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  1. 1. Caffarella Liceo “Augusto” Comenius Project 2011Culture & Tradition Farming Nature
  2. 2. HistoryIII century a.C. : Attilio Regolo’s family owned a part ofCaffarella. LiceoThenitbecamepropertyofAnniaRegilla’ s family. Afterthat the parkwasacquiredby Erode Attico. “Augusto” Comenius Project 2011 Republic period/ Empire period : the valley was rich of V century d.C. : all great villas, small temples the area became part and graves. of acclesiastic possessions. Middle Age : Caffarella XVI century: Caffarelli’s family,new became really important for owners, made a farm from the military reasons. complex, building the Vaccareccia house . 1695: the land was acquired by Pallavicini’s family and then by Torlonia in 1816. After that it passed to Gerini’s family. According to a legend, Numa Pompilius, Romes second king, was madly in love with the Nymph "Egeria". The “Ninfeo di Egeria” was probably the place where they met.
  3. 3. Flora and Fauna FloraThe old forestis composed of Liceo “Augusto” Comenius Project 2011oak and cork trees, olives,almonds, Mediterraneanscrub buckthorn, shrubs,hawthorn berries, Fusaro, cornelian cherry, dogwood, wild plum and wild orchids. Fauna Mammals: Hedgehogs, moles, weasels and even a fox. Birds: Kestrels, nocturnal birds of prey. In the reeds along the river: toads, frogs, snakes. These animals are at the top of the food pyramid. They’re the first ones to suffer from an imbalance in the supply chain. Their presence means environmental health.
  4. 4. Movie setMany films were shot in Caffarella park, one of the mostfamous ones was “La Ricotta” by Pier Paolo Pasolini (1963). Liceo “Augusto” Comenius Project 2011Orson Welles played the role of a director.
  5. 5. Writers’ favourite spot The mosses of thy fountain still are sprinkled / With thine Elysian water- drops; the face / Of thy cave-guarded Liceo “Augusto” Comenius Project 2011 spring with years unwrinkled, / Reflects the meek-eyed genius of the place. Lord Byron, Childe Harold“Today I visited the Nymph Egeria, thenthe Circus of Caracalla the remains ofthe tombs along the Appian Way and thetomb of Metella … Those men workedfor eternity, and had not calculated allthe madness of pests, before whicheverything must yield. “W. Goethe: Voyage to Italy “Listen! the nymph Egeria sings beside the fountain, the nightingale is heard in the vineyard of the tomb of Scipio, the languid breeze of Syria indolently brings the scent of wild tubers”, Chateaubriand: Memoires d’Outre-tombe“But where I saw a wonderful sunset is out ofPorta San Giovanni, in the place called theCaffarella, at the source and the wood of Egeria.There is a stream on which many flowers stoopdown and are reflected. Well, the whole streamkindles at sunset, as if it were glowing, and thetrees have reddish, mysterious, undefinedreflections”.G. D’Annunzio: LA TRIBUNA – 31 luglio 1885)
  6. 6. Our proposals Liceo “Augusto”Comenius Project 2011 Remodel/restore the “Vaccareccia”Organise an information campaign Get rid of environmental degradation Implement educational activities Improve or set up lighting Improve safety Create job opportunitiesIncrease/improve recreational activities
  7. 7. Remodelling Liceo “Augusto”Comenius Project 2011 The “Vaccareccia”It’s a 15th century fortified farm in the heart of CaffarellaWe chose to remodel this building since it’s in really badrepair and it’s one of the park’s symbols. We decided to create a multifunction building. Environmentally friendly, energetically self-sufficient, Respectful of the existing structure and history
  8. 8. Remodelling General Planimetry Liceo “Augusto”Comenius Project 2011Park City buildings Paths
  9. 9. Remodelling Liceo “Augusto” Comenius Project 2011 A Meeting point for young peopleActivities Learning Facilities Leisure FacilitiesLearn/Study Library/Reading rooms ReceptionDo research Music lab Internal squareExperiment with the arts Classrooms CafeteriaSpend leisure time Internet point External area for concertsOrganise events Exhibition areas
  10. 10. Remodelling Liceo “Augusto” Comenius Project 2011 Planimetry - Ground floor FacilitiesStore Depository Conference roomServices Tower Movie theaterReception. Dining room
  11. 11. Remodelling ” Planimetry - First floor Liceo “Augusto” Comenius Project 2011 FacilitiesReception Classrooms Exibition areaMusic lab Services Outdoor space forInternet point Coffee shop concerts and events
  12. 12. Remodelling Planimetry - Second floor Liceo “Augusto” Comenius Project 2011Solar paneled roof
  13. 13. Remodelling ” Planimetry - Third floor Liceo “Augusto” Comenius Project 2011 FacilitiesOffices
  14. 14. Liceo “Augusto” Comenius Project 2011 Axonometric - south-eastRemodelling