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EMPOWER YOURSELF No Firing • No Layoffs • No Salary Freezes SOUL PURPOSE gives you an amazing opportunity to hire yourself, create economic stability all while receiving the tax benefits of owning a home-based business!

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oul Purpose Business Info Pack

  1. 1. SOULPURPOSE Uâá|Çxáá ÇyÉ ctv~ U y c ~ Please review  the information  in this pack and  get back to the  Soul Purpose  Entrepreneur  listed below.   They will answer  all of your  questions and  help you get  started. t t d BE OUR GUEST!  LIVE CONFERENCE CALL With Founder/CEO, Nadine Thompson  Call Host: Executive VP, Cheryl A. Cormier Tuesday night, 9pm ET / 8pm CT / 6pm PT 712 432 8904, code 4SOUL#  712‐432‐8904, code 4SOUL# (47685#) Your Soul Purpose Entrepreneur is…
  2. 2. PRODUCTS Soul Purpose products are all-natural SHOWER GELS & LOTIONS conditioning, healing, protecting & moisturizing. Gels Lotions Enriched with vitamins A, E & D, wild-crafted $18.00 | 12 oz. $20.00 | 12 oz. Shea Butter, Almond Oil, and Organic Aloe. Fortified with our exclusive antioxidant blend of: Gels Lotions Acai Berry, Oregon Grape, Red Wine, Green Tea. Brazilian Jackfruit [SP400] [SP420] Our products are synthetic sulfate & paraben Hawaiian Tuberose [SP401] [SP421] free, vegan and not tested on animals. Zanzibar Girls’ Club [SP402]† [SP422]† Caribbean Ginger [SP403] [SP423] Thai Water Lily [SP404]† [SP424]† Incredible fragrances Haitian Vetivért Pepper [SP405] [SP425] Our products contain our “Journey of the Senses Malaysian Mango [SP406] [SP426] Collection” which are an exotic & beautiful Hollywood Fresh [SP407] [SP427] collection of fragrances from around the globe! Ghanaian Brown Sugar & Honey [SP408]* [SP428]* SOLID SCENTS $10.00 | 0.5 oz. B O D Y C U S TA R D S Brazilian Jackfruit [SP300] $20.00 | 5.5 oz. Hawaiian Tuberose [SP301] Brazilian Jackfruit [SP360] Zanzibar Girls’ Club [SP302] Hawaiian Tuberose [SP361] Australian Sandalwood [SP303] Zanzibar Girls’ Club [SP362]† Caribbean Ginger [SP304] Caribbean Ginger [SP363] Hollywood Fresh [SP307] Thai Water Lily [SP364]† Haitian Vetivért Pepper [SP308] Haitian Vetivért Pepper [SP365] Persian Pomegranate Mango [SP309] Persian Pomegranate Mango [SP366] Ghanaian Brown Sugar & Honey [SP310] Hollywood Fresh [SP367] Ghanaian Brown Sugar & Honey [SP368] SUGAR-SHEA SCRUBS & S A LT S C R U B S HAPPY FEET PRODUCTS Provence Lavender Mint Tea Foot Soak Sugar-Shea Scrubs | $22 | 6.4 oz. $22.00 | 16 oz. | [SP460] Zanzibar Girls’ Club [SP742]† Revitalizing Foot Scrub Thai Water Lily [SP744] † $30.00 | 16 oz. | [SP461] Haitian Vetivért Pepper [SP745] Foot Therapy Cream $15.00 | 4 oz. | [SP462] White Sugar Scrub | $30 | 23.5 oz. Deodorizing Foot Spray Brazilian Jackfruit [SP740] $12.00 | 4 oz. | [SP463] Caribbean Ginger [SP743] Gift Set Persian Pomegranate Mango [SP748] $75.00 | all 4 items | [SP731] Brown Sugar Scrub | $35 | 23.5 oz. Ghanaian Brown Sugar & Honey [SP746] Salt Scrubs | $30 | 23.5 oz. SHEA BUTTER BODY BALMS Hollywood Fresh [SP747] $20.00 | 4 oz. Brazilian Jackfruit [SP320] Hawaiian Tuberose [SP321] Zanzibar Girls’ Club [SP322] Australian Sandalwood [SP323] T H E R A P E U T I C S A LV E S Caribbean Ginger [SP324] $15.00 | 2 oz. Thai Water Lily [SP325] Remedé - Relief for dry skin [SP435] Hollywood Fresh [SP327] Soothe - Relief for dry scalp [SP436] Haitian Vetivért Pepper [SP328] Heat - Pain Relief [SP437] Ghanaian Brown Sugar & Honey [SP329] Persian Pomegranate Mango [SP330] SILK JOURNAL $15.00 | [SP200] B AT H & B O D Y G I F T S E T S Sets include shower gel, body lotion & soy candle. | $57 .00 Hollywood Fresh [SP732] Malaysian Mango [SP733] Brazilian Jackfruit [SP734] Hawaiian Tuberose [SP735] Zanzibar Girls’ Club {SP736]† Caribbean Ginger [SP737] Haitian Vetivért Pepper [SP739] H E R B A L B L I S S S PA W R A P $49.99 | [SP212] A L L - N AT U R A L S O Y C A N D L E S $20.00 | 7.5 oz. Brazilian Jackfruit [SP340] Hawaiian Tuberose [SP341] Zanzibar Girls’ Club [SP342]† Caribbean Ginger [SP343] Haitian Vetivért Pepper [SP345] T R AV E L C A N D L E T I N S $20.00 | 10 oz tin Malaysian Mango [SP350] Hollywood Fresh [SP351] Ghanaian Brown Sugar & Honey [SP352] *Products marked with an asterisk are coming soon. †Products marked with a † are available while supplies last.
