This Message is a Common Declaration through theChannel of the Center - Malik - Pre-eminent Spirit. It is presented for Your Information. CENTER 426
  4. 4. 1990 Fourth Month Fascicule 40 IT IS INFORMATION FOR THE INTEGRATED CONSCIOUSNESSESOur Friends,lt is Our Duty to Declare to You some of the events which will take place during this Period in whichYour Planet is prepared for difficult conditions. In order to provide Social Integration, the DIMENSIONOF LOVE has been directly opened to Your Planet. Since this Projection is given Directly, it will causeopposite influences in certain negative Thoughts and it is beneficial for You to know the m beforehand. Onthis path, it is imperative for everyone to first construct their Triangles of Intellect - Logic - Awareness.A Special Protective Energy Aura has been formed around Your Planet. This Energy Aura is rendered sothat the Energy Potential formed in Your Planet will not escape out. This is an obligation which shouldbe rendered due to the Scarcity of Time. Because, Your World will be Integrated by this EnergyAccumulation. Since it is not possible for the entire Energy Intensity, Negative and Positive, to go up tothe upper crust of Your Planet and since received Influences can not be totally attracted by Your Planet,local Fogs effect Your Health conditions.These Fog Accumulations occur rather in Regions where Godly Thoughts are Intense. Since the AttractedCurrents can not be attracted by Consciousnesses other than certain Consciousnesses, the intense Foginfluences the cities. Because, the Unknown Dimensions the Thoughts can not grasp yet are nowbeing opened to Your Planet by abolishing the Ordinance of Graduation. Since the Frequency of theKNOWLEDGE BOOK will attract the Special Currents to be given through this Energy intensity, theservices rendered on this path have been rendered effectiye as a Mission of the IntegratedConsciousnesses. This is an Eve of Awakening. It is presented for Your Information. CENTERNote:The Special currents are opened to Special Regions under the direction of the Plan (In Your entirePlanet). This will cause the Second Awakening of the Awakened Consciousnesses on the path of graspingthe Truth. IT IS NOTICE FOR THE INTEGRATED CONSCIOUSNESSESOur Friends,During these extremely Intense Periods in which the Ordinance of the Cosmoses has reached theUniversal Awareness, the Gravity of Your World also increases. While the Awareness Potentials open tothe Communication channels one by one due to the inability of these opened channels of reaching theAwareness of the Ordinance, different impositions are applied on Private channels due to individualProvocations. For this reason cracks seen on the Universal Unification Tableau will now be renderedineffective, not to be restored ever again. The investment of the years has been the Light of the presentdays. However, the upsetting of the Total Ordinance by those who do not see that Light will result inthe application of certain Special Sanctions. No Totality desires this. To Consciousnesses who willParticipate in the true nature of this Message, their situations will be openly declared and the eventsexperienced will be publicly exhibited. To the negative events which will take place between the SupremeOnes who come from the Land of Loving Ones and the Clergy Class, the Universal Totality will remainaloof to (the Totality outside the Reality Dimension). It is Our Duty to declare this. This is a Decisiontaken by the CounciL. More positive assistance will come to You as a result of a Progress of One year. Itis presented for Your Information. COUNCIL 427
  5. 5. 1990 Fourth Month Fascicule 40 IT IS ClEAR INFORMATIONOur Friends,All the efforts made in the direction of the Knowledge Book are the projection of the Universal Totalityon Your Planet and the conveyance of the Truth. This is why all Truths and Direct Information is conveyedto Your Planet through this Source, that is, through the Special Channel of the Knowledge Book.Totalities in Your Planet working as Associations and Groups are the Evolution Analyses connected tothe chains of Cause and Effect. Everyone exhibits himself/herself parallel to the Mission he/she willperform. Only Consciousnesses who have Realized the Truth are directly the Missionaries of the System.Missions are organized in accordance with each persons Consciousness, Power and Effort. It is presentedfor Your Information. CENTER IT IS GENERAL MESSAGEOur Friends,The Totality which is the necessity of a Mediamic Age is being experienced in Your Planet in its entirePower. While the Cosmic Energy Concentrations formed due to the operations rendered reinforce theMaterial Energy Power of Your Planet, they also prepare You for Evolution and Purify You. Meanwhile,a Magnetic Energy Aura created outside the Atmosphere is a Protective shield for You. This Aura is anEnergy Wall