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  • Publisher Profiles

    1. 1. Publisher Profiles Design + Test Process
    2. 2. Design Process Process is as follows: -Graffle Sketches -PM Approval -Prototype Wireframing -User Testing (1) -Prototype Wireframe Adjustments via Feedback -PM Approval -User Testing (2) -Photoshop Comps (with UI sugar) -PM Approval -Final User Testing -PM Approval *Launch
    3. 3. Graffle Sketches
    4. 4. Graffle Sketches : Getting to see a profile Lead-Ins 1.0 Discover and discuss optimal places to allow publishers to claim their simple profiles. 2.0 Entice not-yet-publushers to see how publishers are being portrayed on Adroll. 1.0 1.0 2.0
    5. 5. Graffle Sketches : Finding Profiles Find Your Profile 1.0 A search field will allow users to find a specific 1.0 profile in the quickest manner. Search Profiles 0-9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 2.0 Line of information about browsing publishers if needed. 2.0 Pagination will allow users browsing or not- yet-publishers to see how Adroll is 3.0 portraying publishers via profiles. A Publisher This will be information or the top level Claim credentials of the publisher to give the user 4.0 3.0 a short brief on the profile before digging in. View this Profile A publisher's logo can reside here, Advertise Now allowing users to quickly parse through This Publisher 4.0.1 information without having to even read This will be information or the top level Claim headings. It also alows publishers to credentials of the publisher to give the user experience brand exposure and connect a short brief on the profile before digging in. View this Profile that Adroll cares about their brand and Advertise Now getting it advertised as much as they do. 4.0 A Large call to action for a publisher to claim their profile. 4.0.1 A secondary call to action allowing users to advertise now, or browse further into the profile. Advertise now is more pronounced due to its direct ability to create conversion.
    6. 6. Graffle Sketches : Claiming Profiles 1.0 Claim Simple Profile You are about to claim: 2.0 1.0 Let the user know what they are about Publisher Profile to claim. 2.1 Publisher profile short description here. 2.0 Show the user the short description of the publisher profile. 3.0 We'll need to verify you're the publisher 2.1 For quick viewing, include the logo or 3.1 This information tells the user what the verification process branding the publisher associates with. entails and what to expect. 3.0 Let the user know this is a validation Enter Email Address: process and we need information. Claim Profile 3.1 Allow the user to know if there will be 4.0 any delays or what to expect as the process if verified. 4.0 Action button let's them finalize the decision after input.
    7. 7. Graffle Sketches : Viewing Profiles 0.1 Viewing A Profile 1.0 Go Back 0.1 Back button in close proximity to screen-side A Publisher of previous directing action to allow jump-backs to 1.1 be easier. Description for this pubisher goes here. This is where a publisher can talk about their 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 Publisher Title and URL located in 1.2 business and more about upper right for easiest identification. Description what they do. next to main image allows publishers to discuss 2 themselves. Image also allows for easy Claim Profile identification. 3 Advertise Now 2 Main Call to action is larger and will have more contrast. Traffic Estimates: Keywords 4 Keywords, keywords, 3 Secondary Call to action will be still prominent, keywords, etc. but not as large or contrasting. Categories categories, categories, etc 4 Publisher information continues here. Traffic estimates would be interesting with a visual or 5.0.1 graphic of a chart or graph. Demographics 5 Claim Profile Claim your profile to add this information. 5, 5.0.1 Unclaimed profiles would show what 'could be' in the spaces shown and calls to action Pricing for them to claim their profile. Claim Profile Claim your profile to add this information.
    8. 8. Graffle Sketches : Success & Adding Info 1.0 Success & Success. You've claimed your profile! Success. You've claimed your profile! 1.0.1 Adding Information Add more information: 1.0 Tell the user they now own the profile. I'll do this later... 2.0 DEMOGRAPHICS PRICING MORE INFO CONFIRM 1.0.1 Allow the user to opt out of doing this process right now. 2.2 Demographics 2.1 2.0 Show the user how long this process will take Add information about your Demographics: them to complete so they can decide it 1.0.1 is an option they want to take or not. 2.3 2.1 Tell the user clearly what they are editing. 2.2 Create a graphic that shows the user what portion of the page they are editing allowing them to edit 3.0 with confidence they are clear where they are Save & Continue making changes. 3.1 Save & Quit 2.3 Make the editing environment clear and concise (Data Entry Type TBD). 3.0 Tell the user we are saving their data and they can continue. 3.1 Secondary action lets the user quit and also lets them feel safe that their data and their claim of the profile is saved.
    9. 9. Graffle Sketches : Confirmed & Completed Profile 1.0 Confirm & Success. You've claimed your profile! Confirmed. You're profile is updated. 2.0 Completed Profile Find Another Profile This is how your profile looks: My Account Edit Profile 1.0 After running the wizard and updating information, confirm to the user that the profile is updated. 3.0 Show the updated profile here: 2.0 Provide easy to use outlet points after this is confirmed. Edit is included for users who see item 3.0 and still want to make changes. 3.0 Show the user the final product after they submitted their additional information.
    10. 10. User Testing
    11. 11. User Testing Methods On-site Adroll Staff Testing On-site External User Test Off-Site External User Test
    12. 12. On-Site Addroll + On-Site External Testing Discussion : What do we want our users to do? Screen Capture Software : Silverback App Documentation : Task List for users Perform testing Gather Feedback / Refine Data Discuss and Present findings as needed
    13. 13. Off-Site External User Test Discussion : What do we want our users to do? Software : Mac: Acrobat Connect / iShowUHD Win: Uservue ( ) Documentation : Task List for users presented via PDF Run testing Gather Feedback / Refine Data Discuss and Present findings as needed
    14. 14. Final Presentation and continuance of process. Refine and present all user data. Discuss shortcomings, successes and milestones. Make all possible/realistic/relevant changes and feedback integrations. Produce product via Design and User Testing Processes.