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Social Commerce Facts 2015 Infographic


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Here are some facts for you which proves how Social Media has united the world like never before, and how it is the emerging trend for online shopping.

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Social Commerce Facts 2015 Infographic

  1. 1. Interesting Hidden Facts About Social Commerce Did you know about these amazing social platform statistics? EVERY MINUTE OF THE DAY: 1.44 bn ar *I'uI*#II*~Hl‘~? per in rim :2 5 :1: it tweets .1lII', l (+11-l7.‘3~. IiIIIr—_-Ill -—. Ii-ii~I'l 1. __ I-"ill 'lllllIlll‘ -VII‘ “ll iwv iiiiiItIt»- vii I’ 1| >-‘(II II It llIIIII, II,1l: IWIIIHI 4.8m of video uploaded to YouTube per minute Influence of social commerce 7 of buyers rely on social media I O to guide their purchasing decisions 7 of consumers recommend companies or 0 products in their tweets 8 of people rely on Friend posts on 0 social media before buying 0 of users buy a product or service that is launched 3 3 /0 or promoted on a brand’s social media page. 3 5 0/ I of consumers share their purchases over 0 A social networks 0 of buyers choose social networks over 3 4 /0 traditional ecommerce sites. A H II n '5: “ . Key Role of mobile in social commerce I Consumers use mobile devices for R&D of product or services monthly 1 5 0/ Consumers complete monthly transactions 0 on their mobile devices 9 O 0/ of mobile searches lead 0 to confirm sell. fl Pinterest content is shared nearly 3 times more on mobile than desktop Relation between business and social commerce 0 small businesses use social marketers say social media plays business owners saw an media for business promotion a key role in the marketing increase in website traffic due campaign of their business to social media promotion 0 o o 8 O /0 marketers gain businesses acquire business executives feel social media customers via Facebook customers via twitter is important in branding Anticipating social commerce impact within the next 3 years Social marketing budget will double from now CTR of social sharing increases by I 5% 85% of conversion increases by video on landing page 0 0 Estimated social commerce sales will be 2,356 trillion $ world wide Latest trends in social commerce Twitter introduces a F’ir‘rterest will iiitrotltrcte Google also announced a Facebook started to test button on twitter page if pins on i: >r»: ;Ir_lr. ru. ::t: : Iistetl on l)llilI3l'E? SI wr; >iIcl 'r‘. "lI. ZlE. button for its mobile search ads. button on some of its pages and is also testing mini- storefronts in merchant Facebook pages Sources Irttpimwvnslatlsta convstetlstlm/261 245/bQce4:ornmercesaIesworldMda/ httpd/ www. dlglfaibuzzblog. uonrllnlographlc-social-media-statistics-for-201 3/ littps: I/eoonsulfancy. corn/ Imp: //vrww. adweelccor1vsoclaltlrrresl littp: /lvww. amreek. corn/ soolalllmes/ lIesl2013/O7/soclalcurrenojipg httpr/ www. unlfledsoolaI. corrv Imp: //www. sl'oplfy. eonVblooI12731545-whlolr-soclal-medaplatfomis-ttlveme-most-sales-lniograptilc http#/ lorlrrre. com/2015/07/16/faoebook-slorefrorrls-buy/ Aumoore LLC 215 Park Ave. S. Suite 1802 slralreqy NGIN YOYK NY 10003 design Phone: 212-776-1414 communication Email: dgjonbalajeaumcorecom technology www. aumcore. com