Optimizing Targeting of Display Ads by Augustine Fou


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After the most egregious forms of ad fraud and waste are eliminated, advertisers can move on to improving targeting and other forms of optimization -- to increase the ROI of their display ads.

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Optimizing Targeting of Display Ads by Augustine Fou

  1. 1. Optimizing Targeting of Display Ads Dr. Augustine Fou http://linkd.in/augustinefou acfou @mktsci .com March 2014 -1- Augustine Fou
  2. 2. Optimize Targeting “Once blacklists and whitelists help to eliminate the most egregious ‘bad guy’ sites from carrying an advertiser’s ads, then further optimization can take place – like viewability, ad prominence, audience targeting, etc.” -- Dr. Augustine Fou -2- Augustine Fou
  3. 3. Prioritization Pyramid START at the bottom, low hanging fruit at bottom 30% 40% 30% -3- targeting optimization improvement delivery viewability bots /not seen by humans waste reduction Augustine Fou
  4. 4. Next Area of Improvement After waste is reduced, then advertisers can further optimize delivery 25% On-Target Delivery (Nielsen) 82% Ignored (not relevant) (Harris Interactive) 54% Not In View (not seen) (comScore) 23% Ad Blocked (wasn’t shown) (PageFair) 24 – 29% confirmed bot (Solve Media) -4- Augustine Fou
  5. 5. Display Ads Ad Prominence – ads next to competitors or multiple of same ad on page 7% of ads are adjacent to a competitor 15% are multiple ads on same page Source: DoubleVerify -5- Augustine Fou
  6. 6. Display Ads Impression delivery – whether ads are delivered to intended target/device Source: DoubleVerify -6- Augustine Fou
  7. 7. Display Ads Viewability – whether ads were displayed in a viewable position Source: DoubleVerify -7- Augustine Fou
  8. 8. Display Ads Brand safety – whether ad was served on a brand-appropriate site Over 7% of impressions are served on pages that are harmful to a brand advertiser Source: DoubleVerify -8- Augustine Fou
  9. 9. Display Ads Fraud protection – whether ads are served on fraudulent sites Nearly 90% of fraud appears in the Transparency Gap of programmatic buying. Source: DoubleVerify -9- Augustine Fou
  10. 10. Dr. Augustine Fou – Digital Consigliere “I advise clients on optimizing advertising across all channels. One main area of focus is reducing ad waste due to fraud – fake impressions, clicks, leads, and sales.” FORMER CHIEF DIGITAL OFFICER, HCG (OMNICOM) MCKINSEY CONSULTANT CLIENT SIDE / AGENCY SIDE EXPERIENCE PROFESSOR AND COLUMNIST ENTREPRENEUR / SMALL BUSINESS OWNER PHD MATERIALS SCIENCE (MIT '95) AT AGE 23 ClickZ Articles: http://bit.ly/augustine-fou-clickz Slideshares: http://bit.ly/augustine-fou-slideshares LinkedIn: http://linkd.in/augustinefou - 10 - @acfou Augustine Fou
  11. 11. Related Articles ROI Case for Solving Ad Fraud By: Augustine Fou January 2014 Fake YouTube Videos By: Augustine Fou, December 2013 Digital Ad Fraud Briefing By: Augustine Fou December 2013 Motive and Opportunity for Ad Fraud By: Augustine Fou, February 2014 How Display Fraud Works By: Augustine Fou, May 2013 Fake Facebook Profiles By: Augustine Fou, Dec 2013 How Click Fraud Works By: Augustine Fou, November 2013 Fake Twitter Accounts By: Augustine Fou, August 2013 The Magnitude of Digital Ad Fraud By: Augustine Fou, November 2013 Display Fraud 101 (video) By: Augustine Fou, Feb 2014 - 11 - Augustine Fou