  3. 3. SOUL 2010 Pur ose MAGAZINE O ortunity SOUL PURPOSE SOUL PURPOSE OUL OU RPO OSE OS a new opportunity to find your... Recession-proof industry Recession-proof industry ecessi oof ind N layoffs, salary freezes or No layoffs, salary freezes or ffs eez performance reviews performance reviews erf rman views Flexible schedule Individually-driven income Significant tax benefits Network of 68 Million Worldwide Start your own business for as little as $35 To view the Soul Purpose Magazine, go to the link below: Nadine Thompson Prosperity Map http://magazine.soulpurpose.com/sep09/ CEO/Founder “Our mission is to inspire and to empower our entrepreneurs to realize Join the Soul Purpose Community every Tuesday their purpose, who in turn will do the evening for our live Opportunity Call (for new recruits same for others. Together, we can all & leads) and our Corporate Call with state-of-art contribute to a better world!” training and motivational speakers. EMP MAN OWER EMMA LIFESTYLE OPPORTUNITY CALL CORPORATE CALL MAR AGE Hosts 712-432-8904 712-432-8904 Passcode: 4SOUL# (47685#) Passcode: 4SOUL# (47685#) ADV KET ANC Tuesdays Tuesdays E 9pm EST 9:30pm EST 6pm PST Training 6:30pm PST Support Coaching & Recognition! MADE simple. Online state-of-the-art business HOST A LIFESTYLE PARTY Shop for FREE Products & 50% OFF Items! UNLIMITED INCOME management tool We have developed an exciting plan to support our Lifestyle Entrepreneurs’ efforts to expand Unlock the power of the plan for KEY FEATURES Online Ordering their customer base and engage others as UNLIMITED INCOME & SUCCESS! Personal Website Online Enrollment Party Hosts. E-Cards Soul Purpose Magazine Step 1. Enroll with your $35 Basic Kit Contact Manager & Customer E-Letter With a host order of $20 or more, the host Step 2. Purchase Your Success Pack CELEBRITY FRIENDS becomes eligible for shopping credits and 50% Will Downing off products as follows: Step 3. $100 BV Auto-Ship IN THE NEWS Mary Mary Enroll now; pay later; FREE Shipping on your Sister2Sister John Legend Ebony Terrence Howard favorite products each month! Essence Heart and Soul Average Girl Sheprenuer Magazine • 7 Ways to Get Paid! Caribbean News • Pays Deeper - 12 Levels or more! Black Enterprise Business Report Blacknews.com • NO BREAKAWAYS! That Black Girl Site Shopping Credit 50% off Items Party Total #Booking • Compression! LA Beauty Beat 30% in FREE Products 4 $1000 or more 1 • Weekly 30% Quick Start Bonuses 25% in FREE Products 3 $750 - $999 1 20% in FREE Products 2 $500 - $749 1 • Monthly Commissions - 15th of month 15% in FREE Products 1 $300 - $499 Commissions Paid BECOME A 10% in FREE Products 1 Up to $300 ON TIME EVERY TIME! 7 ways to get paid Soul Purpose FREE Soy Candle or Mineral Shimmer Body Powder & Brush Set. Quick Start Bonuses – Up to 30% For having a party that meets all of the TODAY. following criteria: Personal Purchase Rebates – 7% or 10% • Minimum of 3 guest orders Level Overrides – up to 8 levels I would be honored to have you as a member • Minimum of $125 customer product Leadership Bonuses 2% of my Soul Purpose team, either as a Lifestyle Dream Bonus -- $600, $800 or $1000 sales total Entrepreneur, a Lifestyle Party Host or a Revenue Sharing Pool valued customer. Feel free to contact me: Host Only Special Discounts – A special selection of products discounted exclusively for our Lifestyle Party Hosts. Each month our esteemed Entrepreneurs are recognized for their efforts in the areas of sales, recruitment, leadership 81 Water Street and promotion. Exeter, NH 03833 888.298.3359 www.soulpurpose.com
  4. 4. May 2010
