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My New Zealand- partner pack updated Sept 2016

Find out how My New Zealand solves the biggest marketing challenges facing Kiwi brands who want to market to China.

Save time and money, partner with the world's first online video platform for Chinese, in Chinese, by a Kiwi.

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My New Zealand- partner pack updated Sept 2016

  1. 1. My New Zealand Building bridges - and brands - across cultures.
  2. 2. Hi! I’m Simon Young For 5 years, my company syENGAGE has been helping western brands do marketing in China. The struggle is real. It's hard for western brands to remain authentic and unique, AND be relevant to their Chinese audience. In that time, here's what I've found.
  3. 3. There are two ways a kiwi brand can "do" China... 1. Work with agencies and consultancies to develop a long-term strategy, brand positioning, marketing channels, learn Chinese.. Etc.. Etc… Image source: Image source: 2. Work with a KOL (Key Opinion Leader) with an existing engaged audience, who can tell your brand story in a fresh, unique and relevant way!
  4. 4. That’s why... We've created My New Zealand, a video series on some of China's most popular online channels. It's the first such video series in Chinese, for Chinese, by a local kiwi.
  5. 5. How “My New Zealand” can tell YOUR story in China ● Enable your brand to tell your authentic New Zealand story ● Provide a unique, fun and approachable content vehicle for your brand to reach your Chinese audience ● Bridge the culture gap between your New Zealand brand and its Chinese consumers - boosting shareability and likeability
  6. 6. What you get and where it goes ● Bi-weekly videos ● Daily content: ○ Images ○ Articles ○ Voice messages ● Channels ○ WeChat (China's Number 1 social media app) 12,000+ highly engaged fans ○ Weibo ("Chinese Twitter") 7000 + highly engaged fans Plus: Other growing popular mobile video platforms Weibo (322m users) Wechat (700m users)
  7. 7. Who, what, where... 7393Sina Weibo Followers 12405WeChat friends and fans 70% female 30% male 11.5% Shanghai 9.2% Beijing 14.3% Guangdong 34.2% outside China 30.8% Other provinces 6452Average views per video 120,000 Data collected 7 September 2016. Source: WeChat Public Account backend, Sina Weibo, Miaopai. Potential reach through content partnerships
  8. 8. An Effective Growth Platform Traditional TV is declining. In its place is online and mobile video, which is where Chinese viewers are spending their time. “My New Zealand” is poised to take advantage of this. It will be primarily viewed on social networks WeChat and Weibo, and supported by other popular platforms such as: ● YouKu ("China's YouTube") ● Weibo ("China's Twitter") ● Miaopai ("China's Vine") ● Bilibili (A new video sharing app) 50% of video is watched online. Mobile online video growing fast! OTV=Online TV
  9. 9. Who we're talking to Beijing Seeking: new opportunities, new ideas, self-improvement Age: 25-35 Mostly female Across China and the world, but primarily in... Young (some by age, some by nature) Shanghai Guangzhou Real! These are real people who give feedback and comments - no zombies!
  10. 10. What we're saying For five years, Simon has been on Chinese social media fielding questions from Chinese people. The first season aims to answer some of those frequently asked questions, focusing in on short questions with long (and entertaining) answers. For example… "What is New Zealand cuisine?"
  11. 11. The story so far... Feb 2016. "OMG, a foreigner opens a wechat channel!" 1308 views April 2016. How will the future Auckland know itself? (article) 1009 views April 26, 2016. How to get a job in New Zealand (Partnership with Latipay) 11263 article views, 29,000 video views June 4, 2016. "Welcome to My New Zealand" 7134 views June 24, 2016. "What is New Zealand cuisine?" 15676 views
  12. 12. What the people said...
  13. 13. "My New Zealand" values
  14. 14. Partn ers We don't want just anybody to come on this journey with us! "My New Zealand" is ideal for: ● Brands new to China ● Brands already in China who want to tell a fresh story Best suited for: ● Tourism ● Education ● Food, beverage and health products
  15. 15. Partnership Levels 4. The Full Fry Up: Season partnership ● Tell (and show) your story over three months of "My New Zealand" 3. BBQ: Episode partnership ● Tell (and show) your story in a single episode - options available 2. Baked beans on toast: Article partnership ● Tell your story in a text-and-images article for a lower investment 1. Marmite Sandwich: Moments partnership ● Promote your message/image to the "My New Zealand" audience From NZD120 From NZD599 From NZD2500 POA
  16. 16. The Full Fry Up Collaborative approach. We find the best way to integrate your product or service into the My New Zealand storyline. Deliver your message through: ● Video (interviews, visual storytelling) ● Images ● Articles ● Giveaways ● Live streaming / Events (3-month partnership plan) How it's promoted: ● Through "My New Zealand" official channels: ○ WeChat ○ Weibo ○ QQ Zone ○ Meipai (video app) ○ Miaopai (video app) ● On the WeChat "moments" of My New Zealand fans. ("Moments" are very similar to Facebook feeds) ● In dozens of WeChat groups about Chinese and New Zealand cultural exchange.
  17. 17. BBQ Tell your brand's story in one (or several) episodes of "My New Zealand". You'll get: ● Story outline and plan ● Shooting/interviewing ● Editing and approval ● Translation and subtitling ● Accompanying article and images ● Promotion through our social channels (Per-episode video partnership) Video is a powerful tool for telling your story - not only through words. "My New Zealand" videos are helpful and useful to the viewer. We ensure your content is a gift to our viewers, placing you in a good light. Depending on your key message, we could do an interview, site visit, or product demonstration.
  18. 18. Beans on Toast "My New Zealand" is not only a video series. We also create thought-provoking and/or entertaining articles, that are a cost-effective way of reaching your audience. We'll work with you to find the creative angle to make your message stand out, and be helpful and useful to our audience. Investment options (ex GST): ● You provide content in Chinese; we edit to suit - from 599 ● We conduct interview, translate, etc. - from 997 (Cost-effective article partnership) The average WeChat user reads 5.56 articles per day
  19. 19. Marmite Sandwich A simple and cost-effective way to reach 9000+ people on Weibo and WeChat. WeChat's "Moments" is the equivalent of the Facebook feed. It's where most people find out what's new and interesting from their friends. With "My New Zealand" you'll be able to share your message directly to this audience*. *Criteria apply (Moments partnership) 76.4% of WeChat users check Moments regularly 50 likes 10 comments
  20. 20. The Partnership Process "Partnering with My New Zealand was a powerful way for us to get brand recognition and cut-through in the Chinese community, both in New Zealand and China." Leigh Flounders, CEO, Latipay Discovery Meeting/ Call Creative Treatment Reporting Partner approves creative Creative goes live
  21. 21. Let's do this together! Email: Phone: +64 9 950 6721 Wechat: YangJinHongNZ