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100% Fake Geolocation Mobile Fraud


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The experiment showed that fraud mobile apps pass fake geo data to match campaign targeting, so the ad impressions could absorb the ad dollars.

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100% Fake Geolocation Mobile Fraud

  1. 1. September 2017 / Page 0marketing.scienceconsulting group, inc. 100% Fake Geolocation Mobile Fraud KEY FINDINGS Not Normal – in both campaigns 1. 100% mobile apps; 100% Android; same top 15 apps in both markets 2. 100% of impressions generated between 4a – 5a local time 3. 100% fake devices; 15 unique devices generated top 95% impressions Methods of Obfuscation, Tricking Fraud Detection 1. 100% viewability; 0% NHT/bots 2. 100% faked referrer; 100% the same referrer 3. 100% faked HTTP_USER_AGENTS; 100% Android 7.0 Chrome/60.0.3112.107 4. 100% data center traffic, randomized through residential proxies Marketing Science studied impressions in Houston, TX in the days immediately after hurricane Harvey; there would not be tons of people on their mobile devices, using the exact same 15 apps as people in Bozeman, MT – population 45,000. One-hundred percent fake devices used fraud apps to present 100% faked geolocation data to match the targeting specified in the campaign to absorb ad dollars.