  5. 5. gxv{ÇÉÄÉzç 9 gÉÉÄá‹ Support 4 Your Business SOULPURPOSE.COM CORPORATE PROSPERITY CALL Tuesday Nights @ 9pm EST, 712‐432‐8904 code 47685# The corporate site is  designed to promote the  brand and communicate  b d d i t CORPORATE TRAINING CALL CORPORATE TRAINING CALL the vision of Soul Purpose.   Tuesday Nights @ 9:30pm EST, 712‐432‐8904 code 47685#  Continually updated with  the latest announcements  TEAM TRAINING CALL and utilizing state‐of‐the‐art technology, it’s beauty  sets the proper tone and lays the foundation for the  entire community.   PERSONAL WEBSITE CORPORATE INTRANET Once you choose from several  Soul Purpose maintains the  templates for your personal  intranet as a FREE 24/7  website design, you can begin  resource for documents  to market your business online.   and information to support  and information to support It includes information about  It includes information about you in the business.   the business, host program,  On this site, you’ll find new and updated business  the compensation plan and tools, upcoming events, price list, and more! products.  Visitors to you site can contact you through  the lead collector and you’ll receive immediate  notification by email and text message.  They can also  shop online or join by enrolling in the business. E.M.M.A. Emma is designed for you  to manage your business  online.  It includes your  PROSPECT PACK own personal website and  This information pack has been  email address with the  preassembled to ensure that you  Soul Purpose domain. are providing your contacts with  You will have access to more than 40 professionally  all of the important information  designed e‐cards (invitations, product  they’ll want to know as they  announcements, thank you’s and general branding)  consider the business  to help you market your business.  And, to further  opportunity.  Just personalize and  your communications you’ll have access to a  you’re ready to use this  p personalized customer newsletter, the Soul Purpose  , p important recruiting tool. magazine and more!
  6. 6. S O U L P U R P O S E Prosperity Plan 25-30% RETAIL PROFITS! 1 Each time an Entrepreneur sells a Soul Purpose product they i th immediately earn retail profits th t th KEEP IN THEIR POCKET! di t l t il fit that they 2 7 & 10% PERSONAL PURCHASE REBATES Share the products to earn REBATES in addition to your profits! 30% QUICK START – Paid Weekly 3 Growing our community is vital to our success, so the financial rewards are enhanced for those who share this opportunity with others. 4-8% LEVEL RESIDUAL (thru 8 levels!) 4 Invite other entrepreneurs to become a business partner. As this process is duplicated, the team builds and level overrides are earned! 2% LEADERSHIP BONUSES 5 From 7 level through 6 generations of Diamonds! Outstanding! 6 $600-$1000 DREAM BONUS Earn this special bonus and use it to pay for a car car, private school or save up for that DREAM VACATION. 1/2 % REVENUE SHARING POOL 7 Qualifiers will earn an equal share in this monthly pool funded by the entire company’s volume for the month! y p y After just 9 months, Soul Purpose Entrepreneurs are generating checks of up to $3000 a month! Join us and start building your check today! SPM057 – PROSPERITY PLAN 7 WAYS TO GET PAID 9-9-08
  7. 7. Choose… YOUR SUCCESS PATH  $35 Basic Kit (SP101) Basic Kit includes tote, assorted  literature and forms, prospect/  business cards, access and a free  business cards, access and a free month on online EMMA account (a  $40 value by itself) 1 Use, Enjoy & Share Enroll for $35 Purchase your products Enroll on Auto Ship Enroll on Auto‐Ship Auto‐Ship Enroll now; pay later.  Free shipping on  your favorite products (min $50). Get  the products you want. Update when  you want. Cancel when you want. 2 Extra Income Enroll for $35 Purchase A Success Pack Purchase A Success Pack Enroll on $100 BV Auto‐Ship Earn Profits ‐ Share the products! Build your check – Enroll others! Success Pack Just the right complement of products  to start your business. View price list  3 for full listing of our value‐filled  Success Packs: UNLIMITED INCOME ‐ SP105 ‐ $125 Success Pack SERIOUS Business Builder SP107 ‐ $125 Product Pack Enroll for $35 Enroll for $35 SP106 ‐ $300 Quick Start Pack (QSP) Purchase $300 Quick Start Pack Enroll on $100 BV Auto‐Ship Quick Start Bonuses Qualify for 30% Quick Start Bonuses Qualify for 30% Quick Start Bonuses  Make $270 Quick Start Bonuses + profits  once you: and promote to Manager. Place a “single” order of  Enroll 3 Entrepreneurs with $300 QSP or  $300BV or more equivalent in products Position for Diamond Executive. Enroll and maintain a $100  Teach your 3 to get 3! BV Auto‐Ship profile Keep recruiting & building!
