Executive Digital Marketing Externship


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Executive Digital Marketing Externship

  1. 1. Executive Digital Marketing Externship OVERVIEW A mastery of Digital Marketing is essential for every executive and every business. However, because the digital landscape evolves rapidly, a cursory overview or even a week-long academic crash course, is not useful enough. Business and marketing leaders today must possess a strong command of the fundamentals and the “muscle memory” of best practices and processes which can only be gained through sustained, hands-on practice. The Executive Digital Marketing Externship is a four (4) month program in which seasoned business and marketing leaders work in close collaboration with Dr. Augustine Fou and learn via real-world, hands-on digital marketing activities. The targeted outcomes are both a fluent knowledge of the disciplines of digital marketing and business strategy and a published body of work and online network which forms the foundation of a verifiable business reputation. WHO IS IT FOR This Externship is exclusively for seasoned marketing executives with a minimum of 10 years of corporate marketing experience. The program accepts only 5 students concurrently. Students must be recommended by a prior student or nominated by 2 peers to apply. DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES Executive Job Shadowing Unlike case studies, which work backward and highlight what was successful in hindsight, or class projects, which simulate situations that need solutions, job shadowing provides an intimate understanding of every step of the process -- e.g. from formulating a digital strategy to identifying relevant tactics, to measuring the success of the marketing in real time, etc.. In the course of job shadowing, executives will learn how to: Properly diagnose the real problem to be solved; Gauge practicality/feasibility of tactics as they relate to strategy; Drive performance while keeping a close eye on timetables, budgets and payout; Sell the right solutions through top management; Set the right internal expectations and metrics for success. Digital Asset Creation and Network Building Executives will also create their own process for building a collection of online assets (e.g. slideshares, articles, blog posts, tweets, etc.) and expanding their own search-optimized online presence and digital reputation. This provides first-hand experience in publishing compelling thought-leadership pieces, measuring its resonance and continually refining it. At the end of these six months, the executives will have built a powerful network and established a solid foundation for their digital reputation.