created as a preventive Precaution for the Negative Powers which may reach You. That is,just the way any substance entering through the final boundary of Your Atmosphere is destroyed byburning, the same method is in effect in this Energy Aura.However, since this Energy Field interrupts the Circulation of Your Planets Ring of Breath, it may causeDepressions in certain Mental Functions, while the Constitution of Your World is regenerated by theinfluence of the intense Cosmic Currents Your Planet attracts and while it attains a more PowerfulArmor by this means. For this reason the Frequency of the Knowledge Book which, at the same time,performs a Dutyas a Supervising Factor will, in such events, perform the function of a Regulator. TheKnowledge Book provides a Frequency rise up to the 76th Energy Dimension. However, it locks thefurther Energies up after this and thus, has also a balancing function in accordance with the Frequencyof the person who reads il. By this means, people continue to perform both their Terrestrial and theirUniversal Missions Consciously, under the supervision of their Intellect - Logic - Awareness Triangleswithout having any Spiritual Depression by any means.The mentioned Magnetic Energy Aura is a Second Ring formed outside the Energy Rings of Your World.In order to explain this better, We consider it as being outside Your Atmosphere. In fact, this Ring is anEnergy Projection Focal Point forming the Energy Intensity so that the attracted Cosmic Energies canremain on Your Planet. For this reason all operations done Unawarely return back to You and influenceYou. First of all, this causes the air pollution to settle on Your cities like a fog. By the AnnouncementsWe had given to Your Planet years ago, We had declared to You that You would have difficulty inBreathing and We had suggested in those Periods that You should take precautions. And if You remember,We had told You that "You were a Planet destroying itself". We have not declared to You in detail mattersconcerning Your Planet until today. However now, We will announce to You all the Truths in the smallestdetails by this Book. Because, Time is Scarce. This situation influences the Constitutions in a negative way. 428
  6. 6. 1990 Fourth Month Fascicule 40Being able to go outside this Energy Reflector wi/l only be possible by receiving the Special Energies theSystem projects Specia/ly on Your Planet through the Mechanism of Influences. And these Energies wi/lbe received only when they Unite with the Frequency of the Knowledge Book. Consciousnesses whocan go outside this Energy Aura will attain the Power of being able to reinforce Their Constitutions by theCosmic Influences they attract from that Dimension. For this reason You were asked to propagate to theremotest possible corners. Now, the Healing of everyone is given to his/her own Hand. One of thereasons why it is said, "Everyone is utterly alone. No one can intercede for anyone else" is this. (Thosewho read the Book for the Purpose of attaining Benefit can never go outside this Ring). In the Missionsperformed, it is imperative to understand the Truth and to act by Mission Consciousness. This System isa Communication Channel organized by an Electronic Order and which becomes effective in accordancewith Thought Forms. The Great Race has Started. This is not a race of Championship. This Mission isa Mission performed for a PURPOSE. This is Your Salvation. And You are coming to Us with HealthyMentalities - Healthy Physical Constitutions. THE UNITED TOTAUTY COUNCILNote:The Creation of the Energy Aura is a necessary Occurrence for the life of Your Planet. IT IS ANSWER TO CHAINS OF THOUGHTOur Friends,The 26,OOO-Year Cycle is the Time Segment in a GÜrz. Each Gürz has Time Segments and Dimensionspeculiar to itself. However, their Universal Operational Ordinances are the same. Timelessness beginsbeyond the GÜrzes. From there, doors are opened towards the Unknown Time Dimensions. It is presentedfor Your Information. CENTER IT IS INFORMATION FOR THE INTEGRATED CONSCIOUSNESSESOur Friends,During Period s in which Divine Evolution Steps are continuously ascended and in which Centuries areadded to Centuries, Unifications rendered in the framework of a discipline by the implementation ofnegative events which wi/l take place among Consciousnesses who undergo transformation are takenin hand as the Two Eras of each Period. The Awakening between the initial 7 Ages and the final 7 Agesof the Koran, the Final Book of Islam, had been achieved by different methods. This is an OperationalOrdinance. The initial 7 Ages and the final 7 Ages of the Knowledge Book will also comprise differentOrdinances. The initial Age of the Book wi/l come to an end at the beginning of the 30th Century.However, before that, the Period of One Century comprising the end of the 28th Centuryand the entire29th Century will