Discovery to Share: The Keys to Getting Your Audiences to Move Your Message at #ebev in Denver 10/25/13


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Presentation created for the #eBev Conference held in Denver on Oct 24 -25, 2013 by the American Beverage Consortium. The conference was for digital markers in the adult beverage industry. This presentation focused on trends in the digital marketing world and how content can create authority and organic conversations.

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  • I found this to be pretty generic: there was nothing much in here that explained 'how to' get an audience to share content step-by-step. I guess that's for paying customers only :)
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  • Content Drives Them All – all kinds of content drives audience…but are you using the right content to drive audiences? Are you telling your unique story in a way that connects your audience to your brand or your message?
  • Before you go any further, the first step is making sure that you know the answers to a few key questions. First, it’s crucial to know who you are trying to reach. And the more specific, the better your communications campaign will be. Rather than Millennials, how about 25-30 year olds living in major cities who care about the environment?
  • Let’s look at the value exchange. For a brand, content is the currency. For the audience, personal information is the currency.  The value exchange happens when the content a brand continuously delivers establishes its worth to its audience and in turn the audience trusts the brand enough to identify themselves and provide permission to the brand to establish a relationship with them, to invite them to take an action.
  • Send your news release out on a wire service. When you do so, make sure you are doing correct SEO properties, to drive back where you want them to go.
  • The Classic Story Arc as we know it currently concludes it’s life span today in a period of 72 – 96 hours….and we think this is beginning to shorten. This requires marketers to separate our channels of Paid, Earned, and Owned and in this instance, relies fully on earned media to further our message.
  • We now move to a new way of telling our story. Here, we are now mixing our media – mixing the Paid, The Owned, and the Earned media inflections. In this scenario, we are now able to control more of the message. We keep adding more pieces to the story and at the same time using a mix of channels and media types – from text to imagery to video.
  • Content must be mapped to business objectives – whether you are simply looking to position yourself as a thought leader or you are looking to drive more tangible results, your content strategy must support your business objectives so that you are driving results that will have an impact on your organization.  
  • Content must be appealing – If your content isn’t interesting, engaging, useful or appealing to your audience, they won’t care. They won’t read it; they won’t share it; they won’t act on it. It will just be more noise.  
  • Content should include specific ‘Calls to Action’ – Whether the “Calls to Action” are focused on sharing the content or asking the audience to provide you with information in exchange for the content or lead to an immediate sales opportunity, CTAs are critical to measuring the results of your content marketing efforts. If you have a benchmark like State Farm did, you can measure against that. 
  • Discovery to Share: The Keys to Getting Your Audiences to Move Your Message at #ebev in Denver 10/25/13

