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Ikea 2010 catalogue usa

  1. 1. 2010 A L L C ATA L O G P R IC E S A R E M A X I M U M P R IC E S VA L I D U N T I L J U N E 3 0 , 2 010 newnew VANVIK queen bed frame $399 See p. 168 KARLSTAD sofa last years price $499 6HHS $ 399 NEW LOWER PRICES, SAME GREAT QUALITY. IKEA-USA.COM
  3. 3. Contents Living room 18 Living rooms, sofas, armchairs, sofa-beds, coffee tables, TV solutions, storage furniture What do you love? 88 Dining Dining rooms, tables, chairs and stools, dining sets A color? A feeling? A way of living? The view from Kitchen your bedroom window? Having all your spices in 110 Kitchens, interior fittings, door styles and pricing, kitchen planning tools20 order? You know what you’re passionate about and Bedroom what works for you. That makes you the best person to design your home. 138 Bedrooms, bedroom series, beds, chests, mirrors, wardrobes, mattresses “You” is the secret ingredient that gives your home 186 Youth room Youth bedrooms that little something extra. 196 Bathroom Bathrooms, bathroom series, organizers Start with what you have, like moving your sofa Textiles to a new spot. Then add a colorful rug, a new chair 208 Bed textiles, Comforters and pillows, curtains and blinds, cushions, rugs 163 or some storage. Done! The reward is instant. Children’s IKEA 242 Children’s rooms, nursery, baby, storage, play furniture and toys Flip through the next 375 pages for ideas. This Workspaces year’s catalog shows a broad selection of our range 262 Workspaces, desks and storage, laptop solutions, work chairs, drawer units – functional, well-designed home furnishings at Home organization prices that make easy changes even easier. For much more, browse our website for all our products 286 Hallway, clothes and shoes organizers, storage series, boxes, small organizers Cooking and eating and solutions. Or come to the store, where you can try out the beds, sink into the sofas and “live” in our 300 Knives, pots and pans, baking tools, food storage, tableware, serving Lighting inspirational rooms. Then take the whole experience 318 120 Floor lamps, table lamps, ceiling lamps, home with you! integrated lighting Decoration 330 Vases, candle holders, plant pots, wall decoration, frames and pictures 344 Buying guides Product parts and prices Information Shopping at the store 359 Services 364 IKEA credit card 365208 Limited Warranty 366 Special offers 2, 372 Store locations 370 Mike Ward Index A-Z 374 President, IKEA US Restaurant 372 North AmericaMore at your local IKEA store, and at IKEA-USA.com
  4. 4. 7BILLY bookcase $59.99/ea Foil finish. RA. W31½×D11×H79½. Black 701.040.99IKEA STOCKHOLM sofa $1499 Leather. RA. W83½×D35×H28⅜. Elegant dark brown 201.031.82MARKÖR coffee table $169 See p. 67 MARKÖR coffee table 169 $ RA Requires Assembly /ea 99 59 BILLY bookcase $ 6
  5. 5. 9BILLY bookcase $59.99/ea Foil finish. RA.W31½×D11×H79½. Red 001.181.70KARLSTAD loveseat $479 Last year’s price $579Cotton/polyester removable cover. RA.W65⅜×D36⅝×H31½. Korndal red 798.505.35LACK side table $7.99 Last year’s price $12.99Foil finish. RA. L21⅝×W21⅝×H17¾. Red 701.042.64 last years price $579 479 KARLSTAD loveseat $ RA Requires Assembly /ea 99 59 BILLY bookcase $ 8
  6. 6. 11BILLY bookcase $34.99/ea Foil finish. RA. W31½×D11×H41¾. White 636.883.10 Shown with BILLY BYOM door $25/ea Foil finish. RA.W15¾×H38⅝. White 301.040.82 KLIPPAN sofa $399/ea Cotton/polyester fixed cover. W70⅞×D34⅝×H26. Skinnarp white 101.385.30LACK side table $7.99/ea Last year’s price $12.99/ea Foil finish. RA. L21⅝×W21⅝×H17¾. White 200.114.13 last years price $12.99/ea /ea $ 99 LACK side table 7 RA Requires Assembly /ea 99 BILLY bookcase combination 84 $ 10
