Harnessing The Power Of Social Media Workshop


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Why Social Media for companies fearing to tread where their customers already are.

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  • 45 minute presentation/workshop developed for the BA (Business Analyst) Development 2010, Wellington November 4th. http://www.badevelopmentday.com/
  • The all encompassing bucket definition of Social Media
  • The simple, more meaningful definition.
  • So what? Why should you care?
  • Here’s some statistics for just here in New Zealand …and internationally….
  • There’s over 500 million users on Facebook so if Facebook were a country it would be the 3rd most populated after China and India
  • Jack Dorsey was 29 when he created Twitter. Mark Zuckerberg, 19, when he founded Facebook. More than half of the human race is under the age of 30 and here’s the kicker…anyone under the age of 30 doesn’t know a world without the internet. If you are not socially engaged, how will you connect, interact and communicate with them?
  • The major benefit of social media, in my opinion, is that companies can inspire, engage, connect, share, influence and communicate at every point where the customer interacts with the company. And this applies not only to external customers but also internal clients as well.
  • So if Social media can deliver so much, why are companies scare of it. Here’s the 5 key reasons…
    1. Employee productivity – Do you know any companies that have banned the use of Social media and even use of the internet during work hours?
    Not smart when the internet offers so much value in terms of research, finding services, products and brands and communication. Banning its use only wastes employee time.
    How many of you have a smartphone or 3G phone? How are companies going to stop you accessing the internet when you can do it from your phone?
    Melb. Uni Research released October 2010 that found that social media sites, listening to online music and watching online videos was the best way to refresh and help desk-bound employees relax at work. This increased productivity!
    2. Haters damaging brand – if you have that many people who hate your company and brand, your problem is not social media. You need to fix the problems with your brand.
    3. Loose control – forget it, you don’t have control anyway – see BP and Newsweek examples
    4. Requires budget – most SM is free but yes, like any business, IT and communication tool, it requires knowledge, experience and perspective to drive it. And yes, this may require resources ($$, people, time etc)
    5. Giving away secrets – If you don’t trust your employees to chat with your customers or talk about your brands, you need to review your hiring and training policies.
    Underlying all this, is that companies should have a social media policy that is workable, realistic and supports the culture of the company. But don’t be like many companies and state “Our people are our biggest asset” or “Customer Service is our biggest point of difference” and then not be socially engaged…..
  • Here’s some examples of how savvy firms are using Social Media
    Breaking News – the ChCh Earthquake – We all watched the drama unfold Sept 4th via online news channels, youtube and twitter. Geonet got bombarded by so many hits, it couldn’t keep up. Every time there’s a significant aftershock, tweeters immediately tweet their predictions of magnitude & depth and then wait for the Geonet update to see if they are right.
  • Breaking news is not all about disasters. Within 24 hours of the iPad being launched…
  • This is ASB’s facebook page. You can chat online with a banking specialist about anything to do with banking, whether you are an ASB customer or not.
  • Customer service - An increasingly common use of Twitter/Facebook for communications companies – Here Vodafone solves concerns, problems and issues via Twitter
  • Meet Juicystar07, the 16 year old You Tuber, who is one of the most influential commentators on beauty and fashion online. One Juicystar video delivered more traffic in 3 days to the Shoes of Prey website than months of traditional PR and advertising.
  • Air New Zealand is leading the way in social media usage among NZ companies. Here AirNZ is using Foursquare to reward frequent flyers and Koru Club members for their continued travel with AirNZ
  • As social media is Google indexed, it’s a great way to get found
  • IBM was one of the first companies to encourage their employers to blog. Realising their people are smart and have lots of expertise, interests and knowledge to share, IBM not only encourages them to blog but also hosts their blogs online.
  • Starbucks connect and engage with their customers to help them develop new products and services.
  • Triple0 recruit doctors from the UK, Australia and NZ and place them into great jobs in Australia and NZ. They use facebook, youtube, Twitter and have developed a job seach application for the iphone to keep them engaged and connected with their clients.
  • Blogs are a great way to get leads and sales. Here Bob Bly uses his blog to deliver great content and to encourage readers to sign-up to his newsletters and buy his products.
  • Social media offers endless opportunities for collaboration and sharing of ideas and knowledge. Here’s one example.
  • Social media gives you the opportunity to see, search and monitor what people are saying about your brand. Spend thousands on focus groups? You can find out what people really think just by some judicious keyword searches!
  • And that’s not all…
  • The 3 basic rules of social media.
  • Work through the Social Media Strategy Plan Sheet.
  • Harnessing The Power Of Social Media Workshop

