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Iq test


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An intelligence quotient, or IQ, is a score derived from one of several standardized tests designed to assess intelligence. Knowing your IQ level increases your confidence a lot.
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Iq test

  1. 1. IQ Test
  2. 2. The IQ tests are designed to identify the ability levels of recruits in the army, navy and air force
  3. 3. IQ test is helpful for everyone, whether children or adults
  4. 4. IQ tests don't test your intelligence as much as they test your patience
  5. 5. IQ tests are of different types, so play according to your need
  6. 6. IQ tests check your ability to recognize patterns and are designed to test your intelligence level
  7. 7. IQ level always depends on logical thinking
  8. 8. IQ tests are absolutely one of the most valid and reliable tests in all of psychology
  9. 9. Playing IQ games not only helps in increasing the IQ level but also helps in increasing the social interaction
  10. 10. IQ test is a best option for children to increase their memory, as they find it very difficult in school days to memorize some topics
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