Role play making a hollywood movie 4_thb


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Role play making a hollywood movie 4_thb

  1. 1. UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL DE CHIMBORAZOFACULTAD DE CIENCIAS DE LA EDUCACION HUMANAS YTEGNOLOGIASESCUELA DE IDIOMASNames: Natalia Narváez, Vilma Cacuango, Mayra Huasco, Abigail Garrido, JaimeTapia, Francisco LemaSemester: 4th “B”ROLE PLAYMAKING A HOLLYWOOD MOVIENarrator: The most famous Hollywood actors came to audition for film the best movieof the year.Director: Let’s film the movieDirector: Where is Salma Hayek?Salma Hayek: I’m coming!!!!!Director: Where is Jessica Alba?
  2. 2. Jessica Alba: Sorry!!! I was stuck in the traffic.Director: Where is Vin Diesel?Vin Diesel: here on time!!!!Director: Where is The Rock?The Rock: Here my folks!Director: OMG!!!! And where is Sofia Vergara?Sofia Vergara: I’mhere cariño!Director: okey, let’s begin!!!Director: Scene 1Director: Action!Robber1: This is a terrible day!Robber2: I know buddy! But be patient. Our job is pretty hard sometimes!Robber1: I hope a rich woman can buy a valuable thing from that JewelryRobber1: We are lucky people. Just wait!Vilma: park right here, Abigail.Abigail: This is the most expensive Jewelry in the town.Are you sure that you want to buy our mom’s gift here?Vilma: Very sure! Come in!Seller: Good afternoon Ladies. May I help you to choose something special?Vilma: yes, please.Seller: what are you looking for?Abigail: We want a very special ring for our mom.Seller: We have a very special ring for it. Look this! Is it beautiful, isn’t it.Vilma: yeah, It’s a big rock.Abigail: How much it does cost?Seller: Let me see! It cost 9000 dollars.Vilma: Oh!We want it.Seller: Ok, give me 10 minutes, please .
  3. 3. Seller: here you are. Have a nice afternoon.Vilma and Abigail: thanks!Vilma: It’s a nice gift for our mom’s birthday.Abigail: Yeah, but it ispretty expensive!!!!Vilma: but it’s something that she wanted long ago.Abigail: Wow! Look this!!!! It’s so beautiful.Vilma: Keep it in your bag, please! This street looks very dangerous.Abigail: OkRobber 1: Look there man!!!! I told you we are lucky.Robber 2: Yeah. Did you see the big rock?Robber 1: Yes, I didRobber 2: This is our opportunity for being rich.Robber 1: Come on! Let’s go!Robber 2: Wait my sign!Robber 1: Don’t move! Don’t screamRobber 2: and we won’t hurt you, honey!Robber 1: We just want the little box in your purse. That’s it.Vilma: please,dont’!Abigail: Are you crazy? Give it them!Vilma: No, no,noplease. This is a special gift for our momRobber 1: Give us the box or you are going to die!!!!Robber 2: Okey !you asked for it! BUMP!!!!!Robber 1: Oh man!she is dead!!!!!Robber 2: let’s get out of here!Abigail: Please, someone call an ambulance!Seller: Jesus! Please sent an ambulance to Loja and Morona street. There is a woundedlady on the street.Director: nooonooo I don’t like it!!I want you this time crying!
  4. 4. Director: scene two!Director: ACTION!Repeat again the scene!Director: nooonooo I don’t like it!I want you this time laughing!Director: scene three!Director: ACTION!Repeat again the scene!Director: Okey, I love it! You did a great job. This film will be spectacular!Director: give me the tape!Cameraman: Oh! Sir, I forgot to put the tape!Director: What!