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Ahmedabad University’s one-year full-time Executive MBA Programme for Family Driven Businesses. The programme is designed by Amrut Mody School of Management (AMSoM), Ahmedabad University, in collaboration with Cambridge Executive Education, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge , exclusively for strengthening and developing participants’ abilities to overcome the challenges of family driven businesses. These challenges are specific to family driven businesses and hence overcoming them requires a different approach and training. The programme offers a global management education while also including significant focus on the local context and content.

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Executive MBA

  1. 1. The Logo orientation Horizontal version Stacked version Exclusion zone
  2. 2. Family driven businesses form the core of Indian economy It is estimated that 95 per cent of the registered firms are family businesses Adi Godrej Business, Today, January, 2005 Worldwide family businesses contribute to more than 65 percent of the GDP
  3. 3. Ì It has been observed that only 40 per cent of the family driven businesses survive the first generation and less than 5 per cent of the family businesses go beyond fourth generation. Inter-generational conflicts, lack of professionalism in the business, not being able to balance the demands of the family and business are at the heart of the reasons for the high mortality rate of family businesses. It thus makes sense for the businesses to imbibe professional culture and induce professional skills among its key member s while preserving the inherent strengths of a family driven business. Ì When appropriately managed, the success of Ahmedabad University, located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, felt that it family business is phenomenal. In fact, the oldest was necessary that a management family owned business Kongo Gumi, a Japanese education program be designed and construction company founded in 578 ad is currently delivered to strengthen the running being managed by its 40th generation. There are and continued success of family at least 200 family driven businesses that have driven businesses. an annual revenue of at least $2billion (Rs. 8,800 crores)1. Ì Professor Merchant, Chairperson, Centre for Family- owned Business, S.P. Jain Institute of Management, endorsed the view that “Large global business have traditionally been family-owned and directed, and the scale of their success has often been decided by how open they have been in separating ownership from management.2 1 http://archives.digitaltoday.in/businesstoday/20050116/columns7.html 2 http://www.indianexpress.com/news/cii-seminar-discusses-role-of-familyowned- business-in-indian-context/523118/0
  4. 4. Mission and Vision of EMBA, Ahmedabad University Mission of EMBA Vision of EMBA Become a partner Educate leaders in the growth to strengthen family business. and Practice and become a force continuity of family driven businesses. to reckon with in the global economy. Parent Body Established by the Ahmedabad Education benchmarks for higher education. AES’s Society (AES), which was set up in the year contribution in the arena of Architecture, 1936. Founded by visionaries like Kasturbhai Science, Commerce, Arts and Pharmacy cannot Lalbhai, Ganesh Malvankar and other be overstated. luminaries, AES is the largest educational society in Western India. AES established Ahmedabad University in July 2009. It has five constituent colleges, located Over the decades, with institutes like School of in Ahmedabad, offering undergraduate and Architecture, L.D. Arts College, L.M. College postgraduate programs. All of its colleges are of Pharmacy, H.L. College of Commerce, the most coveted by students of Gujarat and the the society has been successful in creating Gujarati diaspora in other countries.
  5. 5. Curriculum of EMBA Ì The program is designed and offered Ì The program is designed to provide a by School of Management, Ahmedabad lot of hands-on experiential learning , University in collaboration with Cambridge opportunities to learn from those who have Executive Education, Judge Business School, been successful, and learning from each University of Cambridge. other. The pedagogy used would be most case based. Ì The faculty at Cambridge Executive Education have been involved in the design Ì There will be a 6-8 week immersion module of the Curriculum. Some of our faculty in The Judge Business School, Cambridge have attended a specially designed faculty University. The module will consist of an development program at Judge Business academic input from the professors of School, University of Cambridge. University of Cambridge, interaction with entrepreneurs and businesses around Ì Situated in the midst of an economy that Cambridge, immersion into the extra- is largely fuelled by the intelligence, curricular activities of the University of enthusiasm and hard work of home grown Cambridge, stay in a college and interactions entrepreneurs, Ahmedabad (Gujarat) is the with other students of the University of most appropriate place for participants of Cambridge. Executive MBA for family driven businesses to learn and imbibe the spirit. We hope to Ì There will be at least two long projects that draw upon the ecosystem to draw experts students would do which would help them and practitioners for the EMBA Program. learn about businesses represented in class and also professional businesses. Ì It was felt that a tailor-made program was necessary for preparing young professionals Ì In addition to the courses taught by our full and family members working in family time faculty, eminent adjunct faculty and driven businesses. Given the fact that these prominent practitioners will also share their professionals will have work experience experience with the students. and the contextual knowledge, a one year executive full time residential program has Ì There will be a focus on learning from the been designed for them. successful enterprises in India. A majority of the case studies will be based on family Ì The full-time residential nature of the driven businesses. program allows it to be packed with learning opportunities 24x7.
