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Wish or hope


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Published in: Education
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Wish or hope

  1. 1. WISH OR HOPE
  2. 2. WISH
  3. 3. DEFINITION  Wish is used to talk about situations that we desire, but which are the opposite of the current reality or which are IMPOSSIBLE.
  4. 4. 1  We can useWISH + PASTTENSE to talk about our situation right now. Even though we use the past tense, we are NOT talking about the past. For example : a. I wish I had a car. (In reality, I don’t have a car now but I want one) b. I wish I were tall. (In reality, I’m short but I want to be tall)
  5. 5. 2  When we useWISH + PAST PERFECTTENSE, we are talking about regrets we have from the past. For example : a. I wish I hadn’t gone to the party. (In reality, I went to the party and now I regret it). b. I wish I had studied harder in school. (In reality, I didn’t study hard in school and nowI regret it).
  6. 6. 3  We can useWISH +WOULD +VERB to talk about situations that often happen in our lives that we don’t like. For example : a. I wish my husband would help me clean the house. (In reality, my husband never helps me clean the house, and I don’t like it). b. I wish my children wouldn’t play their music so loudly. (In reality, my children play their music very loudly and I don’t like it).
  7. 7. 4  We can also useWISH + NOUN to talk about things that we desire for other people. In these cases, the meaning of “wish” is more similar to “hope”. For example : a. We wish you a merry Christmas. (The meaning is: We hope you have a merry Christmas) b. Wish me luck on my exam. (the meaning is: Please hope that I have good luck on my exam)
  8. 8. HOPE
  9. 9. DEFINITION  Hope is something that we want to happen and we wor very hard for it to happen.
  10. 10. HOW TO EXPRESS HOPE  Sentence structure to express hope using “ing verbs”. Subject -ing verb Complement I Am hoping For someone good weather tomorrow I Am hoping For a good grade in English
  11. 11.  Sentence structure to express hope using “to” and “that” Subject Verb complement I Hope To study in Finland I Hope You will be a good student
  12. 12.  Sentence structure to express hope using verb tenses. Subject Verb Complement/Obj ect I Hope Ardy found the place I Hope Jack finds my pencil case
  13. 13. SENTENCE STRUCTURE TO EXPRESS HOPE  I want to become nurse  I am hoping to finish all my work on time  I hope that I will never late  I hope you will be happy  I hope that I always be better