  7. 7. BILLY bookcase $59.99/ea Foil finish. RA. W31½×D11×H79½. Blue 801.473.38 Black 701.040.99 For more BILLY see p. 76. BILLY bookcase $24.99/ea Foil finish. RA. W15¾×D11×H41¾. White 800.857.07 The price of our BILLY bookcase keeps getting better with age BILLY bookcase Gillis Lundgren 99 $ 59 designed the first /ea BILLY 30 years ago. 41 million bookcases all over the world later, it’s more up to date than ever. BILLY bookcase $ 2499 The BILLY bookcase costs much less today than when it was born 30 years ago. Because the more we make of something, and the flatter we make the flat packaging, the more we save on production and transportation costs. Savings that go directly to you.12 RA Requires Assembly 13
  8. 8. We’re all from Småland If you want to really know some- a one-store company in the stony anywhere else you wouldn’t expect one, step inside their home. Browse fields of Småland. And, at the same high-quality home furnishings to the books on the shelves, peer into time, it feels like nothing at all be produced – all in order to get the picture frames on the wall and has changed. prices lower. snoop around the medicine cabinet if you’re so bold. It’s still about doing more with less, We’ve found people all over challenging convention, being care- the world who, deep down, are This is our home. An area of south- ful with money and not letting a Smålanders at heart, just like us. ern Sweden known for its poor soil, single thing go to waste (good for People who hate to throw money thrifty attitude and hard-working prices and the planet). We’ve never down the drain. People who know people. Stubborn, even. Because lost sight of our dream to give eve- the value of money and are prepa- you can’t farm thin soils the same ryone the chance to have a better red to work a little harder for what way you can a fertile field. You have everyday life at home. they believe in. to work harder, adapt your ideas and do things differently. And, well, That’s why we pack things in flat Together we are IKEA. that’s not so different from making boxes, and ask you to lend a hand flat-packed, self-assembled furni- by driving your purchases home ture in an industry long known for and assembling them yourself. And “custom-made” and “high-end.” why we design our products from We’ve come a long way from being sawmills and door factories and
  9. 9. NEWLOWER SULTAN FIDJETUN queen Memory Foam mattress last year’s price $349 $PRICESGood quality, function andan even better price. 249We’re constantly striving to cut costswithout compromising quality. From designand production to packaging and transport,we take every opportunity we can to lowerprices. Wherever you see “New Lower Price,”it means we’ve found a way to offer yourfavorite products for less. From living roomto kitchen to bedroom, we’re making itmore affordable than ever to furnish yourentire home with products that combinequality and style. It’s simply one morereason to visit us. The new lower prices inthe catalog are in effect now, so hurry intoyour local IKEA store today. Most SULTAN mattresses have a 25-year limited warranty. Find out more on p. 366. SULTAN FIDJETUN queen Memory Foam mattress $249 Last year’s price $349 The 2 thick memory foam cushion molds to your body shape for precise support. The 3 high-resilience foam base offers comfortable support. Roll-packed - easy to take home today. Removable, washable cotton/polyester cover. Imported. White 001.398.32
