Navigating Around Google Docs Presentations An Expert Guide


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Navigating Around Google Docs Presentations An Expert Guide

  2. 2. Google Search Images Maps Gmail Documents More Document Presentation Spreadsheet Drawing Table MoreGoogle Presentations makes it easy to create, share, andedit different types of documents online. However, there’snew additions to Presentations that makes yourdocuments more advanced. This presentation will go intofurther detail of Google Presentations within GoogleDocuments.
  3. 3. OPEN A PREVIOUS GOOGLE PRESENTATION 1. Navigate to 2. Across the top of the screen find a link to Image 1 Google Documents (Image 1) 3. If required: Log into Google 4. Open a previous version of a Google Presentation or create a new one. (Image 2) Image 2
  4. 4. FEATURES OF GOOGLE PRESENTATIONS Importing slides of PPTX type Taking a webcam image and inserting it into the Presentation Create a Google Drawing and inserting it into the Presentation Publish your Presentation to the web
  5. 5. IMPORTING SLIDES OF PPTX TYPE 1. Google Presentation makes it possible to import slides created in Microsoft PowerPoint into your Presentation. Image 1 2. To insert the slides choose Insert > Import Slides (Image 1) 3. This will open the Import Slides pop up window. (Continued on next slide)
  6. 6. IMPORTING SLIDES OF PPTX TYPE 1. In the Import Slides pop up window you can choose from other Google Image 1 Presentations or you can import from Microsoft(Reference 1) PowerPoint. 2. For Google Presentations imports selects the (Reference 2) Presentation to import and click Select. 3. For Microsoft PowerPoint slides choose upload on the left hand side. (Reference 1) 4. Navigate to your file to upload. Click Open. 5. Your slides will begin to Image 2 upload.(Image 2) Notes: • Depending on your connection speed the upload may take longer than expected in Google Documents
  7. 7. IMPORTING SLIDES OF PPTX TYPE 1. Once uploaded the slides will appear in the Import Slides pop up window. Image 1 (Image 1) 2. Click on the slides you wish to import. You can select all, one, or multiple slides to import. 3. Once selected click Import Slides in the bottom right corner. 4. Slides will be uploaded and will automatically go into the slide docket. (Image 2) Image 2
  8. 8. TAKING A WEBCAM IMAGE AND INSERTING 1. To insert a webcam image click Insert > Image …IT INTO THE PRESENTATION 2. The Insert Image pop up window appears. Image 1 3. Click Take a Snapshot. (Reference 1) 4. Read through the notes Google has included. (Reference 2) 5. To take the snapshot click Take a Snapshot button underneath the image. 6. The image will be uploaded and inserted into the slide. Notes: (Reference 1) (Reference 2) • You can take up to three images and choose the one you like the most.
  9. 9. CREATING A GOOGLE DRAWING AND INSERTING IT 1. First you must create a Google Drawing to insertINTO THE PRESENTATION into the Presentation. (Image 1) Image 1 2. Once the Google Drawing is completed select what you want moved into the Google Presentation. 3. Click the Web Clipboard button and select Copy Shapes to Web Clipboard. (Image 2) 4. Return to the Google Presentation and choose Image 2 which slide to insert the Drawing. Click on the Web Clipboard once again and choose the image you want to insert. (Image 3) Image 3 Notes: • Google Documents also lets you insert Spreadsheets the same way you can insert Drawings.
  10. 10. Google Documents letsPUBLISHING A GOOGLE PRESENTATION 1. you publish your Presentation to the WebTO THE WEB for other viewers to see. 2. To publish click File > Image 1 Publish to the Web. (Image 1) 3. This opens the Publish to the Web pop up window. Click Start Publishing. (Image 2) Image 2
  11. 11. A new Get a link to the PUBLISHING A GOOGLE PRESENTATION 1. published document window appears. TO THE WEB 2. Share the link using Google+, Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter (Reference 1) 3. Choose the size of the presentation. (A larger size will take more memory and more time.) (Reference 2) 4. Choose to automatically advance between slides at what timing. (Reference 3) 5. Choose whether or not to start the slideshow as soon as the player loads.(Reference 2) (Reference 1) (Reference 4) 6. Choose whether or not the(Reference 3) slideshow will restart after the last slide. (Reference 5) (Reference 4) 7. You can copy the Document Link and give it to those you (Reference 5) want to see your Presentation or you can use the links to share the Presentation.
  12. 12. There are several other features available inGOOGLE Presentations. Now that you knowmore you can make your Presentations moreeye appealing and available to more viewers.