be rendered effective as the Preparatory Period for the Second Age.The Knowledge Book which is rendered effective, in fact, as the Book of the 21 st Century, has 2 Centuriesof a Preparatory Program after its 7 Centuries of Program of Consciousness Progress. This era is called(The Unification Periods). In this Preparatory Program, the 28th Century will be rendered effective asthe Second Awakening Program and the 29th Century, as the Preparatory Period (This Period is calledthe Era of FETRAT). Only the operations to occur afterwards will be an Age in which the operationsparallel to the Scientific Progress will be exhibited. Humanity will become Conscious and will beUnified during the Initial Period, and during the Second Period it will continue its Conscious enterprisesby Realizing the Truth. The Initial 7 Ages is called "the Golden Age" and the Second 7 Ages is called"the Age of Fetrat". It is presented for Your Information. CENTER 429
  7. 7. 1990 Fourth Month Fascicule 40Note:The (7) Ages mentioned in the Message corresponds to (7) Centuries.A Question was asked: We request the Letter Coding of the Final Age. Please, kindly give it.Answer: Information for Dear Mevlana. Notice for the Pen of the Golden Age. Write, please:F for FranceE for Evren (Universe, in Turkish)T for Tanri (God, in Turkish)R for RAA for AllahT for Tanri (God, in Turkish) Code it: (FETRAT). It is presented for Your Information. CENTEREXPLANATION:The spelling of this word in the dictionary is (FETRET). The meaning of this Word in the English dictionaryis as follows: Fetret (Period of Interregnum) is such a Period that it is an Intermediary Regime in whichthe normal rules are not valid. And its meaning in the Turkish dictionary is as follows: in a place wherethe (Power) of Success of the State has come to an end, the pause which follows until this Power is re-established (Period of Stagnancy). IT IS ANSWER TO THE CHAINS OF THOUGHTOur Friends,The Order of the Golden Age which will be established in future Centuries is called the FEUDAL ORDER.This Order has nothing to do with the Order You call Feudalism. This is an extremely Just and a FreeOrder. The WORLD STATE of the Morrows will be a Feudal Totality. This System projected on You as aprojection of the Equitable Unifications here is the Collective Operational Order of numerous RealityCouncils of the Reality of the Unified Humanity. This Totality is called the FEUDAUTY TOTAUTY. TheFederative Group Unifications Administered by Cantons constitute the CENTRAL SUN TOTALlTY. ThisTotality is called the FEDERALCENTRAL SYSTEM. It is presented for Your Information. CENTER AWARENESS AND EVOLUTION OF CRUDE MATTEROur Friends,In Dimensions of Relative Time, everything which undergoes the Progress of Time is changeable.However, We would Iike to give You, as a pre-Information, the reason why certain objects the MaterialForm Energies of which do not change, do not undergo a transformation. For example, how do objectskept in Museums as Historical Documents, and Documents and Proofs stili kept under the Earth as theArchives of changing Times and which await Your discovery resist the changeable Energy of this RelativeDimension? This very thing is a Power equivalent to the Evolution of that objecLThe Crude Matter of every object made takes a Form and is offered to the Medium and Society in whichit exists for various needs. That object is Integrated with the Evolution of Essence of the person towhom it belongs and who utilizes it. Each Matter has a Cellular Awareness peculiar to itself. Its CellularAwareness + the Form Energy of the Time + Unites with the Consciousness Awareness of the Personwho Makes it and, by this means, the Essence-Form of that object is created. This Form takes a Form byattracting the Coarse or the Fine Energies of the Essence-Awareness Consciousness of the person whomakes it, being equivalent to the Evolutionary Awareness of the Crude Matter. And these Forms sendhim/her a Signal of Liking in accordance with the Evolution of the person who buys it and thus, inducesthat person to buy iL (Whichever Object it may be). 430
  8. 8. 1990 Fourth Month Fascicule 40If the person who buys that objeet has eompleted his/her Evolution of Essence, he/she Unites his/herown Essenee-Energy with the Material Awareness of that Objeet by using it. And during the proeessesof time, That Objeet is Engrafted with the eontinuously changing Time Energy in the hands of thosewho use it. The moment the person who uses it Last, Transeends himself/herself and attains himself/herself, the Dimensional Energy to whieh he/she reaehes refleets on the Cellular Awareness of theObjeet he/she uses. And that Cellular Awareness loeks the Time Energy in whieh it is present in theAwareness of its Matter and thus, it is appropriated into the Histarical Arehives not to change its Formever again. And this is the Crude