  8. 8. D? E? F‹ 4! EASY STEPS TO ENROLL The easiest and fastest way to enroll is to do it online.  The person who introduced you to Soul  Purpose should have provided you with their PERSONAL WEB ADDRESS, if not please ask for it so  you can get started in your business!   1 Once on your sponsor’s site, click the ENROLL NOW link on the left side of  the page and enter your personal information.  Be sure to select and enter  a PASSWORD that you will remember.  You should also write it down in a  safe place as you will need it to access and set up your own personal  website. 2 Subscribe to EMMA account.  This the online business management tool  that will give you all on the online tools including your personal website.   The PREMIUM subscription will cost $10 a month and includes a  FREE 30‐day trial.  Your card will be charged for a subscription on   day 31 and on that date every month thereafter. The FREE service will only allow you access to EMMA for the  h ll l ll f h purpose of setting up a subscription in the future.  If you select this  option by mistake, simply log in , click one of the brown tabs at the  top of the page and follow the instruction for subscribing. 3 Select the SUCCESS PACK you would like to order.  A list of what’s in each of  the PACKS is included in this packet.   The Success Packs are modestly  priced but are essential for you to be able to create a proper PRODUCT  EXPERIENCE for your potential customers.  Even if you don’t have the cash  now, it will be important to make a goal to generate enough retail profits so  you can buy your pack within 30 days. 4 Set up your AUTO‐SHIP Once you have logged into your EMMA account ,  click  WEBTOOLS, then BUSINESS CENTER.  This takes you into the section  of your back office where you can set up your AUTO‐SHIP.  Set up is FREE  and you can modify what products are on your Auto‐SHIP order at any  time.  You select the date that you would like your auto‐ship to process  yp y pp p each month.  You only pay when the auto‐ship processes and ships.   • $50 or more FREE SHIPPING •$100 BV or more makes you eligible for Quick Start Bonuses.
  9. 9. STARTING YOUR SOUL  PURPOSE BUSINESS Basic Kit$35 Our vision to redefine empowerment makes your success our highest  priority.  The path for your journey of prosperity begins with our Basic Kit.   It includes everything you need from an administrative standpoint to  Item  establish yourself as a Lifestyle Entrepreneur.  You should pair the Basic Kit  #SP101 with one of our Success Packs (below)…each containing a special selection  1 Tote Bag of products so that you can successfully introduce the products and  business opportunity to your circle of friends, family and associates.   It is  business opportunity to your circle of friends, family and associates. It is Forms:  10 applications, 10 order forms, 10 auto‐ this process of “sharing” that will result in customers and customer sales,  ship forms Lifestyle Party bookings and new business partners for you! 20 prosperity maps As soon as you join, your sponsor will walk you through The Perfect 7 ‐ 25 prospect cards Quick Start Training which outlines specific steps you should take, even as  1 pack of spatulas you wait for your Kit and products to arrive.   Samples (10 each):  Brazilian Jackfruit Custard,  Ways to Enroll!  You can enroll online through my website.  Or you can  Hollywood Fresh Balm, and Mango Balm complete the enclosed Application (be sure to write in my ID #); then fax it  y y p ( to 888‐298‐3359.  