Marketing Innovations That Drive Lasting Business Impact by Augustine Fou


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Innovations in marketing and business model are necessary to drive business impact and ROI in the digital age where information overload limits the linear impact of more advertising on sales.

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Marketing Innovations That Drive Lasting Business Impact by Augustine Fou

  1. 1. Augustine Fou- 1 - Marketing Innovation That Drives Lasting ROI Dr. Augustine Fou acfou @mktsci .com March 2014
  2. 2. Augustine Fou- 2 - Author’s Commentary “Many marketers continue to increase their ad budgets. This is directly rooted in traditional advertising mentality – increased advertising leads to increased sales. But in a world where there is oversaturation of advertising and information, shouting more often and more loudly won’t sales. Instead, we should look for true innovations in marketing and business model that drive lasting ROI and impact. This is a collection of such innovations.” -- Dr. Augustine Fou
  3. 3. Augustine Fou- 3 - Innovations in Marketing and Business Model
  4. 4. Augustine Fou- 4 - Nationwide Vanishing Deductible Safe drivers who have seen reductions in their deductibles will want to stay with Nationwide (and may tell others)
  5. 5. Augustine Fou- 5 - Delta Delta Innovation Class This is the first time I have actually considered “choosing” Delta for a flight, rather than my default carrier This innovation made me consider “switching” like no amount of advertising would.
  6. 6. Augustine Fou- 6 - FreshDirect (NYC) One-Click Recipes One-click Recipes inspire variations in daily meals and has resulted in actual increases to dollars per order.
  7. 7. Augustine Fou- 7 - Users Don’t Recall Ads or Find Them Useful
  8. 8. Augustine Fou- 8 - In the past WEEK, do you recall seeing ANY of the following types of ads? 44% Don’t Recall ANY Ads Source: Marketing Science Custom Research, March 2014
  9. 9. Augustine Fou- 9 - Who’s Ignoring Which Ads? Source: Harris Interactive via MarketingCharts Feb 2014
  10. 10. Augustine Fou- 10 - “Which of the following help you decide to buy a specific low- cost/big-ticket item (e.g. soda, candy, toilet paper, shampoo)” N = 1,000 70% Think Ads Don’t Help Source: Marketing Science Custom Research, March 2014
  11. 11. Augustine Fou- 11 - Users do their own research... Source Parago via Marketing Charts March 24, 2014
  12. 12. Augustine Fou- 12 - Augustine Fou- 12 - Users rely on peer recommendations • Recommendations from friends • Consumer opinions/ratings posted online Marketing Science March 2014
  13. 13. Augustine Fou- 13 - Augustine Fou- 13 - Nielsen Corroborates Q3 2013 s/2013-09-19.shtml
  14. 14. Augustine Fou- 14 - Dr. Augustine Fou – Innovocateur “I study innovation, not just technological innovation but also marketing and business model innovations. In the digital age of information overload, more advertising is not the answer. Innovation is the only answer.” FORMER CHIEF DIGITAL OFFICER, HCG (OMNICOM) MCKINSEY CONSULTANT CLIENT SIDE / AGENCY SIDE EXPERIENCE PROFESSOR AND COLUMNIST ENTREPRENEUR / SMALL BUSINESS OWNER PHD MATERIALS SCIENCE (MIT '95) AT AGE 23 @acfou ClickZ Articles: Slideshares: LinkedIn:
  15. 15. Augustine Fou- 15 - Related Articles augustine-fou marketing-consigliere reported-by-augustine-fou technical-forensics Augustine Fou- 15 -