  10. 10. Living room SALONG vase H7¾ $ 99 7 /ea KARLSTAD sofa last years price $499 $ 399 Is exactly what it’s KARLSTAD sofa $399 Last year’s price $499 100% cotton removable, washable cover. Imported. EXPEDIT bookcase intended for...living in 99 Designer: Tord Björklund. RA. W81⅛×D36⅝×H31½. Blekinge white 098.405.35 $ 89 SALONG vase $7.99/ea Glass. Designer: Johanna Jelinek. H7¾. Turquoise 301.531.38 EXPEDIT series Painted and foil finish. RA. Bookcase $199 W72⅞×D15⅜×H72⅞. Walnut effect 401.562.83 Insert with door $20/ea White 401.665.69 Insert with two drawers $30/ea White 801.665.67 Bookcase $89.99 Place vertically or horizontally as shown. W31⅛×D15⅜×H58⅝. Walnut effect 601.562.8218 RA Requires Assembly
  11. 11. TYGLÖSA stretcher frame $ 499/ea Reinvent your room without rethinking your budget Transformations can be quick and simple. Change the cover on your sofa for an easy update. Or create your very own carpet from layers of rugs - you get a new look every time you rearrange them. Why not show off your creative talents? Just grab a frame and head for the textile department - and let your guests (and your wallet) admire your talents. new SMEDSTA swivel IKEA 365+ BRASA pendant armchair $199 lamp $49.99/ea 100% cotton removable, Powder-coated steel. Gives washable cover. Designer: directed light; good for lighting Ulf Quensel. RA. dining tables or coffee tables. W26×D37⅜×H39⅜. Designer: A Nilsson/H Preutz/ KLIPPAN sofa 299/ea White/Leaby white 098.601.99 T Eliasson. RA. Max 100W. $ NORDEN bench $69.99/ea Ø18, H9. White 501.408.28 Clear lacquered solid birch. TYGLÖSA stretcher frame Designer: Mikael Warnhammar. $4.99/ea Make a unique RA. L59×W13¾×H17¾. picture by fastening your 400.592.96 favorite fabric to the frame. KLIPPAN sofa $299/ea Solid pine. Fabric sold 100% cotton removable, separately. RA. W19¾×H19¾. washable cover. RA. 701.260.44 W70⅞×D34⅝×H25⅞. TERTIAL work lamp Lappmon multicolor 698.483.93 $8.99/ea Lacquered steel. VITTEN rug $129/ea Adjustable arm and head for Hand-knotted. 100% pure easy directing of light. RA. new wool. W47×L67. Max 60W. Shade Ø7. White 800.849.20 Silver-color 203.703.83 LACK bookcase $129/ea Painted finish. RA. W41⅜×D15×H74¾. White 801.036.26 All textiles shown are imported. KASSETT series Painted and clear lacquered new paper board. Designer: Jon Karlsson. RA. White. Boxes for paper with lids $5.99/2pk Last year’s price $9.99/2pk W11×D13¾×H7. 901.154.88 Magazine boxes with lids $11.99/2pk Last year’s price $14.99/2pk W13×D15×H11¾. 801.154.8420 RA=Requires Assembly LIVING ROOM 21
  12. 12. Layer your curtains to help keep the heat inside and the cold outside. Varying the JANUARI/KIVSTA curtain weight and using floor lamp $ 4099 translucent materials allows you to let light in when you want to. EKTORP sofa $ 399 MARKÖR coffee table $169 Two drawers in underframe. Stained and clear lacquered solid pine. Designer: Carina Bengs. RA. L35⅜×W35⅜×H20½. Dark brown 201.157.88 GALEJ tealight holders $1.49/4pk Glass. H2. 364.180.00 EKTORP sofa $399 100% cotton removable, washable cover. RA. W84⅝×D34⅝×H34⅝. Blekinge white 698.410.37 new ERSLEV rug $29.99 Handwoven. 100% cotton. W47×L67. Gray 801.574.93 JANUARI floor lamp base $16.99 Nickel-plated steel. Max 100W. RA. H53¼. 101.325.33 Shown with KIVSTA shade $24 100% cotton. Polystyrene plastic. RA. Ø16, H10. Orange 901.527.20 RITVA pair of curtains with tie-backs $29.99 100% cotton. Includes two panels, W57×L98 each. Gray 301.564.86 WILMA pair of curtains $9.99 Polyester/cotton. Includes two panels, W57×L98 each. White 501.120.00 MARKÖR bookcase $279 Stained and tinted lacquered solid spruce. May also be used as room divider. Designer: Carina Bengs. RA W59½×D14⅛×H75⅝. Dark brown 101.058.55 new22 RA Requires Assembly All textiles shown are imported. 23
