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Auction Systems - Tempe Auction: Attending Auctions for the First Time


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Auction Systems - Tempe Auction: Attending Auctions for the First Time

  1. 1. Tempe Auction: Attending Auctions for the First Time By Deb Weidenhamer President & CEO, Auction Systems
  2. 2. Tempe Auction If you’ve never been to a Tempe auction, this presentation will provide an overview and should answer most of your questions. The first thing you should know is most auctions are public events. Therefore, anyone may attend a public auction. In fact, you’re likely to find a friendly and helpful environment when you attend your first auction.
  3. 3. Tempe Auction The second thing you should realize is the opportunity you’ll likely have to pick up some really great deals. Most people attend auctions to get bargains on a wide variety of unique items.   When you attend a Tempe auction for the first time, you’ll learn the ropes very quickly. However, here’s a rundown of things to help your first auction be a productive experience.
  4. 4. Auction Registration To bid at most public auctions, you need to register with the auction house. Registration is generally free of charge and is a quick and simple process. Only a driver’s license is required. However, auctions may require a deposit to cover your bids.   The registration process is required because you are entering into a legal contract when you bid at a Tempe auction. It’s important to understand that any bid you make at auction is a promise to pay for the item. If you are the highest bidder, you bought the item!
  5. 5. Auction Bidding   There’s no need to be intimidated by your first Tempe auction. It’s actually a simple process. After registering, you’re given a numbered bidder card. When an item you want is presented by the auctioneer, you simply raise the bidder card. Make sure the auctioneer sees your card so your bid is acknowledged.    The opening bid is usually set by the auctioneer. Typically, he or she will tell bidders the approximate market value then suggest an opening bid. If nobody bids, the auctioneer drops the price until someone bids. When someone does bid, that’s the opening bid and the auctioneer will ask for subsequent bids in increments he or she chooses.
  6. 6. Tempe Auction A Tempe auction is an exciting and fun experience. As a bidder, you’ll get the opportunity to purchase all kinds of items often at bargain prices.
  7. 7. About the Author <ul><li>Deb Weidenhamer is President of Auctions Systems Auctioneers & Appraisers, Inc., based in Phoenix, Arizona. They specialize in auctions and professional appraisals. </li></ul><ul><li>Visit us at or call 1-800-801-8880 for more information about our Tempe auction company. </li></ul>