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Digital is More Efficient


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When you pay only for the results (e.g. clicks) you automatically save the money that would have been wasted on the 99% of the impressions that got no clicks. Smart advertisers will move from CPM (cost per thousand) to CPC (cost per click) IMMEDIATELY.

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Digital is More Efficient

  1. 1. Digital is more efficient Pay for impressions2/15/2012 … pay only for results. 1
  2. 2. Digital is more effective Search CTR: 0.19% Display CTR: 0.05% Search CTR: 0.25% Display CTR: 0.03% Search CTR: 0.13% Display CTR: 0.07% Search CTR: 0.24% Display CTR: 0.07% Source: 2
  3. 3. Dr. Augustine Fou – Chief Digital Strategist Dr. Augustine Fou is an industry-recognized thought leader in digital strategy, search and social media marketing and former Group Chief Digital Officer of Omnicoms Healthcare Consultancy Group. Dr. Fou has over 16 years of management consulting and digital strategy consulting experience, advising CMOs, marketing executives, and global brands. He pioneered the application of the Unified Marketing™ framework to optimize marketing across both traditional and digital channels and tactics. FORMER CHIEF DIGITAL OFFICER, HCG (OMNICOM) MCKINSEY CONSULTANT CLIENT SIDE / AGENCY SIDE EXPERIENCE PROFESSOR AND COLUMNIST ENTREPRENEUR / SMALL BUSINESS OWNER PHD MATERIALS SCIENCE (MIT 95) AT AGE 23 ClickZ Articles: LinkedIn: 3