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    2. Michael Pranikoff Global Director, Emerging Media PR Newswire Twitter / @mpranikoff @mpranikoff #eBev
    3. PR Newswire is the global leader in innovative communications and marketing services, enabling organizations to connect and engage with their target audiences worldwide
    4. We have the distribution & syndication network to AMPLIFY your content. We have the resources to make your content more VISIBLE. @mpranikoff #eBev Our products & services help you continually ENGAGE your target audiences.
    5. “Every day, Three Times Per Second, we produce the equivalent of the amount of data that the Library of Congress has in its entire print collection. Most Of It Is...Irrelevant Noise. So unless you have good techniques for filtering and processing the information, you’re going to get into trouble.” - Nate Silver @mpranikoff #eBev
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    9. Source: @mpranikoff #eBev
    10. Paid Media Promoted Traditional Ads Converged Media Corporate Content Branded That Is Shared Sponsored Earned Media Organic @mpranikoff Based on Altimeter Group Research Owned Media #eBev
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    12. @Luhersco #ebev 10/24/13 @mpranikoff #eBev
    13. PR Is A Strong Component In The Marketing Mix 90% Consumer Rates Method More Effective 80% Own Sites Email 70% PR Own Social Consumer Exhibitions Search Ads on Social Nets 60% Conferences Own Events Custom Print Direct Mail Print Magazines Print Newspaper 50% General Sites 40% B2B Rates Method More Effective Virtual Exhibitions Smartphones Collateral Print Directories Sponsorship Tablets Webinars 30% Topic Specific Sites Vertical Search 20% Blue = Digital, Orange = Traditional 10% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% B2B Source: Outsell 2013 Advertising and Marketing Study @mpranikoff #eBev
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    17. What Form of Advertising / Marketing Content Do You Trust? – Recommendation from People I Know 89% 90% Global Average – 92% 94% 92% Source: Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising – April 2013 @mpranikoff #eBev
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    21. We Need To Create Proactive Messaging Proactive Messaging Should Be Created With Optimization Proactive Messaging Also Means Creating Content That Is Directional @mpranikoff #eBev
    22. The Value Exchange BRAND AUDIENCE Currency = Content Currency = Personal Info The brand continuously delivers relevant content & establishes its worth to the audience The audience trusts the brand enough to identify themselves & Jane Smith grant permission for engagement 555-555-5555 CEO, XYZ Corp. @mpranikoff #eBev
    23. “ Robert Cohen, VP Global Retail Source: @mpranikoff #eBev
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    25. EQ > IQ EMOTIONS TRUMP INTELLIGENCE @mpranikoff #eBev
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    30. “ Guinness Friendship scored 30 percent higher than other beer brands during the quarter.” @mpranikoff #eBev
    31. Make Your Content Directional CONTENT @mpranikoff #eBev
    32. “ William McComb - CEO Source: @mpranikoff #eBev
    33. “ William McComb - CEO Source: @mpranikoff #eBev
    34. @mpranikoff #eBev
    35. Source: Forrester Research Put Distribution At The Heart Of Content Marketing– 10/3/12 @mpranikoff #eBev
    36. Source: Forrester Research Put Distribution At The Heart Of Content Marketing– 10/3/12 @mpranikoff #eBev
    37. Classic Story Arc y = tension climax Earned Media dénouement opening scene x = time beginning middle 72 Hours Adapted from Lou Hoffman - @mpranikoff #eBev end
    38. The Communicator’s Story Spike y = change future storytelling fodder x = time Old Way New Way Adapted from Lou Hoffman - @mpranikoff #eBev
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    43. MULTI-PLATFORM CONSUMPTION IS TODAY’S NEW REALITY 1 in 3 minutes spent online is now spent beyond the PC. @mpranikoff #eBev
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    48. What Form of Advertising / Marketing Content Do You Trust? – Branded Websites 44% 52% Global Average – 58% 58% 73% Source: Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising – April 2013 @mpranikoff #eBev
    49. What Form of Advertising / Marketing Content Do You Trust? – Editorial Content Such As News Articles 58% 64% Global Average – 62% 60% 69% Source: Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising – April 2013 @mpranikoff #eBev
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    55. Point of Syndication @mpranikoff #eBev
    56. Editorial Pickup Point of Syndication @mpranikoff #eBev
    57. Editorial Pickup Point of Syndication @mpranikoff #eBev
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    59. @mpranikoff #eBev
    60. Content Must Be Mapped To Business Objectives @mpranikoff #eBev
    61. Content Must Be Appealing @mpranikoff #eBev
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    63. @mpranikoff #eBev
    64. Publish a steady stream of content TRUST RELIABILITY DELIGHT Keep it relevant & interesting @mpranikoff #eBev @mpranikoff #eBev
    65. @mpranikoff Source: #eBev
    66. 3 KEY TAKEAWAYS 1 2 3 CONVERGENCE of Paid/Earned/Owned is blurring lines between PR, Advertising & Marketing SYNDICATION through a variety of channels is critical in achieving organic audience engagement. AUTHORITY is created through content within context which is easily curated by your target audience and algorithms. @mpranikoff #eBev