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run to win powerpoint

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sawyer page

  1. 1. Run To WinVince Lombardi on coaching and leadership By: Donald T. Phillips
  2. 2. Part 1Starting out
  3. 3. First Prepare• Study in detail team you’ve inherited• Evaluate situation in terms of strengths and weaknesses• Seek strategically to build a sense of pride in your team
  4. 4. Build your teamdemand the best from everyonechange the losing attitudestry to make team feel unique and wonderful- as if they are a special groupindividual commitment to a group effort is what makes a team workget team to mesh and gear smoothlypeople who work together will win
  5. 5. know your stuffbe a student of your gameremind your team that you were once in their positionget to know every part of the machinedont just tell players how to do something; teach themhow to do itcoach members of team to be attuned to all aspects ofthe game, not just those that impact them individuallypay attention to details
  6. 6. develop a game plan• make winning a part of the game plan• make no little plans. Make BIG plans• the reach should always exceed the grasp
  7. 7. ENCOURAGE INNOVATION,IMAGINATION, AND CREATIVITYIn order to be creative, understand all the aspects of your craft-its history, its pastinnovations, its details and nuances.have a lot of little kid in youwrite down a new idea wherever and whenever it occurs to youvisual education is much better than just talking to peoplefrom success stems confidenceif you alter your personality just to accomplish something, your not being true.You’re being dishonestIf you dont strive to innovate, someone else will come up with that better thing
  8. 8. if you stand still, you are not progressing and will not remain a leader for longinvolve the members of your team in the creative processpart of the price you must pay for success is watching others steal your ideascome up with new ideas that outdo your previous innovations
  9. 9. Part 11 building trust“you’ve got to win the hearts of the people you lead”
  10. 10. Sell Yourself• make every effort to build trust with your players so that your criticism will be taken in stride• ask members of your team to believe in you• its more important to have the players confidence than their affection• never tell your team anything you don’t believe yourself• always tell your team the truth• be responsible for a failure, after success let your team know you dont stand alone• be honest with yourself
  11. 11. Treat people as individualsa team is made up of as many different individuals as there are positionswhen it comes to details about your “players” keep keep your ear to the ground.Remember little things that others might not noticeadmit it when you make a mistakeinspire and motivate according to the personality of the individualthe amount that can be consumed and executed by a team is contro$ed by the weakestlink on it
  12. 12. Be color blindhave no sense of whose black, white, male, female, etc...make every member of your team part of a familyany kind of separatism is badrespect every persons dignity
  13. 13. Keep things simple• Whenever possible reduce your explanation of complex matters to two fundamental things.• For more complicated subjects, present a visual image for the team to concentrate on• simplicity increases your chances of winning• don’t encumber your players with a lot of rules. Give them the freedom to act on their own under game situations.• give directions as if you were talking to the least intelligent team member• simplicity is the sign of true greatness. Meekness is the sign of true strength.
  14. 14. CONSTANTLY INSPIREstay attuned to varying moods, feelings, and performances of each member ofyour team.find some way to always keep your team emotionally upthe conditions have to dictate what you do or don’t sayappeal to a persons sense of pridewhen you see an error being made don’t just sit thereleadership is based on the power to inspire
  15. 15. part 111Routine
  16. 16. Take chargeexpect full cooperation from your superiors, and give full cooperation in returnestablish your authority with your teamas a leader be willing to use authorityif your going to exercise authority you’ve got to respect itwhile most people shout to be independent, they also wish to be dependentas a leader you must have an inclination, a commitment, a willingness to commandkeep the members of your team at arms length
  17. 17. Learn, Teach, Practice• have a genuine willingness to learn• teach people to think for themselves. Inject enthusiasm and passion into your organization. Make it fun• dont assume everybody knows everything• you cant travel faster than your slowest pupil• negative experiences do not inhibit but rather contribute to the learning process• if you get bored teaching people get bored learning• always be right in the middle of the action
  18. 18. • people learn by example and explanation• when you see the gap between what people are and what they can become, do everything you can to help close it.
  19. 19. RUN TO DAYLIGHTencourage people to take action immediately, on their own, and without asking forpermissiontell your people what needs to be accomplished and let them do it anyway they wantas long as it gets donecardinal sin is to be outhoughtask people what they thinkteach people to think automatically in “game situations”take a chancebe willing to give it one more try
  20. 20. have the will to winnever let your team slip into a defeatist attitudeif you could have won you should have wonwinning is a habit, so is losingonce you establish success it makes the job fun and makes itroutinethe strength of the group is in the will of the leaderrefuse to lose
  21. 21. Part 1VCharacter
  22. 22. Have the courage to lead✤ once you obtain a certain amount of success, it is inevitable that you will be criticized✤ develop a thick skin to criticism✤ put defeat behind you, if you can’t accept losing you cant win✤ defeat is education✤ there must be truth in the purpose and willpower in the character✤ the measure of a man is how he meets his failures. The greatest accomplishment is not it never falling but in rising again after you fall
  23. 23. Control your darker side• when you do something wrong apoligize• continued abusive behavior frightens people, causes resentment, leads to arguments, engenders hate, and causes people to quit and walk away• inject some humor when you sense that a mood change will help your team• you cant be a cold fish when you lead, take your emotions with you if your going to be involved
  24. 24. PREACH LOVE, FAMILY,AND HEART POWER talk straight with members of your team, tell the truth be sensitive to the emotional needs and expectations of others. show concern for your “players” treat yourself as the patriarch of a large family who loves all his children and worries about them.
  25. 25. Be willing to pay the price for success expect 100% effort at all times success demands singleness of purpose. It is not a sometime thing; it is an all the time thing There are no shortcuts to success, the individual that tries to find them will lose his way leaders have to make the tough decisions that others are unwilling to make whatever job you have, you have to pay the price for success
  26. 26. MAKE A COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCEa leader must have character before he can instill it on othersa leader has got to get across to his team that feeling of truth, honesty, andselflessnessbe the same person no matter where you areunless a man believes in himself and makes a total commitment to hiscareer and puts everything he has into it-his mind, body and his heart-What’s life worth to him?seek to raise the barmake the effort to be perfect; thats what life is all about.