    1. 1. harnessing the power of social media…
    2. 2. www.muritai.com agenda… • What is Social Media? • Why companies fear Social Media • How savvy firms are using Social Media • Social Media Rules • Let’s workshop
    3. 3. www.muritai.com what is social media?
    4. 4. From: What is Social Media – Slideshare.com
    5. 5. From: What is Social Media – Slideshare.com
    6. 6. www.muritai.com So why should you care?
    7. 7. www.muritai.com because social media is way too big to ignore…
    8. 8. • 1.8M Kiwis interact via social media sites and look to their fellow internet users for opinions & info about products, services and brands. • 93% search the net for trades & services • 80% of employers search for candidates online • 57% of kiwis feel better served by socially engaged companies • Source: Satchi & Satchi and Colmar Brunton Social Media Survey, ACNeilsen
    9. 9. Source: What is Social Media – Slideshare.com
    10. 10. Source: What is Social Media – Slideshare.com
    11. 11. Source: What is Social Media – Slideshare.com
    12. 12. Source: What is Social Media – Slideshare.com
    13. 13. Source: What is Social Media – Slideshare.com
    14. 14. Source: What is Social Media – Slideshare.com
    15. 15. www.muritai.com through social media, companies can inspire, engage, connect, share, influence & communicate …at every customer interaction point
    16. 16. www.muritai.com why companies fear SM 1. Employees will waste time with social media. 2. Haters will damage our brand 3. We'll lose control of the brand 4. Social media requires a real budget 5. They're scared of giving away corporate secrets Source: B.L Ochman, Six reasons companies are still scared of social media, Advertising Age
    17. 17. www.muritai.com The reality is people are having conversations and sharing opinions about your company and brands whether you like it or not…
    18. 18. Source: What is Social Media – Slideshare.com
    19. 19. Source: What is Social Media – Slideshare.com
    20. 20. From: What is Social Media – Slideshare.com
    21. 21. www.muritai.com breaking news Geonet, you tube, news channels, twitter
    22. 22. breaking news… Within 24 hours… • 496,842 mentions • 322, 974 total tweets • 22, 001, 377 unique people exposed to iPad on twitter Statistics courtesy of Viralheat
    23. 23. www.muritai.com personalise your brand…
    24. 24. www.muritai.com customer service…
    25. 25. www.muritai.com influence
    26. 26. www.muritai.com loyalty building
    27. 27. www.muritai.com get found…
    28. 28. www.muritai.com increase transparency…
    29. 29. www.muritai.com product/service development
    30. 30. www.muritai.com recruiting
    31. 31. www.muritai.com get leads & sales
    32. 32. www.muritai.com collaboration
    33. 33. www.muritai.com reputation management
    34. 34. www.muritai.com and there’s also… • Networking • Learning • Crowdsourcing • Project Management • Internal Communication
    35. 35. From: What is Social Media – Slideshare.com
    36. 36. From: What is Social Media – Slideshare.com
    37. 37. From: What is Social Media – Slideshare.com
    38. 38. www.muritai.com Let’s workshop • Breaking news • Personalise your brand • Customer service • Influence • Loyalty building • Get found • Increase transparency • Product/service development • Recruiting • Get leads and sales • Collaboration • Reputation Management • Networking • Learning • Crowdsourcing • Project Management • Internal Communications
    39. 39. getting started • If new to social media, don’t try and save the world in one hit! Some ideas include:  Suggestion Box – Create a FB page/website page and invite customers, supporters, employees to submit their ideas for new products/services or improvements  Customer Service – Create a twitter or FB Page and aim to respond to queries within a set time  Deal of the Day/Week – Create a twitter or FB Page to let people know you have a special, time limited offer  Collaborate – Create a forum to encourage employees to contribute to the company blog/newsletter
    40. 40. www.muritai.com and most of all…. enjoy and have fun!