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Book of days and first - aubrey

  3. 3. Chambers Book of DaysThe Chambers Book of Days (The Book of Days: AMiscellany of Popular Antiquities in Connection withthe Calendar, Including Anecdote, Biography, &History, Curiosities of Literature and Oddities ofHuman Life andCharacter) was written bythe Scottish author Robert Chambers and firstpublished in 1864.
  4. 4. Chambers Book of Days (1864) The Book of Days was Robert Chambers last publication, and perhaps his most elaborate. It was a miscellany of popular antiquities in connection with the calendar, and it is supposed that his excessive labour in connexion with this book hastened his death.
  5. 5. Two years before, the University of StAndrews had conferred upon him the degreeof doctor of laws, and he was elected amember of the Athenaeum Club in London. Itis his highest claim to distinction that he did somuch to give a healthy tone to the cheappopular literature which has become soimportant a factor in modern civilization
  6. 6. Chambers Harrap published a new Book of Days in2004, Rosalind Fergusson wrote for the ChambersHarrap website that:
  7. 7. Like its illustrious predecessor, Chambers Book ofDays (2004) is a compendium of information relatingto the days, months, and seasons of the year, selectedand presented with the personal touch of the author.... At the same time, the style of Chambers Book ofDays (1864) has been preserved by the inclusion ofnumerous passage from the original volumes, and theselection of these was one of the current author’smore pleasurable tasks. It is hard to surpass RobertChambers’ lyrical descriptions of the characteristicsof the changing seasons, for example, extracts ofwhich are included at the beginning of each month.
  8. 8. About the Book of Days• Matters connected with the Church Calendar, including the Popular Festivals, Saints Days, and other Holidays, with illustrations of Christian Antiquities in general;• Phenomena connected with the Seasonal Changes;
  9. 9. • Folk-Lore of the United Kingdom—namely, Popular Notions and Observances connected with Times and Seasons;• Notable Events, Biographies, and Anecdotes connected with the Days of the Year;
  10. 10. • Articles of Popular Archeology, of an entertaining character, tending to illustrate the progress of Civilization, Manners, Literature, and Ideas in these kingdoms;• Curious, Fugitive, and Inedited Pieces.
  11. 11. The Goddess Book of Days: A Perpetual 366Day Engagement Calendar• This daily planner is a tool which connects everyday life to the rebirth and growth of Goddess-centered spirituality. It is filled with drawings, Goddess lore, festivals, birthdays, rites and rituals from around the world. Goddesses (and some Gods) from every culture are featured each day of the year. A wonderful way to remain mindful of the Divine Mother and Her many daughters.
  12. 12. • Diane Stein is the popular author of many books on Goddess wisdom, healing, and the meaning and uses of Goddess rituals and cycles.
  14. 14. • The book of firsts desscribes the first instance of something happening.• It provides dates, the the details and the stories remarkable minds and personalities behind humankind’s milestones.
  15. 15. • It is packed with facts, photographs and pictures.• It is a painstakingly researched encyclopedia of ground breaking innovations and achievements.
  16. 16. EXAMPLES:
  17. 17. 1859 Charles Blondin (France) makes the first crossing of the Niagara River on a tight rope.
  18. 18. 1879 Joseph Swan (England) demonstrates the first practicable light bulb1885 Completion of the first skyscraper (Chicago, USA)1899 First escalator (USA)
  19. 19. 1959 Haloid Corp. (USA) produces first successful photocopier 1969 Seiko (Japan) launches the first quartz wristwatch
  20. 20. 1978 First GPS satellite is launched1989 Tim Berners – Lee (England) initiates the World Wide Web
  21. 21. Scholastic Book of Firsts• The Scholastic Book of Firsts will include the stories behind more than 500 of those starting points, touching on entertaining trivia and core- curricular topics. Whether its the first automobile rolling off the assembly line or the first manned mission into outer space. The hottest fast-facts book of the season features more than 1,000 of the coolest, biggest, and best "first" facts with illustrations.
  22. 22. First Balloon Around the World —American Steve Fossett took 16 days to float around the globe in 2002.First Science Fiction Movie —―A Trip to the Moon‖ came out in 1902!First Children’s Best-Seller —Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire made the top spot on The New York Times’ Best-Seller List in 2003.
  23. 23. First sneakers —Keds went on sale in 1917.First Graham cracker —Kids in 1829 first enjoyed this snack, named for its inventor, Sylvester Graham.First T. Rex —The first fossils of the fierce Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur were found in 1902.
  24. 24. First Kid to Climb Mt. Everest —Ming Kipa was only 15 when he made it to the top in 2003.First Catcher’s Mask —Fred Thayer invented this face-saving device in 1878.
  25. 25. END !!!Aubrey Anne Q. VerastigueBLIS - III Ms. Myrna Macapia