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From Military to Marriage: Principles of 21st Century Marketing


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The 21st century consumer is completely different, but our marketing mindsets are still trapped in the 20th century military mindset. Before you "launch" your next "campaign" at your "target", take a look at this.

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From Military to Marriage: Principles of 21st Century Marketing

  1. 1. Simon YoungCo-author, Social Media MBAPrincipal syENGAGESocial Media ConsultantOver 4100 followers on Sina Weibo -without living in China
  2. 2. From Military to Marriage -Key principles of 21st century marketing
  3. 3. Marketing is undergoing a profoundchange.FROM TOCampaign Commitment"marketing to" "marketing with"Military language Shared values
  4. 4. 1. FROM CAMPAIGNS TO COMMITMENT* Online media is 24/7* Brands are in the entertainment business* Marketers are pushed to do more with less
  5. 5. How can marketers be bothEFFICIENTandEFFECTIVE?
  6. 6. The answer:2. Marketing "With" your Customers(Turning students into marketers)
  7. 7. HOW?* Make it easy to recommend your institutionon social networks?* Recruiting students as spokespeople* Hosting student blogs
  8. 8. Challenges to expect:Culture shock!Losing control over the messageExposing organisational dysfunction
  9. 9. The Paradox:The less control you have over yourmessage, the more believable it is!
  10. 10. 3. From Military Language, to SharedValuesTarget, Campaign, LaunchControl, coercion
  11. 11. 3. Whats the new language ofmarketing?Social objectsSocial CapitalThe customer at the centre of the universeWe are extras in their drama
  12. 12. Summary: Three steps to court yourdigital consumer
  13. 13. 1. Design their journey2. Listen intently3. Network internally
  14. 14. None of this is easy.But its the new normal in marketing.
  15. 15. Simon