Five thousand reasons intranets suck and five ways to fix them


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My talk from UX Camp 2012

Content auditing spreadsheet available at

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Five thousand reasons intranets suck and five ways to fix them

  1. 1. Five thousand reasonsintranets suck and fiveways to fix them Audun Rundberg May 26th 2012
  2. 2. @audunru #uxce12
  3. 3. Photo: Joschenbacher
  4. 4. Original
  5. 5. 5000 pages22 departments100 publishers... and me
  6. 6.
  7. 7.
  8. 8. The valueof content
  9. 9. Well written Forget it Yes, please!Irrelevant Relevant Forget it Improve Not well written
  10. 10. – Hey Gordon, we need an intranet – Make sure it has lots of content, Bud!
  11. 11. – This intranet idea of yours better make us a shitload of money, or Im gonna tear your eyeballs out and Im gonna suck your fucking skull
  12. 12. Most common goals1. Make work easier2. Share knowledge3. Build corporate culture
  13. 13. 14,905 answers fromWhat do multiple countries and companies (big and small):users need? 1. Finding people (by name,Gerry McGovern, Netlife Research and others skill or workplace) 2. Tools (register work hours, project management...) 3. Employee info (salary...) 4. News (important news!)
  14. 14. – The best intranets on the planet have great executive champions Toby Ward, Prescient Digital Media
  15. 15. Mobile
  16. 16. Mobile use vs desktop use Mobile Desktop
  17. 17. Governance
  18. 18. – As soon as you’ve decided that your intranet needs a piece of content, prepare for how to create, improve and delete it. Paraphrasing Kristina Halvorson
  19. 19. Content strategyand governancemodel for Avinor’sintranetAvinor ASDronning Eufemias gate 6NO-0191 OSLOTel: +47 815 30 550Faks: +47 64 81 20 01
  20. 20. – Learn to hate information, and love helping people complete tasks Some really smart person somewhere
  21. 21. 12 step recovery programfor publishing addiction... or 12 steps to finallysucceed with web content16.00 - Xing
  22. 22. Contentauditing
  23. 23. High quality 10 8 6 4 2Low relevance 0 High relevance -10 -8 -6 -4 -2 0 2 4 6 8 10 -2 -4 -6 -8 -10 Low quality
  24. 24. Save the planet:Don’t print your intranet
  25. 25. Reason No 12Links to relevant information/files 8 10Enough information 2 8Well written 6 6Good title 4 4Easy to read 4 2Relevant pictures 6 0Most important stuff first 3Total 10
  26. 26. – The certifier should then check with the traveler that the trip is completed/will be completed with the traveler before the invoice is certified/posted in accordance with current accounts. The invoice will be sent to the budget owner/approver.
  27. 27. Tips• Don’t audit everything if you’re going to start all over anyway• You can audit a small part as an exercise to get an understanding of the site• Never do it alone• Never do it on behalf of someone else• Get stakeholders involved. Being told something is crap is not as effective as realizing it yourself.• Agree on what the site’s goals are and what criteria for quality you should use
  28. 28. Pair writing
  29. 29. Page title Making a purchase 1. People work together inPurpose of this page pairs •Get people to follow internal procedures •Save money 2. They pick a page and fillTarget audience out the form together All employees 3. Each pair presents theirUser tasks completed form to the •How do I purchase something? •Access to database of suppliers whole groupTrigger words Purchasing, contracts, suppliers
  30. 30. Tips• Decide what you’re going to work on• Arrange a workshop with the right content contributors• Tell half of them to bring a laptop• Explain the purpose. No pressure!• Tell people to pair up: one person writes, the other asks questions• Switch roles after 45 minutes• Present in plenary
  31. 31. Thank you!