  13. 13. living A complete r room for unde $ 300 1 1. KLOBO sofa $149 100% cotton cover. RA. W57½×D30¾×H28⅜. Ransta natural 000.983.89 2. SOLSTA PÄLLBO footstool $19.99 100% cotton removable, washable cover. Imported. RA. W15⅜×D15⅜×H15. 2 Ransta natural 801.093.17 3. SVEJE rug $12.99 Machine-woven. 100% cotton. 3 4 Imported. W211×L411. White/black 201.470.63 4. LACK side table $7.99 Last year’s price $12.99 Painted and foil finish. RA. L21⅝×W21⅝×H17¾. White 200.114.13 5. LACK TV bench $49.99 Last year’s price $69.99 Painted and foil finish. Open back; makes cable organizing easy. RA. Max load 143 lbs. W58⅝×D21⅝×H13¾. White 001.053.23 5 6. LERBERG shelf unit $19.99 Powder-coated steel. Secure with fasteners suitable for your walls. Designer: Jon Karlsson. RA. W23⅝×D13¾×H58¼. White 801.572.47 7. new KVART floor lamp $19.99 Painted steel. Adjustable arm for easy directing of light. Designer: K Hagberg/M Hagberg. RA. Max 40W. H47. Black 201.524.17 8. LERBERG DVD/CD wall shelf $5.99/ea Hang horizontally or vertically. Powder-coated steel. Designer: Jon Karlsson. RA. W33½×D4×H6¼. White 001.572.46 $ 29192 6 7 824 LIV ING ROOM W E H AV E E V E R Y T H I N G F O R Y O U R H O M E AT Y O U R I K E A S T O R E RA=Requires Assembly 25
  14. 14. REGOLIT/HEMMA pendant lamp 9 $ 99 Everyone can do their own thing... together While the kids are battling it out on the computer, you can catch up on the day’s happenings. Play with textiles, lighting and rugs to create rooms within a room - and everyone gets to enjoy their own space. POÄNG armchair $99 IKEA 365+ BRASA floor Layer-glued, bent birch frame lamp $110 Dimmer function. provides relaxing resilience. Powder-coated steel. Designer: Birch veneer frame. 100% A Nilsson/H Preutz/T Eliasson. polyester webbing seat/back. RA. Max 100W. Ø23, H60. Designer: Noboru Nakamura. White 101.450.45 RA. W26¾×D32⅝×H39⅜. REGOLIT pendant lamp 001.557.80 shade $6/ea Rice paper. BILLY bookcase $59.99/ea Ø23½. White 501.034.11 Adjustable shelves. May be Shown with HEMMA cord set finished with doors; available $3.99 Plastic. Max load 4 lbs. KARLSTAD sofa Blekinge white in different colors and designs, Cord L155. Max 75W. RA. last years price $499 sold separately. Foil finish. RA. White 101.758.10 $ 399 W31½×D11×H79½. White 836.882.10 KARLSTAD series 100% cotton removable, washable cover. Imported. RA. W81⅛×D36⅝×H31½”. Sofa $399 Last year’s price $499 Blekinge white 098.405.35 Sofa $499 Rannebo red/white 698.594.33 KLUBBO coffee table $69.99 Painted finish table top. Chrome-plated steel legs. Designer: Annika Grottell. RA. L46½×W23¼×H10⅝. White 601.350.20 HEMMET rug $199 Machine-woven. Wool/nylon. Latex backing; keeps the mat firmly in place. Imported. W67×L910. Black 601.175.73 Also available (not shown): $149 W55×W710. 301.407.4926 RA=Requires Assembly LIVING ROOM 27