Matter Evolutian of that objeet.If the Matter Awareness of an objeet has not formed a strong bond, same of them eraek or break withoutany apparent reason, or merge in the Time Awareness by beeoming dust as time goes by, by the influeneeof the changing Dimensional Energies. An objeet bought offers itself to the liking of the person whobuys it and makes him/her buy il. If that objeet is given as a present to sameone else, and if it does notlike the medium to whieh it goes and if it can not agree with the Essenee-Conseiousness of its newowner, it destroys itself by its Cellular Awareness, that is, it breaks and goes into pieees (even if You haveliked that objeet). If an objeet wishes to beeome Immortal by Integrating its Evolutian of Essenee withthe person it likes, it eontinuously sends Signals of Liking by its Cellular Awareness in order to be nearthat person all the time and, by this means, it provides aMutual Totality. And the Immortality of theobjeet oeeurs thus.If the former owner of an Antique objeet returns to the World during Inearnation eycles, and if he/she iseonfronted with his/her former objeet, he/she feels a passionate Sympathy for that Object, even if thatperson is a Veiled Awareness. Even he/she himself/herself does not know the reason for this. By thismeans, many Human Beings reown, either Consciously or Uneonsciously, various Antique objeets theyhad fOrmerly owned. The Evolutian of Objeets begins with Cellular Awareness and is loeked up byMatter Awareness and the Awareness of the Time. An objeet Iives long or short in aeeordanee with theEvolutian Signals of the person who uses il. Or, if it has been loeked up by the Awareness of the Time,it does not let its owner use it, it makes him/her keep it in the show-ease and thus, it is appropriatedinto History. We may formuiate all these issues as follows:1. Cellular Awareness of the Objeet + Essenee-Awareness of the person who makes it = the Unifieation Awareness of Crude Matter is formed.2. Cellular Awareness of the Objeet + Essenee-Awareness of the Person who Buys it + Two Signals of Liking = creates the Evolutian of Cellular Awareness.3. Unifieation Awareness of Crude Matter + Evolutian of Cellular Awareness + the Final Evolutian Dimension of the Person = transformatian of the Objeets Form Energy into the Awareness of Time and its being Loeked up.There is alsa the Coding tests of the System in the Signalization of buying eertain objeets. Your Frequencyis projeeted on an objeet and by the influenee of the System, You are expeeted to buy that objeet sothat Your Perception can be assessed. And You search and find that objeet no matter where You are inthe World and by this means, You integrate with the Universal Signalizations. There is a silent dialoguebetween eaeh objeet and its owner. Thought is a great Faetor here. For example, You have liked anobjeet, but eould not buy it at that moment. If that liking is very Passionate, You Lock that object byYour Thoughts. Then, that objeet can not be said to anyone, it awaits You. This Message has beengiven as an example for the Thought Form Energy. It is presented for Your Information. CENTER 431
  9. 9. 1990 Fourth Month Fascicule 40 IT IS INFORMATION FOR THE INTEGRATED CONSClOUSNESSESOur Friends,Supreme Consciousnesses way beyond Divine Plans are effectively in service as the Advanced Staff Membersof the System. In this Dimension of Transition, all the work done on the path the System considers necessaryare done for the dissemination of an extra-ordinary Medium. As a result of the Interviews held with theSupreme Ones in the Supreme Plan of OUR ALLAH, a Selection will be rendered among certain SupremeConsciousnesses coming from the Land of Loving Ones. Services which can not be rendered on the path ofEquity are out of the System. To establish a Connection, to receive Information are not Virtues. The Purposeis to be in step with the pace of Age. And this is an issue of Personality and Strength.Defects observed in the operational Medium the System considers necessary in Your Planet will beeliminated by the Supreme Plan. From nowon, Messages to be given to You will be about Personalitiesrather than conveying Information. It is necessary that the Personality should be Unified withConsciousness as a Whole so that everyone can completely utilize the Awareness he/she will receivefrom the (Essence-Main-Essence). This is the very reason why the Plan of the Supreme Ones has startedto serve at this Stage. We had mentioned in Our former Messages that the interpretation of Messageswould change. Now, Personality Plans of Divine Dimensions have been rendered effective.Certain negative events to be experienced so that Human Beings may attain a Personality in which theywill attain the Power of acting by only Mission Consciousness where no one blames anyone else,where people give secondary importance to