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Next-Gen Mobile Augmented Reality


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Next-Gen Wikipedia-Like Mobile Augmented Reality by Dekko

Published in: Technology, Business
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Next-Gen Mobile Augmented Reality

  1. 1. Next-Gen MobileAugmented Reality Matt Miesnieks - CEO, Dekko @mattmiesnieks
  2. 2. @mattmiesnieks About Dekko • Experience Design led product development • Tackling hard technology problems • Super-experienced small team • CTO is Yohan Baillot (ex-Military 15yrs AR R&D) • Hiring! @mattmiesnieks
  3. 3. @mattmiesnieks A New MediumWho Remembers when this came out?HUGE sensation - Interactive Multi-MediaPut Encyclopaedia Britannica out of business
  4. 4. @mattmiesnieks A New MediumThen another new medium came alongWikipedia not taken seriously at firstIt was a new App built to take full advantage of the New Medium
  5. 5. @mattmiesnieks A New Medium...? ...or a Gimmicky way to display Information?Is AR a New Medium?It’s definitely not taken seriously yet
  6. 6. @mattmiesnieks What’s “Current Gen”? Marketing GimmicksWhy do we need Next-Gen AR ?Because NO ONE uses Current-Gen AR
  7. 7. @mattmiesnieks What’s “Current Gen”? Science Projects
  8. 8. @mattmiesnieks What’s “Current Gen”? Self Promoters
  9. 9. @mattmiesnieks But Seriously.... why isn’t AR being used today? Markers aren’t worth printing
  10. 10. @mattmiesnieks But Seriously.... why isn’t AR being used today? Hands-Up Display is Silly
  11. 11. @mattmiesnieks But Seriously.... why isn’t AR being used today? Doesn’t work indoors
  12. 12. @mattmiesnieks But Seriously.... why isn’t AR being used today? Inaccurate Sensors (esp GPS)
  13. 13. @mattmiesnieks But Seriously.... why isn’t AR being used today? Disconnected & Floating Content
  14. 14. @mattmiesnieks But Seriously.... why isn’t AR being used today? Poor Experience DesignThe prior 5 Blockers can be solved by technology (and are in the process of being solved)This one requires a New way of Thinking
  15. 15. @mattmiesnieks The Medium of Reality is Experiential not Informationalso build Products that give people experiences they can’t get any other way
  16. 16. @mattmiesnieks This type of AR Experience...
  17. 17. @mattmiesnieks Reflects this type of thinkingTrying to mash the new medium into the old
  18. 18. @mattmiesnieks We need more like this
  19. 19. @mattmiesnieks or even betterEntertainment industry will lead, as they understand experience creationAbility to attract Attention (esp Visual) and engage emotions are key skillsThink of Gamification as a crude baby-step towards experiential engagement
  20. 20. @mattmiesnieks The Web is Information Reality is ExperiencedNearly all current technical thinking (esp in Bay Area) around AR is treating it as anInformation Presentation layer on reality. This is missing the opportunity entirely.Think “enhancing a real experience”, not “the Web in your CameraView”
  21. 21. @mattmiesnieks Next-Gen AR needs 2 things: 1. Experience Designers • Changing user behavior is harder than designing algorithms • Create AR Experiences from a Users perspective • Engage the senses emotionallyAR Products need to be user-experience (not UI) informed & ledNo more science projects or gimmicks
  22. 22. @mattmiesnieks Next-Gen AR needs 2 things: 2. Some new (hard) technology: • • • Not much else as far as we can tellJust getting these 3 working together on a smartphone is hardVarious other components to support the experience which already widely exist