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Digital Ad Fraud Estimates Vary Widely by Augustine Fou


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More and more studies published publicly corroborate the findings and levels of bot activity and fraud that we have seen over the years. The published reports still tend to under-estimate the problem. However, most participants know vigorous action is necessary.

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Digital Ad Fraud Estimates Vary Widely by Augustine Fou

  1. 1. Augustine Fou- 1 - Fraud Continues to Grow digital ad fraud High / Low Estimates plus best-guess Published estimates digital ad spend Source: IAB 2013 FY Report $ billions E E
  2. 2. Augustine Fou- 2 - Estimates Vary Widely DSPs/Networks Security Vendors 3% Dstillery, Oct 9, 2014_ “findings from two independent third parties, Integral Ad Science and White Ops” 3.7% Rocket Fuel, Sep 22, 2014 “Forensiq results confirmed that ... only 3.72% of impressions categorized as high risk.” 57% Telemetry, May 26, 2014 “Telemetry found that 57 per cent were “viewed” by automated computer programs rather than real people.” 11 - 63% WhiteOps/ANA, Dec 2014 “digital ad fraud outbreak – one that gobbles up roughly $14 billion in advertising spend and between 25 and 50% of ad spend per campaign” 34 - 55% Solve Media, Dec 23, 2014 “55% of the traffic on retail-specific sites was suspicious, with 34% of traffic confirmed as bot” low high “Whatever the number, there is no refuting that there is ad fraud... and job one is to find the fraud impacting your business and extinguish it....” -- Dr. Augustine Fou
  3. 3. Augustine Fou- 3 - What We’ve Seen vs Published Source: ANA / White Ops Study Published December 2014 [PDF] display ads 11% 25% video ads 23% 50% sourced traffic 52% 100% ANA/WhiteOps Study What We’ve Seen Case 1 Case 2
  4. 4. Augustine Fou- 4 - Fraud Affects All Industries 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 retail automotive finance / insurance telecom media / entertainment CPG travel consumer electronics pharma / healthcare indexed ad spend indexed spend share indexed fraud rate High CPC industries Source: Ad spend data from eMarketer March 2014 | Fraud rate data from Integral Ad Science Q2 2014 Fraud Report
  5. 5. Augustine Fou- 5 - Bot Levels by Industry Source: WhiteOps/ANA, Dec 2014
  6. 6. Augustine Fou- 6 - Dr. Augustine Fou – Technical Forensics “I advise clients and their agencies on the technical aspects of fighting digital ad fraud. Using forensic technologies and techniques I help to assess the threat and the current countermeasures in order to recommend additional steps that can be taken to combat fraud and improve ROI.” FORMER CHIEF DIGITAL OFFICER, HCG (OMNICOM) MCKINSEY CONSULTANT CLIENT SIDE / AGENCY SIDE EXPERIENCE PROFESSOR AND COLUMNIST ENTREPRENEUR / SMALL BUSINESS OWNER PHD MATERIALS SCIENCE (MIT '95) AT AGE 23 @acfou ClickZ Articles: Slideshares: LinkedIn: acfou @ | 212. 203 .7239