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Building Brand Preference with KOLs: Brazil #smcakl


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Jan Bierman, director of RareHQ, gives a case study of working with KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) in Brazil to raise the profile of New Zealand as an education destination (currently Brazil's the 7th largest source of international students).

Delivered at #SMCAKL (Social Media Club Auckland) 21st May 2014.

Published in: Business, Travel
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Building Brand Preference with KOLs: Brazil #smcakl

  1. 1. BUILDING PREFERENCE WITH KOLS: BRAZIL » Emerging economy » Socially connected country and youth » Homegrown celebrity » Over 300K Brazilians studying abroad each year » NZ’s storied and adventure landscape
  2. 2. CID NÃO SALVO » Celebrity blogger (one the most influential people in BR) » Audience: 18-25 years » Av. 20 million page views per month » Introducing authentic NZ » 1.8 million page views of blog post on NZ adventure ++
  3. 3. JOVEM NERD » Leading entertainment media channel » Podcasts have highest audience numbers on Brazilian internet » Audience: 15-35 years » Av. 11 million page views per month » Discovering NZ » 1.2 million views of videos, 1.5 million of podcast ++
  4. 4. FAIL WARS | PURO VENENO » Young bloggers » Audience:13-28 years » Av. 7 million page views per month » Study tour (Otago)
  5. 5. CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORS KOLS = a gift that keeps on giving » Engagement » Commercial focus » Age-specific audience & voice » Partners » Content localisation » Measurement » Advocates