  15. 15. IKEA STOCKHOLM bowl last years price $39.99 99 $ 29 Extra everything for everyone When we created the IKEA STOCKHOLM collection we went over the top! We used only the finest materials, like mohair, linen, velvet and the finest leather. So it got a bit expensive, for us. But it’s still a galaxy away from the prices found onIKEA STOCKHOLM 3.5-seat sofa $1399 exclusive stuff sold elsewhere.Cotton/polyester removable cover. Imported. RA.W93¼×D36⅝×H28. Sandbacka red 001.623.42IKEA STOCKHOLM BLAD cushion $14.99100% cotton removable cover. Feather filling.Imported. L22×W22. White/black 001.406.18IKEA STOCKHOLM bowl $29.99 Last year’s price Super quality for everyone at IKEA-USA.com/STOCKHOLM$39.99 Stainless steel. Ø16½. 901.100.61 RA Requires Assembly
  16. 16. LIATORP helps you think smart, even when your space is small. With design details like removable cornices and plinths, you can create a custom-made look that neatly fits into your space. LIATORP storage/TV bench combination $ 1339 EKTORP sofa $499 Last year’s price $599 100% cotton removable, washable cover. Imported. RA. W84⅝×D34⅝×H34⅝. Klintbo blue 598.493.12 LIATORP storage/TV bench combination $1339 Cornice and plinth rail help create a uniform expression when two or more units are connected together. Painted finish and tempered glass. Designer: Carina Bengs. Max load 220 lbs. RA. W132⅝×D13⅜/19¼×H84¼”. White 598.722.51 new SOCKERÄRT vase $12.99 Also use as a pitcher. Enameled steel. Designer: Sigga Heimis. H8¾. White 801.484.65 ROFYLLD rocking-chair $39.99/ea Clear and tinted lacquered solid rubberwood. Designer: Tina Christensen. RA. W16½×D26¾×H22. Red/rubberwood 101.148.88 SIGNE rug $2.99/ea Handwoven. 100% cotton. Machine washable. Designer: Helle Vilén. Imported. W20×L211. Multicolor 300.523.99 HEMNES twin day-bed frame $399 Four functions: sofa, single bed, bed for two and SIGNE rug storage. Bed base included. new $ 99 2 Painted and foil finish. Designer: Carina Bengs. /ea RA. White 300.803.1630 RA=Requires Assembly LIVING ROOM 31
  17. 17. TYLÖSAND sofa combination $1199 Cotton/viscose/rayon/polyester cover. One seat Create your own home cinema with FRAMSTÅ section+2×loveseat w/arm. Dry-cleanable cover. Five cushions included. Imported. panels. Attach your TV directly to them and feed the Designer: C Öjerstam/M Elebäck. RA. W161⅜×D35⅞×H29⅞. Everöd black 798.724.05 cables through the pre-cut hole. Which means you ALSEDA stool $29.99/ea Clear lacquered banana leaves. Ø23⅝, H7⅛ 200.339.19 can concentrate on the movie, rather than on a new BESTÅ/FRAMSTÅ TV/storage combination $930 Universal bracket to attach 32-50 flat screen TV included. Foil finish and tempered glass. FRAMSTÅ panel must nasty tangle of wires. always be attached to wall. Designer: Marcus Arvonen. RA. Max load 132 lbs. W141¾×D19¼×H60⅝. Beech effect 098.627.11 BESTÅ wall shelf $60/ea Four adjustable shelves. Foil finish. RA. W47¼×D7⅞×H25¼. Black-brown 501.021.43 KARLSKRONA lounger $169 Handwoven. Clear lacquered rattan. Designer: Karl Malmvall. L59×W28⅜×H33½. 600.752.57 Shown with HÄSTÖ headrest $10 100% cotton cover. Polyester filling. Imported. L21¼×W14⅛×H3⅛. 601.405.83 new ALSEDA stool $ 29 99 /ea32 RA=Requires Assembly 33
  18. 18. Let your room work for you 24/7 BRÄDA laptop support $ 1499 Portable and easily stored away BRÄDA laptop support $14.99 100% cotton removable, washable cover. Imported. Upholstery material: Plastic. Almås white/beige 201.157.93 BEDDINGE LÖVÅS sofa-bed $ 279 Get dressed and hide it away DIGNITET curtain wire $14.99 Stainless steel. Max load 11 lbs. RA. L196¾. From hang-out 600.752.95 WILMA pair of curtains $9.99 Includes zone to... two panels, W57×L98, BEDDINGE storage box $30 each. Cotton/polyester. Storage under the sofa-bed; holds Imported. 