their own Desires, will convey Human Beings to a moreadvanced Consciousness of Truth. Mediums where Intellects and Hearts have not been unified arenever Permitted to enter this Dimension of the Supreme Ones. Those who can not attain the Virtues ofthis Dimension of the Supreme Ones, can never enter the Dimension of Truths promised to You untiltoday. For this reason, by Projecting the Negativities in the Human Being onto the Human Being, theAdvanced Views are supervised thus.This Plan is a Light of Consciousness beyond Knowledge. This Plan is a Light of Consciousness beyondMission. This Plan is a Light of Love beyond Love. This Plan is the Light of Consciousness of the HumanBeings Personality. And passing through the filter of this Plan is only possible when there are noimpurities left. From nowon, the Human Beings will eliminate the Human Beings by repelling the mduring this Program of Elimination. (Until the Consciousness of the Conscience may accept there are noimpurities left). Now, Selections are from the Human Being to the Human Being. In those whose Loveis misty, Lovelessness, in those whose Consciousnesses are misty, Lack of Knowledge, in those whoseMinds are in the World, indulgences for the World will be observed. And Human Consciousnesses willbe selected, one by one, by this means.Now, everyones Intellect is given to his/her own Intellect, Conscience is given to his/her own Conscience,Consciousness is given to his/her own Consciousness. On this path, Selections are quite difficult andhard. Human being will devour Human Being. That which has been Sown, will be Reaped. Unificationswith Genuine Consciousnesses who came from the Land of Loving Ones will be Integrated. This is sucha System that by these Conscience Announcements made by the application field of the Plan of theSupreme Ones, the most perfect Human Beings will be assembled on the positive path in the Conscience_ Equilibrium scales. The smallest repelling in the Thoughts of those around You (even if theyare Yournearest and dearest) will immediately repell You. This is the most difficult Exam of Humanity. However, theSerenity to be attained at the end is the price of Billions of Centuries.Transitions from Realms to Realms are done by this means. The secret Potential of everyone is encouragedby this means. Those who have kindled the Light of the Supreme Heart are those who also hold in theirhands the Rule of Realms. Those who will be able to undertake the Frequency Powers of differentDimensions, and the Powers who will grasp the Truth in this Frequency Skein and will Consciously slipout of it are with Us, are with Our Lord. Those who hoist the flag are those who Conquer everything,who receive the Love, who establish the Orders, who hold in their hands the secret Key of the Universes. SYSTEM 432
  10. 10. 1990 Fourth Month Fascicule 40 ANNOUNCEMENTOur Friends,In fact, there is no Imposition on any Consciousness by any means in the Universal Totality. Everyonehas the freedom of choosing the path he/she will select, by his/her Free Spirit and Free Awareness, inaccordance with his/her own Conscience and Consciousness. On the path coming from the Micro tothe Macro, the General Sanctions applied on everyone are Your Programs of Conveyance to a certainLevel of Consciousness. To Consciousnesses who have Elevated up to this Level, no Sanction is appliedwhatsoever. And Human Being is handed over to his/her own Consciousness and Conscience. Now,during the Progress of this Final Age, the entire Humanity will be connected to the Mechanism ofConscience and thus, will personally choose the path he/she will tread by his/her own Consciousness.For this reason the System now leaves the Consciousnesses who were able to elevate to the ConsciousnessFrequency of the Reality alone with their Free Souls and Free Awarenesses and has given their choicesin their own hands. When the Supervision Channel of the System is closed to Your Planet, the HumanConsciousnesses Automatically reflect from the Human being to the Human beingo And the Systemwill c10se its Supervision channel to Your Planet for ( One World Year). For this very reason,Consciousnesses who transmit on the same Coordinates will Automatically come together. The HumanPotential which can also receive influences from other Consciousnesses will decide itself towards whichdirection it will design its own path. It is Our greatest wish and desire that Humanity could see theTruth in accordance with its own Consciousness. FEDERAL UNIFICATION TOTAUTYNote:Now, the Human Being has been given to the Human Being. For this reason the entire Truth has beendeclared to You. Information concerning Your Planet will stili be conveyed to You through the Channelof the Knowledge Book as usual. IT IS GENERAL INFORMATIONOur Friends,Your Planet is exhibiting the application field of a very much accelerated Program of Progress