Event Report - Banking Seminar


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A complete Event manual for Banking Seminar. A project for course "PR & Event Management"

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Event Report - Banking Seminar

  1. 1. PR & Event Management Seminar - need for Shift
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION A Financial consulting firm Ali & company is organizing an Event specifically for Banking industry. This Event is a platform for banks to share the ideas and solutions raised by current financial issues. Event Name Need for Shift Event Date 11th July 2009, Saturday Event Time 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm Venue CBR, Marriot Hotel
  3. 3. GOALS & OBJECTIVES  To provide solutions for banks in terms of current banking issues.  To bring all bank on a single platform To share Ideas or strategies running by each bank to grow in current financial scenario  To promote brand of “Ali & Company” in banking industry
  4. 4.  PROGRAM SCHEDULE PARTICIPANTS  Speakers:  Governor – State Bank (Chief Guests)  Finance Minister (Chief Guests)  Representatives from Participant banks  Audience  Employee from top Management of participant Banks Event Particulars Program Detail Time Program Starting 6:00 pm Introduction 6:10 - 6:30 pm Presentations 6:30 – 8:30 pm Program conclude 8:30 – 9:00 pm Dinner 9:00 pm
  5. 5. Event Particulars
  6. 6. WOW Factor  The Bank’s Logo will be revolving around Rostrum.  Bank’s Logo will be changed dynamically based on the announcement of Bank to present.  It will be done through the Projector Light.
  7. 7. WOW Factor
  8. 8. Work Break Down Structure (WBS) First Level WBS
  9. 9. Work Break Down Structure (WBS) cont. First Level WBS Seating Arrangement Audio support Ambiance Audio / Video recording
  10. 10. Work Break Down Structure (WBS) cont. First Level WBS Participation Fee Marketing budget Site building budget Catering budget
  11. 11. Work Break Down Structure (WBS) cont. First Level WBS Marketing Material Publicity
  12. 12. Work Break Down Structure (WBS) cont. First Level WBS Program Schedule Deal Catering Briefing Letters / Invitation
  13. 13. Site Arrangements  SEATING  Half Moon Shape Seating  Seating arrangement in Round Form facing the Stage.
  14. 14. Site Arrangements  AUDIO SUPPORT • Speakers in Hall arranged by Marriot Management.  AMBIANCE • Seating BLACK & WHITE • Stage Size & appearance WOODEN ,Carpeted 24 by 10 • Stage Décor o 10 front lit Panels for Banks. o 1 Main Backdrop o Rostrum will be designed as having logos of all banks. o Mics oTable at backstage for announcers and stage manager.  AUDIO AND VIDEO RECORDING • Speech recording • Photographer
  15. 15. Catering  CATERING  Outsource to Marriot STARTER  Tea / juice serving on tables during seminar DINNER  Corporate Dinner Package
  16. 16. Publicity  Finance Minister Endorsement  Governor State Bank Endorsement  Media Coverage  Through Participant Banks
  17. 17. Marketing Material Arrangement Main Front Lit Backdrop Side front lit Backdrop Rostrum Standees Banners. Brochures. Welcome note book Note Book with logo Give away Give away Shoppers.
  18. 18. Letters & Invitation  INVITATION
  19. 19. Telephone contact List Contact person’s number from each bank. Contact numbers of speakers from each bank. Contact person’s numbers of Chief Guests. Contact numbers of persons dealing with outsourced activities Contact numbers of suppliers And many more
  20. 20. Financial (Budget) Marketing budget. Site building budget. Catering budget. S. No. Description Pak Rs. Catering & Dinning 154,000 Site Building 83,000 Marketing Material 156,416 Miscellaneous 10,000 Total Project Expenses 403,416 Total Revenue 750,000 Net Profit 346,584
  21. 21. Medical Provision  A first aid will be operational at Marriot. The closest public hospital. • HILAL-E-AHMAR (NEAR THREE SWORDS)
  22. 22. Transport Management  VALLET PARKING  Provided by Marriot Management  Audience will be arriving by their own vehicle. Special parking (Valet Parking) will be arranged on Marriot’s parking space.
  23. 23. Emergency Management Procedures  CONTINGENCY ARRANGEMENT  Provided by Marriot Management EMERGENCY SITUATION  Security will take action in any case of terrorist activity. Any deviation from the protocol will be investigated by the event organizer. Officials will act as per their issued instructions.
  24. 24. RISK ASSESSMENT Risk identified Risk factor L / M/ H Measures to control Risk Action taken by (person) Visual check and clearness of site L Check site is clear0 (vehicles, rubbish etc) Venue organizer Sound pressure level M Check the sound pitch and volume. Audio / Video organizers by Marriot. Security M Security arrange with event cover Security Guards by Marriot Fire L CO2 extinguisher carried by mixing desk Marriot Management Participants Safety L First aider to be attendance during the event by Marriot Venue Organizer Weather L Umbrella arrangement from Parking to conference hall Venue Organizer Law & order situation M Ambulance arrangement, movement of guests to the secure place if needed Marriot Management Electricity H Own Generators by Marriot Marriot Management