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Lead Nurturing 101: Pardot Marketing Automation for NetSuite


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Lead Nurturing 101: Pardot Marketing Automation for NetSuite

  1. 1. Lead Nurturing 101 for NetSuiteFeaturing: Pardot Marketing Automation
  2. 2. Why Lead Nurturing? (reason #1)• 80% of inbound leads are not ready for a sales call * Source: Forrester Research
  3. 3. Why Lead Nurturing? (reason #2)• SEO gets people to your website… then what?
  4. 4. Why Lead Nurturing? (reason #3)• 71% of B2B marketers are doing MORE content marketing than a year ago (only 2% are doing LESS)* Source: B2B Technology Marketing Community (LinkedIn Group)
  5. 5. Lead Nurturing Process1 ATTRACT 2 ENGAGE 3 NURTURE 4 CONVERT Attract visitors to Capture their attention, Keep their attention, Provide better leads your website get them to Opt-in become their “go-to” to Sales, help them when ready to buy prioritize their time • SEO • Video • Segment by persona • More sales-ready leads • Social Media • Whitepapers • Segment by interest • Prioritize by lead score • PPC • eBooks • Drip marketing • Website activity history • QR codes • Webinars • Personalized messages • Real-time visitor alerts • Blog • Blog • Add value, educate • Integrate with CRM • Email • Forums • Build your brand • Measure ROI • Advertising • Polls • Become their “go-to”
  6. 6. Lead Nurturing Funnel Web Visitors ENGAGE with LANDING PAGES & CONTENT All you need is their name and email address AUTOMATE DRIP MARKETING PROGRAMS 5 touches, 10 touches, 20 touches… you decide CONVERT TO SALES-READY LEADS Lead scoring and real-time sales alerts
  7. 7. Pardot Summary / Q&A Landing Pages Progressive Profiling Behavior Tracking Persona Segmentation Lead Nurturing / Email Lead Scoring Real-Time Visitor Alerts ROI Reporting List Development / Mgmt Integration with CRM
  8. 8. Key Benefits of Pardot Marketing Automation• For Marketing: o Automate. Automate. Automate. o Target better messages o Improve lead quality and volume• For Sales: o Focus on the best, most engaged, leads o Ask better questions based on visitor interests o Real-time notifications (strike while the iron is hot)• For Management: o Improve opportunity close rate % o Increase revenue/profit with same # of employees o Brand equity
  9. 9. Pardot / NetSuite integration Contacts Companies Fields Score, Grade Activity Calls, Opps
  10. 10. Why choose Pardot? Value Ease of Use No-Hassle
  11. 11. Rob MacEwen Managing Director(866)563-3858