501.120.00 blankets and pillows for two. Foil finish. BEDDINGE RA. W65×D27⅛×H6¼. storage box Silver-color 100.367.20 $ 30 BEDDINGE LÖVÅS sofa-bed $279 100% cotton removable, washable cover. Imported. RA. W78¾×D41×H35⅞. Bed size: W55⅛×L78¾. Laxbro cerise 698.601.01 BESTÅ series Foil finish. RA. White Wall shelf $60/ea W47¼×D7⅞×H25¼. 801.340.53 Shelf unit/height extension unit $80/ea W47¼×D15¾×H25¼. 401.340.50 BESTÅ TOMBO glass door $50/ea Tempered glass. .... your sanctuary Just pull and unfold. BEDDINGE LÖVÅS sofa-bed $279 See left page. W23⅝×H25¼. 201.035.54 BESTÅ VARA door $20/ea W23⅝×H25¼. 801.344.3034 RA=Requires Assembly W E H AV E E V E R Y T H I N G F O R Y O U R H O M E AT Y O U R I K E A S T O R E LIVING ROOM 35
  19. 19. Who’s heard of the “sit-still room”? ANTIFONI Which is why we make furniture for real life. It’s not afraid floor/reading lamp 39 99 of your kid’s sticky fingers. Or your friend who always plops $ It’s surprising how many times you Find DVD. Replace DVD. Take out himself down on the armrest. Or the way you bang those cabinet doors closed. slide across those doors to watch or CD...and so it goes..on and on. hideaway the TV. We try it 20,000 We open and close BESTÅ drawers All that sitting, sprawling and times, to simulate real life. 30,000 times to ensure they always We put all our furniture through endurance testing to make slouching means your sofa sees work smoothly. a lot of wear. So we push a sure it can stand up to everyday life - EKTORP sofas and 220 pound weight 50,000 times BESTÅ storage are just two of our products that come with against the seats to make sure it’s a 10-year Everyday Quality - Limited Warranty. Which tough enough for everyday life. means you can get on with exactly what the living room is Mounting your flat screen makes it much more stable against your intended for...living. kids’ curious hands. The back panel is reinforced to make mounting EKTORP chaise $349/ea easy. 100% cotton removable, washable cover. Idemo red. RA. Left-hand W64⅛×D48×H34¼. 598.628.36 Right-hand Remove those chocolate smears BESTÅ and EKTORP have a W64⅛×D48×H34¼. not the fabric color. We test that 10-year limited warranty. 798.628.40 the color won’t fade to some BESTÅ/INREDA TV/storage Find out more on p. 366. washed-out version once you’ve combination with sliding gotten rid of those little stains. doors $1010 Reinforced back panel for a flat screen TV; no need to drill holes in wall and cords can be hidden at the back. Foil finish and tempered glass. Designer: Mikael Warnhammar. Max load 110 lbs. RA. W118⅛×D15¾×H75⅝. Black-brown 598.717.89 Sometimes sofas have an overflow ANTIFONI floor/reading of people. So it’s good to know we lamp $39.99 Halogen bulb test the armrests by pushing a included. Painted steel. RA. 198 pound weight onto them Max 40W. Shade Ø4, H59. 5,000 times. Black 001.287.82 EKTORP right-hand chaise $ 34936 RA Requires Assembly LIVING ROOM 37
  20. 20. GRUNDTAL cabinet lighting $ 1999/ea BILLY bookcase, W31½×D11×H79½ 99 $ 89 /ea new End the drama, by knowing exactly where you’ll find that favorite book BILLY bookcases GRUNDTAL cabinet lighting new Adjustable shelves. Stained and clear lacquered ash veneer. $19.99/ea Nickel-plated steel. Designer: Mikael Warnhammar. Designer: Gillis Lundgren. Max 20W. RA. 501.435.82 RA. Black-brown Use with ANSLUTA 6-way $89.99/ea W31½×D11×H79½. power supply cord $15/ea 400.717.88 See p. 326. $69.99/ea W15¾×D11×H79½”. BILLY/BYOM bookcase with 000.857.11 glass doors $94.99/ea new BILLY book/magazine Foil finish. Tempered glass door rail $15/ea Edging attaches to panels. RA. W31½×D11×H41¾. shelf; keeps your magazines White 198.503.45 and books in place. Anodized KOLDBY cowhide $249 aluminum. Designer: See p. 239. K Hagberg/M Hagberg. KARLSTAD armchair with RA. W29⅞”. 