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Traffic Analysis of Suspect Publishers


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More evidence of bad guy websites and how they generate traffic and ad impressions to sell on ad exchanges.

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Traffic Analysis of Suspect Publishers

  1. 1. Sites named on blacklists and deemed suspicious Sources: Suspicious Web Domains Cost Online Ad Business $400M per Year 148788 Meet the Most Suspect Publishers on the Web
  2. 2.
  3. 3. 6.6 million sites that have links from "" Traffic Junky
  4. 4. Trafficjunky is the ad network of the internet’s largest porn sites
  5. 5. MANY hardcore porn sites in this list ""
  6. 6. MANY sites have malware Sites have video ads from embedded YouTube videos
  7. 7. Calling the same comScore tag <script>var _comscore = _comscore || [];_comscore.push({ c1: "2", c2: "13080744" });
  8. 8. Some Sites have 60+ ads on EACH page (super long) and
  9. 9. 9.1 million sites that have links from ""
  10. 10. Another way to generate more pageviews
  11. 11. Example of search keyword domain – Spa La Quinta Resort; and “sponsored listings”
  12. 12. Algo-generated Content on Tumblr Page