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Get to know your forest @MC


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Miriam College Alternative Class, September 5, 2012, Gazebo, Quezon City, Philippines

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Get to know your forest @MC

  1. 1. GET TO KNOW YOUR FOREST Department of Environment t 5, Sep 2 201 Know your native trees! This aims to familiarize us on native tree species and their importance. The venue starts in Gazebo and then the Mini Forest of the school. We discuss the importance of restoring our forest and of RAINFORESTATION. This technology uses native tree species to restore degraded land and denuded forest to recover and conserve biodiversity and reduce the risk of naturalAlternative Class Week hazards. Then we will walk through the mini forest with our resource speaker who will point out native and5 September 2012 exotic trees and provide key information on each9 am - 12 nn, Gazebo species outstanding characteristics that will enable you to identify these native trees.