701.463.44 long cover $249/ea Last BENNO series year’s price $299/ea Stained and clear lacquered ash 100% cotton removable, veneer. RA. Black-brown washable cover. Imported. TV bench with panel $139 Designer: Tord Björklund. Reinforced back panel for a flat RA. W35⅜×D36⅝×H31½. screen TV; no need to drill Blekinge white 898.485.42 holes in wall. Cords can be new IKEA 365+ BRASA hidden at the back. Max load floor lamp $110 Dimmer 110 lbs. W47¼×D15¾×H52¾. function. Powder-coated steel. 501.339.41 Designer: A Nilsson/H Preutz/ DVD tower $49.99/ea T Eliasson. Max 100W. RA. Holds 180 CDs, 88 DVDs or Ø23, H60. Black 501.488.48 40 videos. RA. TUNDRA floor, click-lock W7⅞×D6¾×H79½”. function $1.15/sq ft 000.713.18 One pack covers 25.73 sq ft. RIBBA picture ledge Oak effect 800.700.13 $14.99/ea Foil finish. RA. Max load 16 lbs. L45¼. Black 301.525.9638 RA Requires Assembly LIVING ROOM 39
  21. 21. Who cares about crumbs, spills or stains? KRAMFORS doesn’t. Made from easy-care leather, it can be wiped clean to remove the marks your little ones leave behind. KRAMFORS sofa $1398 Durable, easy care split leather; practical for families with children. Designer: Mia Gammelgaard. RA. W102⅜×D38¼/63×H29⅛. Fräsig dark brown 198.290.47 KOMISK triple cushion cover $10 Three connected cushion covers. 100% cotton. Imported. Designer: Jon Eliason. L77×W26. Red 401.600.77 Shown with three GOSA ASTER or GOSA TULPAN pillows. GOSA ASTER pillow $8.99/ea Polyester/cotton cover. Polyester fiber filling. Imported. 26×26. 901.319.16 GOSA TULPAN pillow $9.99/ea 100% cotton cover. Feather filling. Imported. 26×26. 801.346.18 KAJSA TRÄD cushion cover $6 100% cotton. Imported. Designer: Anna Salander. 26×26. White/black 401.516.81 Shown with GOSA ASTER $8.99 See above. BESTÅ series BESTÅ storage series has different cabinets KRAMFORS sofa and doors to create personal $ 1398 storage that’s built around your space and needs. Foil finish. Black-brown. RA. Shown with: BESTÅ TOFTA door $40/ea Foil finish. RA. W23⅝×H15. High-gloss black 201.339.14 BESTÅ TOFTA door $50/ea Foil finish. RA. W23⅝×H25¼. High-gloss black 901.339.15 For more BESTÅ see p. 68 i and BESTÅ buying guide KOMISK triple on page 344. cushion cover40 $ 10 RA=Requires Assembly LIVING ROOM 41
  22. 22. Great design comes from open minds LAMPAN table lamp $ 499 Designed by: Designed by: and a tight budget The lampshade is the package – no box needed. Carl Öjerstam and Magnus Elebäck First we made it curved. Then we packed it flat. Noboru Nakamura LAMPAN table lamp $4.99 Plastic. RA. Max 40W. POÄNG armchair $89 Clear lacquered birch veneer. Shade Ø7½. H11½. Red 700.961.17 100% cotton. Imported. RA. W26¾×D32⅝×H39⅜. Alme natural 198.054.33 IKEA PS cabinet $ 9999 Designed by: Designed by: Designed by: Designed by: Nicholai Wiig Hansen Nike Karlsson Ehlén Johansson Thomas Sandell and Chris Martin Designing and producing this cabinet at an industrial locker Trimming dimensions by the millimeter made the package Designing and producing tealight holders in a fuse factory A foldable and moveable guestroom. factory made the price go red. smaller, the transportation smarter and the price lower. made the price tag sparkle. IKEA PS LÖVÅS two-seat sofa-bed $399 IKEA PS cabinet $99.99 Powder-coated steel. LILLBERG rocking-chair $149 100% cotton removable, IKEA PS tealight holders $8.99/12pk Glazed feldspar porcelain. 