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Crime in rome


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Crime in rome

  1. 1. • Tor bella Monaca • Centocelle • Pigneto • Magliana
  2. 2. Pigneto Centocelle Tor Bella Monaca Magliana
  3. 3. Tor Bella Monaca was born between the 20s and 30s around the weapon factory Breda. In the 80s the neighborhood became a site of council housing expansion and was thus transformed into a sort of „ghetto‟. Lately the Council has tried to improve this area in fact a modern theatre and a new University, Tor Vergata, have been built there.
  4. 4. In Tor Bella Monaca there‟s a high rate of drug-selling, prostitution and youth problems. The reason for all this is a high concentration of deprived families in the bigs condos of “le torri” (the towers) and the lack of cultural faciliities, in fact there‟s just a shopping Centre in the whole area.
  5. 5. Youths are trying to improve their situation, especially through music and art. An example is the rapper Saga er Secco, a new musician who talks about his problems and his life in the lyrics of his songs.
  6. 6. Centocelle developed as an illegal surburbin at the Nowadays Centocelle is not beginning of 60s. It soon the most degraded suburb in became a place teeming with the city, but there are still crime because a lot of poor some crime problems. people moved there.
  7. 7. Nowadays crimes are mostly linked with the presence of lots of illegal car the park in the old military wreckers airoport (a place of election for drug-dealers) the presence of the gypsy camp “Casilino 900”.
  8. 8. In Rome there are lots of illegal gypsy camps where Roms are forced to live in shacks with precarious hygiene conditions, often without electricity and heating. Given these conditions they can hardly get a legal job, so their camps become crime ridden places.
  9. 9. Pigneto developed in the same way as many other roman suburbs: it started in 1870 as a poor illegal suburb. The name Pigneto is due to the long road surrounded by pine trees which crosses the area. Pigneto isn‟t a center of petty criminality any more, but it has become the hiding place of the new “Red Brigades”, a nextreme leftist group that in the „70 used armed fighting to destroy the state.
  10. 10. This place was chosen by lots of film directors as a set for their films (for example “Roma città aperta” by R. Rossellini). In particular Pasolini, an important Italian director, loved this place and chose it as the set of his most important film “Accattone”. He called this place “the draft crown of Rome”.
  11. 11. MAGLIANA Magliana is also called “portuense” since it is situated along the road that leads to Ostia, Rome seaside suburb and tourist port. In the history of Rome criminaity its name is linked to the “banda della Magliana”, a criminal gang that dominated criminality in the 80s.
  12. 12. ROMANZO CRIMINALE From the criminal deeds of “banda della magliana” the writer Giancarlo De Cataldo, who is also a former judge, wrote a famous and succesfull novel, “Romanzo Criminale”. It is a reality-based story: the autor used the members of the original gang to tell his story. Michele Placido, a famous actor and film director, made a film and a TV series from this novel.
  13. 13. Created by Cecilia Budoni Eleonora Di Pinto Valeria Gangemi