New and improved power point west valley youth council


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Presentation for League of City's

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New and improved power point west valley youth council

  1. 1. West Valley Youth Council Presented by:
  2. 2. Mission StatementYOUTH ADVISORS• We, the youth of the West • We, the advisors of the Valley, will strive to provide West Valley, will provide meaningful opportunities to and prepare our youth by engage local students by; building a regional coalition of young leaders, mastering the concept of encouraging them in skill networking, addressing building; leadership, community and problem solving government issues while communication/networking becoming responsible , and teamwork as well as leaders. mentor.
  3. 3. GoalsYOUTH ADVISORS• Public Speaking • Ensure youth have a voice• Resume Building • Ensure youth know that their• Civic Engagement voice has an impact• Project Management • Provide meaningful opportunities to make an• Leadership Development impact• Communication • Recognize them as partners:• Network respect, listen, and support• Team Building them.• Parliamentary Procedure • Meeting expectations• Discussions and action on youth • Ensure success through the• Relevant issues program
  4. 4. Why is it important to the West Valley?• Municipalities realize budget savings & revenue generation• Improved indicators for well-being in youth• Support future generations by promoting further education• Increase support for local & regiment initiatives• Being identified as a youth friendly community• Increase relationships through networking
  5. 5. Setting:• Teen/Youth Advisory Boards – Surprise is in the process of forming 2 groups• Youth Summits• Internships and employment opportunities• Arizona League of Cities Youth sessions• Governors Youth Advisory Commission• Westmarc scholarships• School communities: – Clubs, Student Government, advisory groups
  6. 6. System/Structure-“Big Picture”/Where itBegins: In our region eachcommunity must collaborate to amendour partnerships within west valleycities in regards to making changehappen by youth taking action on westvalley issues planning andimplementation of communityprojects, and the implementation of awest valley youth summit. Once each city works on ainitiative then the entirety of westvalley will accomplish and advancetheir goal city-wide.
  7. 7. Structure & Strategy B West Valley Youth Summit• Collaborate on a single initiative• Continue Formation of a West Valley leadership Youth Council development• Network: – Offer Identification of a West Valley opportunities to Youth Initiative engage with local, state, and federal leaders Development and implementation of the Initiative
  8. 8. Structure & Strategy A Presentations & Awards Surprise Youth Initiative Avondale Presentation Glendale Youth Youth Initiative Initiative Presentation Presentation Goodyear Panel of Peoria Youth Youth Initiative Initiative Judges PresentationPresentation
  9. 9. Structure & Strategy A Glendale Youth Initiative Surprise Goodyear Youth Youth Initiative West Initiative Valley Youth Council Peoria Avondale Youth Youth Initiative Initiative
  10. 10. System/Structure -”Objective”Process Example• West Valley Youth Summit • West Valley Youth Summit • Association within each city • Formation of a West Valley Youth Council• Formation of a West Valley • All West Valley council together with elected officials • Initiative Youth council • ie: Youth purposes idea to prevent teen drinking. • Development •• Identification of a West Valley ie: Each city has a different perspective on the initiative. For example Good years summit will be hosting “Pledge Youth Initiative to Slushy” event; meaning if you sign for a pledge against drinking then you get a slushy. While Glendale’s summit is having motivational speakers speak @ high schools about drinking. Both summits are working on the• Development & initiative but on different levels. But all together they are implementation of the making the same different West Valley wide! initiative
  11. 11. Forming: In each city, there will be anSystem/Structure identical application. TheWhere: process includes:To outreach to the -Council formation byyouth within your appointmentcity’s boundaries: -Requirements – Student G.P.A. 2.5 or higher•The School Districts – Letter of Recommendation•High Schools – Certain amount of volunteer hours prior to council. (25-•School Clubs 50 hours)•Charter – City ResidentSchools/PublicSchools•Churches
  12. 12. System/Structure• “Support” City of Surprise (COS) – Council and Staff with a desire to engage youth – Existing infrastructure that engages youth – Successful summit model in place• Westmarc – Scholarship opportunities – Education and Workforce Committee to provide valuable leadership and support• Leadership West – Existing model for growing leaders in the west valley – Countless number of mentors for young leaders• Dysart Schools – Fastest growing school district in the state, National Accreditation, A+ schools – COS partner in Youth Initiatives• ASU – Student affairs provides a model for cultivating and growing young leaders – Peer mentors – West Valley Leadership training, college preparation, etc.,• Arizona/National League of Cities – NLC Framework is in place for AYCE – Bring West Valley Communities together
  13. 13. System/Structure “Support”• Partnerships and Support Funding Currently Surprise’s Grant Writer is investigating multiple avenues and conducting a demographic analysis to weigh appropriate potential funding options.
  14. 14. OUTLINECurriculum • Monthly meetingsFORMAT • Leadership training and Structure, developmentformat, policy andprocedures will be • Project presentation,developed initially by awards and recognitiona small working groupdevised of West Valley • Scholarship opportunitiesCity leaders, ASU,Leadership West, WestMarc and League.