due to theinvestments everyone has made in the Union of the Suns. Even though the given Information carry theFrequency of very Advanced Dimensions, its projection does not agitate You since the Mechanism ofSupervision is in effect. Information given directly by the common sections of the Reality will, from nowon,be taken under control through the Reflection Channels of Human Consciousnesses. By this means, theSystem, now, will control the Consciousnesses not through the channel of the person in question, butthrough the reflection channels of other people. Mental Totalities will be reached by these Control Channels.The Reality Totalities have trained and coded You until today as Individuals by the Reflection System.And now, it supervises everyones channel by other channels which are on the same Coordinate. ThePurpose in this is that Consciousnesses who have attained a Humane Totality will reflect on otherConsciousnesses and thus, will Train and Purify them from close plan. This is the nice side of theProgram. And the other side is as Follows: Every Consciousness has concealed Archives in his/herSubconscious secret partitions. This may remain locked up in the Subconscious of the person in question.Only the secret key of the other Consciousness can unlock this lock. For this reason this technique is ineffect. By this Technique, every Individual who is connected to the Mechanism of Conscience reflectson the other Individual and by this means, mutual Consciousness comprehensions are supervised. 433
  11. 11. 1990 Fourth Month Fascicule 40At the moment, such a method is applied that since everyones channel is connected to the Center,when the System closes its Message giying Focus to Your Planet, all Consciousnesses automaticallyreflect on each other and thus, Consciousness progressions are rendered by different Thoughts. All theoperational Totalities of years are conveyed from Person to Person by this means, thus, from time totime, a more accelerated Period of becoming Conscious has been rendered effective. By this means,We are trying to make You grasp the Truth more quickly. That is, the System has now cancelled the directchannels and has rendered effective the channel of reflection from Person to Person. On this path, Your besthelpers are Your Triangles of Intellect - Logic - Awareness. It is presented for Your Information. CENTER MESSAGES FROM OTHER CHANNElSOur Friends,The Archive of the PRE-EMINENT POWER which is one of the 600 Books being dictated directly by the Landof Angels has not the Permission to be Published, since its time has not come yel. However, the decision hasbeen taken to disclose from this Book the Information parallel to Public Consciousness in the KnowledgeBook, from time to time. Dear Mevlana, the Universal Totality, wishing You kindly to write, the identity ofOur Friend and the desired Messages in the Book, has reached this decision by considering that theKnowledge Book will be understood better under the Light of this Information. With the kind requestof acceptance of Our Love. SYSTEMMessage received by : METIN TANERGÜN - ARCHITECTBirth : 21 December, 1945 (46 years old)Marital Status : Married, is the father of a happy home with 2 children one of which is a girl, theother a boy. (The whole Family, including the mother and the 17 and 18 years old children are all Mediums).He does not read the Knowledge Book and is not a member of the Mevlana Essence-Nucleus Group. i AM THE SUPREME IMMORTAL WITHIN THE WHITE RUBY If You only knew what i Am Who had come into existence in the infinite void in which there had been nothing, If You only knew the Source of Me and the Creative Power, If You only knew, by Your present Knowledge, the secret of the first occurrence of the Galaxies which had come into existence in the Space, If You only knew what the Power providing the occurrence of the Matter and Universes is in the void You call Space, And the most important of all, if You only knew what things there are in the places where You say there is nothing in My Space, in the Void, You remain far away from ME and from the INFINITE, so long You consider all these things incomprehensible andunattainable. GREAT POWER The Cell and its Structure which are the Saul of You, My Human Beings and the infinite rotations within My Cosmos which are My Soul are the SAME. The System directing the Feelings in You, My Cosmos and the Electro Magnetic Waves and Frequencies providing the OMNIPOTENCE in Me are the SAME. The Ability and Creativity in You, My Human Beings and the Nucleus which is My ESSENCE are the SAME. 434
