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Radford assignment11


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Published in: Education
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Radford assignment11

  2. 2. VOLUNTEERS/VISITORSVisitor Check In • At front desk with secretary • Receive name-tag, return name-tag to front when visit is over • Information put on sign-in sheet: • Full Name • Time in/ Time out
  3. 3. SAFE SCHOOLPositive Behavior Plan- A program that focuseson positive reinforcement throughout all aspects ofthe school (students, teachers, and parents.)Promotes Safe, Respectful, and Responsiblebehavior. The reward for noticing these behaviors.The reward is a “Red Bug Ticket” which studentscan use for prizes and more. • Works towards less suspensions and referrals
  4. 4. ON CAMPUS SAFETYFences around entire propertyHallways are patrolled by teachers whenstudents are transitioningPlaygrounds- teachers are strategicallyplaced to monitor students
  5. 5. ON CAMPUS SAFETY CONDTINUEDEmergency contact information card is requiredfor every studentSafety Patrol • Fifth graders are asked to be officers • Patrol school 20 minutes before and after school • Open doors on the car-line and monitor bike racks
  6. 6. EMERGENCY PROCEDURESAll schools in Seminole County follow anEmergency Response Plan, and have specificnumbers (not 911) they can callBomb threat- manual is in hands of AssistantPrincipalNatural Disaster- • Students will be kept at school • Only authorized adult may pick them up
  7. 7. EMERGENCY PROCEDURES CONTINUEDFire Drills are completed once a month • Classes have designated meeting areas outside • No talking when evacuating and follow teacher’s directions • Roll will be taken to ensure the safety of everyoneFire safety class taught for a week during thebeginning of every year • Firefighters come talk to students
  8. 8. EMERGENCY PROCEDURE CONTINUEDLock down • Procedure: Turn lights off, students hide in corner out of line of vision from the door window, and are completely silent as to make it appear the classroom is emptyTornado • Procedure: students go to hallway, enter the fetal position, and cover head until otherwise instructed by teacher
  9. 9. INCIDENT REPORTS/ CODES AND DEFINITIONSRed Bug uses referrals as their incident reportsAnything more severe would have a police reportCodes: Levels of discipline from minor toexpulsion
  10. 10. BULLYINGZERO TOLERANCE POLICYSpeak-Out Services • Allow students, parents, and teachers to make anonymous reports regarding bullying and harassment among other things.
  11. 11. DRUGS/WEAPONS/ALCOHO LZERO TOLERANCE POLICY • Staff members can search belongings if suspicious of contraband • Recommendation for expulsion if guilty
  12. 12. ANTI-VIOLENCE/DRUGS/ALCOH OLSafe Student Association • The SSA is an organization on campus comprised of elected students who create ways to make the school a safer placeDARE Program • Preventative 6 week course for students to learn about the harmfulness of substance abuse and violence
  13. 13. LAW ENFORCEMENTRed Bug is very close with lawenforcement of Casselberry, being theirhome base before work hoursThey share the school with them beforeclassDaily visits are normal at Red Bug due totheir home base
  14. 14. COMPUTER SAFETYKeywords are blocked, flash player doesnot workAnything questionable is also blockedUse of computer is strictly for schoolassignmentsLog-in and password required for allcomputers