When you order online, your success pack (below) can ) Also, includes $20 Set‐Up Fee for online       Also includes $20 Set Up Fee for online be ordered at the same time as your enrollment. management system OPTION:  Enroll for $10 (without Basic Kit or EMMA) SUCCESS PACKS $100 GO ACTIVE PACK GO ACTIVE PACK WHOLESALE    100BV     ITEM# SP108 •Mango:  Candle, Balm, Solid Perfume             *Ghanaian Brown Sugar Balm •Brazilian Jackfruit: Solid Perfume, Custard          * Samples (10 each) •Hollywood Fresh:  Solid Perfume, Scrub                 3 fragrances $125 PRODUCT PACK •1 each:  Shower Gel, Custard, Balm, Candle, Solid Perfume, Scrub and  lotion in assortment of fragrances WHOLESALE    125BV      ITEM#  SP107 •Plus, foot spray & Remede * Samples (10 each) 3 fragrances •Journey of the Senses Perfume Collection ‐ 9 fragrances $150 SUCCESS PACK •Brazilian Jackfruit: Candle, Custard, Gel, Balm, Scrub •HEAT Therapeutic Salve                         * Samples (10 each) 3 fragrances WHOLESALE    150BV     ITEM#  SP105 $300 QUICK START PACK WHOLESALE    300BV    ITEM#  SP106 Item # SP106 Hawaiian Tuberose: Candle Solid Perfume Essences: Haitian Vetivert Pepper,    pp , Mango: Sugar Scrub, Gel, Lotion, Balm Zanzibar Girls’ club, Hawaiian Tuberose &  Caribbean Ginger Hollywood Fresh: Scrub & Balm Foot Care Products – Soak, Scrub, Cream & Spray Ghanaian Brown Sugar: Scrub & Balm Therapeutic Salves:  Heat & Remede Brazilian Jackfruit: Custard & Balm Abundant Pomegranate Gift Set As a Visionary Circle Member, you have already been assigned a special Visionary ID  Are you converting as a   number.  You can convert (become a Lifestyle Entrepreneur) by completing an   VISIONARY CIRCLE  ENTREPRENEUR AGREEMENT  including your  Visionary Circle ID number .  Then fax it to  888‐298‐3359.   Your fee will be $35 + tax and $6.50 for shipping.  It will be processed  Member?   within 2‐3 business days.  (Please DO NOT use the online enrollment  or Youngevity Back  Office enrollment to convert as it will set up a duplicate account & assign a new ID #.) SPM044 – PACK INFO (JOURNEY OF PROSPERITY) 1‐2010 updated 6‐2010
  10. 10. Business Tax ID Legal Business Name (Optional) Spouse or Co-Applicant Spouse or Co-Applicant's Social Security Number Permanent Shipping Adress SPONSOR/ENROLLER INFORMATION Enroller ID (if different from Sponsor) Enroller Name (if different from Sponsor) Check / Money Order Exp Date American Express Soul 06/02/08
  11. 11. 81 Water Street • Exeter, NH 03833 • PH/FAX 888.298.3359 autoship form CUSTOMER INFO (must match billing info) SHIP TO (if different) Name ID Number Name ID Number Daytime Phone# Daytime Phone# Email Email Billing Address Shipping Address City State Zip City State Zip Entrepreneur Name (if different from above) ID Number New Autoship Change Autoship Cancel AutoShip PRODUCT ORDER Entrepreneur Customer Item No. Product Qty Price Total Subtotal PAYMENT INFORMATION Lifestyle Club Members $10 registration fee Credit Card Number Exp Date (a one-time fee) Visa Shipping* M/C Sales Tax ______% Name as it Appears on Card—Please Print AMEX Total Remittance *8% of subtotal or $6.50 whichever is greater Authorized Signature I, the undersigned, hereby authorize Soul Purpose or its agents, to charge my credit card specified above in the amount designated in the TOTAL Card Security Number (CSN) MONTHLY REMITTANCE box. I want this agreement to automatically renew every month until I submit a written change or cancellation as specified in the AutoShip Policies and Procedures. I have read and understand the AutoShip Policies Date to begin Autoship (1st - 27th): ________________________ and Procedures found on the back of this form. I agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the Signature: ___________________________________________________________ Date: _________________________ AutoShip Policies and Procedures. TO SUBMIT: FAX: (888) 298-3359 • MAIL: Soul Purpose • 81 Water Street • Exeter, NH 03833 Form 300 06/02/08 White: Soul Purpose Yellow: Customer