Mobile First. Mobile Now. A Look at Mobile Media Consumption


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Presentation by PR Newswire Global Director of Emerging Media – Michael Pranikoff – at the Business Development Institute B2B Mobile Leadership Forum in NYC on May 23, 2013 (#bd1 ). This presentation takes a look at the changing media consumption habits in the US and how the usage of mobile devices is changing the ways that marketers – and specifically B2B Marketers – need to think about the content that they are producing.

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  • The fast paced growth of mobile devices in the country continue to change the way that we as Americans access content. Whether that content is going to be geared toward a specific type of consumer or the everyman, people now have access to more information and services than ever before in history. The ability to walk down the street and then walk into a store to look at a product, today we can check prices for that product from anywhere in the world and check to see what others think about that product. The same can be said for professional services, highly technical products, or any other facet of B2B commerce.
  • As the explosion of mobile has changed the once dominant PC world, the mobile devices themselves are continuing to diversify. While the first tablet device was produced many years before the iPad came out; when Apple released the iPad, it changed how people thought and acted with these devices just as they did when the iPod came out into the MP3 Player marketplace. Sometimes it’s not about being the first to market; it’s about understanding what the market truly needs.
  • As the market has diversified and evolved in the “First World”, don’t underestimate the useage of the feature phone in other parts of the world.
  • Both categories of activities on Smartphones and Tablets show how Access to Search and Access to News are important. As a marketer, we need to think about how are doing at reaching these mobile audiences. Can our content be accessed and consumed easily on these devices? Can our content be viewed easily? Shared and used? This to your own corporate websites, how much of that content is sitting on your site in heavy PDF files. This content is not easily accessed, viewed, or even found by search on mobile devices. It’s not to say that they can’t be used, but someone would really have to want that information to take the steps needed to easily view that content….and I for one don’t think that many are willing to wait around to make that happen.
  • Within the realm of visual content, there are a ton of different forms you can use. With videos you can create explainer videos, interviews, product demos, behind the scenes tours and how-to's. With images you can create infographics, memes, SlideShare presentations, comics, animated GIFs and more! We love visual content because it is fun to create and people love to share it for us.
  • Visual elements are so important today both in online and mobile experiences. From great images and inforgraphics to using Slidesahrepresenations or today animated GIFs, there are tons of options. Videos can work too, but you need to make sure that you are using an HTML5 video player. Short videos, interviews, product demos and more – but remember for the mobile experience, short with a call to action. Most of all, create a visual element that helps to “stop the swipe”.
  • Your content should not look like textbooks when opened. Be sure to focus on "scanability" and how it looks on mobile devices because many times they will only briefly scan through your content.
  • Content must be mapped to business objectives – whether you are simply looking to position yourself as a thought leader or you are looking to drive more tangible results, your content strategy must support your business objectives so that you are driving results that will have an impact on your organization.  
  • Content must be appealing – If your content isn’t interesting, engaging, useful or appealing to your audience, they won’t care. They won’t read it; they won’t share it; they won’t act on it. It will just be more noise.  
  • Content should include specific ‘Calls to Action’ – Whether the “Calls to Action” are focused on sharing the content or asking the audience to provide you with information in exchange for the content or lead to an immediate sales opportunity, CTAs are critical to measuring the results of your content marketing efforts. If you have a benchmark like State Farm did, you can measure against that. 
  • Mobile First. Mobile Now. A Look at Mobile Media Consumption

    1. 1. Michael PranikoffGlobal Director,Emerging MediaPR Newswire / @mpranikoff
    2. 2. PR Newswire is the global leaderin innovative communicationsand marketing services,enabling organizations toconnect and engage with theirtarget audiences worldwide
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    5. 5. Growth = OpportunityMobile Growth has outpaced desktop web growth 8XSmartphone sales passed PC Sales in 2012PC100M+DesktopInternet1B+MobileConsumer10B+Source: Morgan Stanley
    6. 6. Mobile Internet Traffic18% USA25%Asia30% AfricaSource: Google The New Multiscreen World – August 2012
    7. 7. Multi-platform Consumption Is Today’s New Reality.1 in 3 minutes spentonline is now spentbeyond the PC.
    8. 8. 37% of ALL Media Consumption in theUS was via a Mobile Device in 2012Source: Comscore U.S. Digital Future in Focus – February 2013
    9. 9. TV No Longer CommandsOur AttentionSource: Google The New Multiscreen World – August 2012
    10. 10. 77% of TV Viewers UseAnother Device at thesame time in a typical daySource: Google The New Multiscreen World – August 2012
    11. 11. Source: Pocket Your Shop91% Of Adults Have TheirPhone Within Arms Reach 24/7
    12. 12. Time &LocationImpactwhat we dowith ourmobiledevicesSource: Google The New Multiscreen World – August 2012
    13. 13. Source: Comscore U.S. Digital Future in Focus – February 2013
    14. 14. 3 Out Of 5Searches AreDone ViaMobile DevicesTodaySource: Google The New Multiscreen World – August 2012
    15. 15. 14%African Americans are less likelyto own tablets devices thanCaucasians….but
    16. 16. 56%African Americans are biggernews consumers on the devicesthan Caucasians
    17. 17. 24%Hispanics are just as likely asCaucasians to own a tablet
    18. 18. 37%Hispanics are just as likely asCaucasians to be daily newsconsumers on the device
    19. 19. 51%Hispanics are more likely thanCaucasians to own aSmartphone and to be a dailynews consumer via the device.
    20. 20. March 2013 - 748,0000 Mobile Web siterelease views Up 90% over prior yearSource: PR Newswire Analytics – March 2013
    21. 21. Since 2012 Accesses of ourMultimedia Content10% - 14%IncreaseEveryMonthSource: PR Newswire Analytics – March 2013
    22. 22. Making Your Content Easy For Your Direct Audience
    23. 23. Making Your Content Easy For Your Direct AudienceThe IR App fromPR NewswireEasy-to-launch, solution to simplify yourcommunications strategy to reach a mobileshareholder audience. Live in 2-3 weeks Proprietary CMS tool for easy updates Push notifications Investor sign-up/opt-in Content sharing social/email Available via Apple’s App Store,iTunes and Google Play
    24. 24. What Do You Need ToDo To Reach YourAudience?
    25. 25. UnderstandYour Audience
    26. 26. Use VisualContent
    27. 27. Use VisualContent
    28. 28. Use Less Words
    29. 29. Responsive Design
    30. 30. Content Must Be MappedTo Business Objectives
    31. 31. Content Must Be Appealing
    32. 32. Plan For The Future
    33. 33. 1CONVERGENCEof Paid/Earned/Ownedis blurring lines betweenPR, Advertising &Marketing2SYNDICATIONthrough a variety ofchannels is critical inachieving organicaudienceengagement.3AUTHORITYis created throughcontent within contextwhich is easily curatedby your target audienceand algorithms.3 KEY TAKEAWAYS