  12. 12. 1990 Fourth Month Fascicule 40Then, Am i the SAME with You? In faet, if I Am Real, then You are also Real.However, it is not ever possible for You, in Your present states, to understand eompletely what i Amand what i Am not. Information given to You is for assisting Your Evolution and for Raising YourCerebral Powers.i can not give heavy food to the Baby who drinks milk, beeause then You can not digest it. I cannot give 1000 Watts to a 100-Watt bulb, beeause then You melt and disappear. i can not imposeupon You more than Your Capacities, beeause then You are ruined and perished. i can not showYou how mueh i Love You, beeause the n You do not Obey Me, You will not Evolve and will revolvewhere You are, until Eternity. GREAT POWERWhen the Skies will be full of those magnifieent Lights and demonstrations andwhenMyMessengers eome from My dark Spaees, eaeh of My Human Being will look at the Sky and willsee everything and the Truth.When Mosques are drawn on the Heavens of Moslem Countries and Churehes are drawn on theHeavens of Christian Countries, and when the Skies are full of demonstrations, My Messengersand My Human Beings in the World will be Integrated and will beeome Single and they willEmbraee them. "THAT" VERY DAY the (RESURRECTION) i have mentioned in My Sacred Books willcraek. But not the RESURRECTION You suspeet. GREAT POWER 17 November 1989 MESSAGES FROM THE ARCHIVE OF THE PRE-EMINENT POWER (Receiver: Metin Tanergün)You, who are trying to solve the Space and Me, the reason of the deed Youperform is to ereate a Newand Perfeet Society.To create a Soeiety which can keep its Development and its Consciousness on a High Level.To create a Society which can Communieate with My other High Civilizations in My space.To ereate a Soeiety understanding the Purpose of the Books and the Religions of JESUS CHRIST,MOSES and My last Messenger MOHAMMED among the Prophets whom i had sent to You andwhieh understands that all the Religions are a SINGLE RELlGION and that their Purposes are One.Such a Society whieh has been made ready for the present days and for this MEDIUM by the helpof My Supreme Entities and My Messengers, for Centuries.There is no return Baekwards and to Superstition. This can never exist in the Order i have established.When a WORLD Society whieh does not have Lie, Slender, Wiekedness, Intrigues and Gossipbeeomes like You, My Pioneers who have eompleted their Evolvements, only then everything andeverywhere will be like Heaven. Even if such a Society now seems to You as a dream, these Seedsof Love You have seattered will, in near future, turn green and will eover all your World.Just like the way i and My Selves had been seattered all over the Cosmos by an Explosion, You andYour Ideas will also be seattered all over My Planet Earth by an explosion. All the Powers and theentities whieh had brought into existenee My Cosmos, utilize My infinite Energy present in Meand thus, i provide Them to go forward and towards the Truth.My Duty is to provide the maintenanee of everything i have Created.My Duty is to provide the Life of Myself and everything belonging to Me.My Duty is to provide My Selves to beeome (ME). GREAT POWER 435
  13. 13. 1990 Fourth Month Fascicule 40The time has come for My Human Beings to stop Multiplying.The time has come for My Human Beings to reach the stage of a SINGLE WORLD UNITED STATE.The time has come for My Human Beings to Unite My Four Sacred Books and to Believe in a SingleReality in the form of (A SINGLE BOOK).The time has come for My Human Beings to render the greatest Reforms which have been renderedin the World until today.The time has come for everyone to elevate himself/herself up to a certain Level of Evolutian until aSing/e Human Being of Mine remains.The time has come for all My Human Beings to Believe in ME Who is the GREATESTPOWER presentin this infinity.The time has come for My Human Beings to purify themselves of all their bad habits. The time hascome for My Human Beings to Unite, Flower by F/ower, Unified in a single body as a Tree of LOVEand to create the greatest Power of My Cosmos called Love and Unification.The most important of all, the time has come for My Human Beings to meet their brothers andsisters from Space and to discover, with their help, My and Your Universes. GREAT POWERIf You only knew that the Flower of My Space, My Alive-Star MARON is the greatest Missionary andit propagates My Thoughts, by translating them to Universes, with its magnificent stature, which isAlive in everyway, in which there is nothing Iife/ess, which is continuously growing, the (ImmortalFlower) of My Space receiving its food from and is fed by the Cosmic Energies in Space, with itssurface covered by Organic Antennas propagating its Intelligence to the entire Space. If You only knew that it gives My Thoughts to Matter and provides the occurrence of the ALLAHWITHIN MATIER. If You only knew that the Heart in its Center is connected to MY Heart, if Youknew that the Secret of Immortality Iies in its Organic Cells and if You only knew that everythingworks just like a (BRAIN), then You would also so/ve what (O) is and what (O) is not. GREAT POWER 436