  6. 6. Why EMBA for family driven business Program Cost ÌÌ Speaking about leadership in family The program is being offered at local costs businesses, Ms. Anu Aga, Director, Thermax with a global focus. Ahmedabad University Ltd, said that, “having a family to run will partner with Cambridge Executive an enterprise, with no requisite skills is Education, Judge Business School, University suicidal. Family business needs a certain of Cambridge. type of leadership, which empathizes with Admission Criteria: the family but is fair and just for all. A family The candidate should be working in a family business leader has to provide wisdom to driven business and get a letter from the the enterprise, while the complementary business owners showing their commitment to professional skills can come from outside”1. the candidate’s development. ÌÌ Highlighting the importance of appropriately OR training personnel who decide to join the The candidate may be the son/daughter of the family business Rahul Bajaj, Chairman Bajaj owner of a family driven business and either Group, in a conversation at Wharton said, working in the business or gaining experience “what is relevant in a competitive economy is that the company has to be efficiently by working in any professional company but is managed. Bajaj believes that while family- planning to return back to the candidate’s own managed companies have advantages, such family business. as commitment and continuity, one major OR disadvantage is that as families grow, not all After graduation the candidate had set up own family members may be equally competent. business and now thinks to take time off to “The fingers on a hand are not the same”2 upgrade his/her skills. ÌÌ Barclays Wealth launched on 27th January Educational qualification: Minimum 60 per 2010, ‘The Family Business Forum’ to cent in Class X and XII and 50 per cent in encourage next generation entrepreneurs graduation. in family businesses in India.3 Banks and Qualifying Tests: Industry Chapters also focus on family A valid GMAT score of no less than 640. businesses as a special group. Fees for the program: 9.5 lakhs which includes 1 http://www.cii.in/PressreleasesDetail.aspx?enc=hEA4u9AA5ZHyWt7tHfquz3rwx059+ tuition, cost of lodging and boarding for the Q42D/3R+fyJNTXyDguJfffg+Ib2QRueo1kvH8m9kSkiPF9bjefRw/45kA 2 http://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/india/article.cfm?articleid=4117 year, cost of course material, cost of six weeks 3 http://www.barclayswealth.com/index.htm program in University of Cambridge.
  7. 7. People @ AUSOM EMBA Amar Kalro Provost, Ahmedabad University Dean, School of Management, Ahmedabad University Ph.D. (Minnesota USA) Operations Strategy & General Management Program Coordinators Faculty Mentors Mita Suthar Matthew Jones Faculty, School of Management Director of the MPhil in Innovation, Strategy & PhD (Economics, Gujrarat University) Organisation Programme University Lecturer in Information Systems Pavak Vyas Fellow of Darwin College Faculty, School of Management BSc (Newcastle Univ.), PhD (Reading Univ.) MPhil (Accountancy, Gujarat University) Neharika Vohra Program Mentors at Judge Business School, Professor, Organizational Behavior Area University of Cambridge Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad Simon Learmount MA (Social Psychology, University of Manitoba), PhD Director of the Executive MBA Programme (University of Manitoba) Fellow of the Centre for Business Research (CBR) Lecturer in Corporate Governance Fellow of Pembroke College MBA (Univ. of Cambridge), PhD (Univ. of Cambridge) Shailendra Vyakarnam Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (CfEL) Fellow of Darwin College MBA, PhD (Cranfield School of Management)
  8. 8. List of Advisory Board Members of School of Governing Body of Ahmedabad University ¶ Management, Ahmedabad University Shri Shrenikbhai Kasturbhai 1. Dr. Alagh Y.K Chairman - Governing Body 2. Shri Achal Bakeri Shri Ashokbhai Gandhi Eminent Advocate 3. Dr. Bakul Dholakia Shri Sudhirbhai U. Mehta 4. Shri Koshi C.K. Chairman – Managing Director, Torrent 5. Shri Prakash Mody Shri Prafulbhai Anubhai 6. Shri Sameer Mehta Industrialist 7. Dean, School of Management Shri Sanjaybhai Lalbhai 8. Chairman, BoM, Permanent Invitee Managing Director, Arvind Mills 9. Directors of Programs, Permanent Invitees Shri Balchandra R. Shah Eminent Advocate 10. Provost - Chairman Shri Umangbhai Hathisingh Industrialist Shri Saurabh Soparkar Logo orientation The Eminent Advocate Shri Naishadh Parikh Industrialist Horizontal version Stacked version Contact Details: T K JOSE, Program Officer, EMBA AES Post Graduate Institute of Business Management, Plot No. 16/1, Vikram Sarabhai Marg, Opp. IIM, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad 380 009. India. Exclusion: zone79 2630 1302, 2630 0048, Fax: +91 79 2630 1303, Phone +91 Email: tk.jose@ahduni.edu.in Program Website: www.emba.ausom.edu.in