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Fueling the Content Marketing Engine through PR


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Presented by Online Marketing Institute and PR Newswire on Wednesday Feb. 20, 2013 with Michael Pranikoff, PR Newswire Global Director of Emerging Media; and Lisa Buyer – CEO of The Buyer Group. Listen to the full session at

For both PR pros and marketers alike, the content phenomenon birthed by a converged media landscape is still in its infancy. And although the phrase content marketing doesn’t include PR, the connection between the two is undeniable.

Consider the fact that, at its core, public relations is focused on effective audience engagement – the very same goal of a content marketing strategy. By incorporating PR tactics (not solely limited to press releases alone), organizations stand to reap significant gains; gains in the form of higher earned media coverage, expanded visibility for one’s content, improved influencer engagement and more.

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Fueling the Content Marketing Engine through PR

  1. 1. Today’s Presenters Michael Pranikoff PR Newswire Global Director, Emerging Media @mpranikoff Lisa Buyer Publicist, Columnist, Social PR Evangelist CEO of The Buyer Group, A Social #PR Agency Blog: @lisabuyer #PRNEWSWIRE
  2. 2. About @LisaBuyer• Publicist, Columnist, Social PR Evangelist• Social #PR Chat Editor• CEO of The Buyer Group,• a Social #PR agency• Search Engine Watch Columnist• Clients include B2B, B2C, Public, and Private• Frequent industry speaker #PubCon, #SES, #ClickZ, AllFacebook Conference, MediaPost• University of Florida (Go Gators!) graduate with a degree in Public Relations & Business Administration
  3. 3. Dear Content Marketing:Meet PR, Your New BFF!• The PR Power of Newsrooms• Visual PR Content• Mobile PR Content• Paid PR Content-• What can you do right now? #PRNEWSWIRE @lisabuyer & @mpranikoff
  4. 4. #PRNEWSWIRE @lisabuyer & @mpranikoff
  5. 5. The Company Newsroom
  6. 6. The Company Online NewsroomA centralized news headquarters for all of your brand’s digital [content]including news stories, photos, videos, financial and other organizational information.
  7. 7. The Company Online Newsroom Florida Power & Light Newsroom
  8. 8. The Company Online Newsroom
  9. 9. Online Newsroom Content• Beyond the press release• Deliver diverse content for bloggers, buyers, consumers, analysts and investors. Industry News Social Networks Videos Images Content Feeds Categories Reviews Media Coverage Media Contact Info Infographics
  10. 10. Says“The best way to get other sites to create relevantlinks to yours is to create unique, relevantcontent that can quickly gain popularity in the Internet community,” says Google . “#PRNEWSWIRE @lisabuyer & @mpranikoff
  11. 11. News Optimization Opportunity 14 percent of press releases were optimized for search and recent surveys indicate the entire newsroom is lacking optimization.#PRNEWSWIRE @lisabuyer & @mpranikoff
  12. 12. Brands that can rock visual media will find themselves market leaders. @Ekaterina
  13. 13. More Multimedia = More Views * The number of stories with downloadable files such as PDFs, PPTs, DOCs is significantly fewer than those without, however the data shows the potential for very high visibility when such assets are included along with other multimedia assets. Source: PR Newswire Web Analytics, June 2012
  14. 14. 44% say more likely to engage with companies if they use pictures than any other media.#PRNEWSWIRE @lisabuyer & @mpranikoff
  15. 15. 79% journalists Say images increased the odds of a press release getting picked up.#PRNEWSWIRE @lisabuyer & @mpranikoff
  16. 16. Readers are4X more likely to engage or comment on a blog post with a good image
  17. 17. VSM: Visual Social Media• Visual PR via Visual Social Media (Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram)• Easier to snap a pic than post a Tweet• Experience roaming across diverse screens
  18. 18. Today’s Press Release and News• Can happen with a picture• Is social• Is optimized• Is visual (VSM) the next BIG thing – it’s here!
  19. 19. #PRNEWSWIRE @lisabuyer & @mpranikoff
  20. 20. Your Company News on PinterestGive them something to Pin about! Images that are • Visually attractive • Share worthy • Influential • Video
  21. 21. Say NOJust Say NO to BORING B2B Stock Photos!
  22. 22. Mobile Reporting Events TradeshowsBehind the Scenes @ Company Headquarter Step by Step How to #hashtag#PRNEWSWIRE @lisabuyer & @mpranikoff
  23. 23. Your Company News on Instagram Visually Interesting Evocative Personal Human Real
  24. 24. Consider all screens when thinking of content and online newsrooms Mobile versions to serve the multi- screen user!
  25. 25. B2B + Pinterest Visual and Mobile PR Reminders! Seamless brand experience • Consistent messaging • Goals and objectives • KPI
  26. 26. Opportunity Frequency Optimization#PRNEWSWIRE @lisabuyer & @mpranikoff
  27. 27. What can you do right now?
  28. 28. • Key Takeaways • Give your online newsroom some love! • Use the online newsroom as a content marketing hub • Use interesting and evoking images with company news and all content. • Tell your story in pins and pictures with Instagram • Give Google what it’s looking for: unique, relevant content that can quickly gain popularity • Don’t be afraid to #Fail! Try #new things
  29. 29. Make Your Content Move The Needle!
  30. 30. Today’s Presenters Michael Pranikoff PR Newswire Global Director, Emerging Media @mpranikoff Lisa Buyer Publicist, Columnist, Social PR Evangelist CEO of The Buyer Group, A Social #PR Agency Blog: @lisabuyer#PRNEWSWIRE @lisabuyer & @mpranikoff
  31. 31. Resources and Research budgets-and-trends-research-report-0314013 america-14855770
  32. 32. Speaker: Lisa Buyer, President & CEO The Buyer GroupWebsite: www.thebuyergroup.comTwitter: or @lisabuyerLinkedIn: