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Presentación angles


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Presentación angles

  1. 1. A ChristmasCarol
  2. 2. Contents- Scrooge- The firs spirit- The socend spirit- The last of the spirits- A Merry Christmas, Mr Scrooge!
  3. 3. The protagonist is Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge, a miserly and stingy manwho does not celebrate the feast of Christmas because of his lonelylife and workaholism. Do not care about others, not evenhis employee Bob Cratchit , all you care about is business and makemoney. When going to ask for money for the poor, Scrooge says "Noprisons? Are there no homes?" and says that if people die, stopoverpopulation, people throwing Site.One night, on Christmas Eve, Scrooge is visited by a ghost whohappens to be her best friend and partner, Jacob Marley, who diedseven years before the beginning of the story. The spectrum tellsyou, for being greedy in life, all their wickedness has become along, heavy string to drag for eternity. He announces that Scroogehas surpassed all its evils, therefore, when I die will have to take amuch longer chain and heavy. Then he announces the visit ofthree spirits of Christmas, which will give the last chance to savehimself. Scrooge is not afraid and defies prediction.
  4. 4. That night, Scrooge awakens to find the Ghost of ChristmasPast, radiating light and looks like a child, accompanyingtells, first shown as a lonely child, who is only in school allsummer reading, then, shows his sister Fanny, who will look totake home and come together there, the ghost reminds you tohave a child died, his nephew, Fred. Then he shows hisapprenticeship, his master Fezziwig, Dick Wilkins and hisgirlfriend. Then he shows a sad scene, in which his girlfriendleaves him because he had become rich and did not careChristmas.
  5. 5. Finally comes the Ghost of Christmas Present that makes yousee the miser the current situation of the family of his employeeBob Cratchit, who despite their poverty and illness of his sonTim, celebrates Christmas, Scrooge asks Tim survive if the ghost,the ghost tells him die, and says no matter, "it will stopoverpopulation" Scrooge for his embarrassing behavior. Then theSpirit shows how all people celebrate Christmas, even Scroogesnephew, Fred, celebrates Christmas in an ironic way but happy(because guests do not want the presence of the miser). In theend, the ghost takes Scrooge a clock where notices a claw comingout of his robe, the Ghost opens and reveals a boy and a girl whoare poverty and ignorance, when Scrooge asks if there primarycaregivers, the child asks "Is there no prisons?" and the girl asks"No asylums?", the Phantom grows old and dies quickly.
  6. 6. The Ghost of Christmas Future , silent and somber, showsthe most heartbreaking thing: the fate of the greedy. Hishouse was ransacked by the poor, sober remembrance ofhis friends in the stock market, the death of Tim Cratchitand most frightening: his owntomb, to which Scrooge ishorrified and tries to finally convince the spirit that iswilling to change if he invests the destination. In theend, the miser wakes from his nightmare and becomes agenerous and kind man.
  7. 7. Changing lives it himself when Scrooge finally celebratesChristmas, a young man makes you buy the turkey andsend it to your employee Cratchit without disclosing whosent him. Then goes outside to greet people with a MerryChristmas and enters his nephew Freds house tocelebrate, causing astonishment among theguests. Regarding Cratchit, pretends tardy rebuke him forhis work, gives a raise and goes with him to help thefamily and especially to Tim in his treatment of thedisease, which ultimately cause them happiness in doingmemorable phrase of little Tiny Tim : And may God blessus all .