100% cotton removable, washable cover. Imported. RA. W46⅞×D15¾×H24¾. Red 801.001.90 washable cover. Clear lacquered solid birch. Imported. RA. Ø2, H1¾, each. White 264.967.10 RA. W64⅛×D43¾×H33⅞. Bed size 63×80¾. W26¾×D37×H33½. Gräsbo white 598.509.56 Roma light beige 398.301.63 IKEA PS organizer MAMMUT children’s $ 29 99 chair $ 1499 Designed by: Designed by: Designed by: Designed by: Monika Mulder Mia Cullin-Gustafsson Maria Vinka Morten Kjelstrup and Allan Östgaard Peekaboo! Kids can pull down the hood of this swivel armchair Assembling this wardrobe is like pitching a tent – small in Unwanted banana leaves woven into a stackable, A sturdy kids chair inspired by big animals – and relax, or spin it to practice their balance and coordination. transport, big in storage space. transport-friendly chair. and small price tags. IKEA PS LÖMSK swivel armchair $79.99 Polypropylene. IKEA PS organizer $29.99 Four adjustable shelves and one IKEA PS GULLHOLMEN rocking-chair $59.99 MAMMUT children’s chair 14.99 100% polyester hood. Imported. RA. W23¼×D24⅜×H29½. clothes rail included. 100% polyester. Steel. Imported. RA. Clear lacquered banana fibers. W24⅜×D26¾×H29½. 500.395.52 Polypropylene. RA. W15⅜×H26⅜. Seat H11¾. Blue 200.994.96 Blue/white 401.002.53 W20½×D26¾×H64⅝. Black 601.224.71 At IKEA, form follows function… and a really low price!42 RA Requires Assembly 43
  23. 23. EKTORP sofa EKTORP sofa $ 399 $ 499 1 2 3 4 EKTORP TULLSTA armchair $ 129 5 6 7 8 VÄRNAMO sofa $ 329 9 10 11 EKTORP series 100% cotton removable, 2. EKTORP loveseat $479 Idemo beige 001.149.78 washable cover. Imported. RA. W68⅞×D34⅝×H34⅝. Idemo red 8. EKTORP TULLSTA armchair $129 298.637.76 3. EKTORP corner sofa 2+2 Natural/Blekinge white 898.176.54 $899 Last years price $999 9. EKTORP BROMMA footstool $129 Bed mechanism sold separately. Storage space under seat for magazines, W95⅝/95⅝×D34⅝×H34⅝. Idemo beige toys, etc. W31⅞×D24×H17¾. 498.410.19 4. EKTORP loveseat Blekinge pink 098.492.77 For an explanation of these symbols go to sofa-bed $749 W78¾×D38¼×H34⅝. 10. EKTORP right-hand chaise $349 EKTORP - Removable, washable p. 355. Bed size: W51⅛×L71⅝. Idemo black 398.394.46 5. EKTORP armchair $349 Last years price $399 W33⅞×D64⅛×H34¼. LEFT PAGE: EKTORP sofa $499 change-your-mind-able covers W84⅝×D34⅝×H34⅝. Byvik multicolor Last years price $399 W41×D34⅝×H34⅝. Klintbo blue 998.493.10 Hovby white/black 198.394.71 11. VÄRNAMO sofa $329 498.410.38 EKTORP TULLSTA armchair EKTORP sofas really stand up to everyday life. The washable covers mean spills and $149 W31½×D28⅜×H30¾. 6. EKTORP JENNYLUND armchair $249 100% cotton fixed cover. Natural/Simris red 398.306.53 W30¾×D31⅞×H33⅛. W87⅜×D35½×H36. Brown 500.898.96 stains are never the enemy. Neither are little kids (or grown-up ones), as the EKTORP has a 10-year Simris blue 598.304.97 durable cushions are made to retain their shape. With a wide choice of seating limited warranty. THIS PAGE: 1. EKTORP sofa $399 7. EKTORP MUREN recliner $299 i See all EKTORP pieces, sizes and Find out more on p. 366. Blekinge white 698.410.37 Fixed cover. W33⅞×D36⅝×H38¼. colors at IKEA-USA.com/EKTORP options and coordinating covers, you’ll find it looks and feels right at home.44 LIVING ROOM S H O P T H E S T O R E , S H O P O N L I N E . S E E P. 3 7 1 RA=Requires Assembly W E H AV E E V E R Y T H I N G F O R Y O U R H O M E AT Y O U R I K E A S T O R E LIVING ROOM 45