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Rubric On Oral Presentation


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Published in: Education, Business

Rubric On Oral Presentation

  1. 1. Rubric on Oral Presentation Criteria Developing Standard Exemplary Total Points1. Content 6 8 10 /10 Lacks depth limited Only some topics are In-depth and thorough discussion of treatment of assigned thoroughly discussed and assigned topics. Shows strong evidence topics. Demonstrates given an in-depth of research limited evidence of treatment. Shows research moderate evidence of research2. Organization and Shows minimum planning, Show adequate planning, Very well planned, logical presentation /10 Clarity of Report some sections are some portions needs and well understood by the audience disorganized and clarification and confusing improvement in logical presentation3. Delivery Nervous, self-conscious Demonstrates quick Relaxed, self-confident. Show natural /10 and monotone voice recovery from minor body movements that develop mistakes. Voice projection enthusiasm and affects audience is satisfactorily varied in positively. Voice projection fluctuates in volume and inflection volume and inflection and sustains interest4. Presentation Aids Makes use of AV materials Makes use of some AV AV materials are well done and are /10 but does not enhance the materials and enhances used to make the presentation more presentation the presentation to a interesting and meaningful limited extent5. Time management Did not finish on time Hurriedly finishes on time Finishes within the prescribed time with /10 appropriate pacing6. Audience Impact Able to sustain the interest Able to sustain the interest Able to sustain the interest of the /10 of the audience to a of the audience most of audience all the time limited extent the time Total Points /60