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How to Maximize Paid Twitter Reach by Augustine Fou


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A trick to find the maximum possible reach by adjusting the max cost per engagement bid number.

Published in: Marketing
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How to Maximize Paid Twitter Reach by Augustine Fou

  1. 1. Twitter Maximum Paid Reach Increase max cost per engagement until you reach roughly 90% total estimated reach Augustine Fou- 1 - $6 $10 $30$20 $100 $5$4$2 $3$1
  2. 2. How To Maximize Reach Augustine Fou- 2 - On Twitter Paid Campaigns 1. Set your daily maximum to a very large number 2. Set your max cost per engagement to a large number like $100 and see what the maximum possible reach could be 3. Lower the max cost per engagement back to the $1 - $10 range to find the point at which you achieve 90% of the maximum possible reach
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