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SharePoint UserGroup Stuttgart - Martina Grom - Office 365 News


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SharePoint UserGroup Stuttgart - Martina Grom - Office 365 News from BUILD and IGNITE 2015

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SharePoint UserGroup Stuttgart - Martina Grom - Office 365 News

  1. 1. Martina Grom, RD, MVP, @magrom Office 365 Neuigkeiten
  2. 2. About Me Martina Grom Office 365 MVP, Microsoft Regional Director Working on: Contact
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Groups building blocks Azure Active Directory Apps Office 365 Groups
  5. 5. Microsoft Office 365 Groups Deep Dive
  6. 6. eDiscovery & legal hold Data Loss Prevention Soft-delete & restore GAL activity monitoring Expire inactive groups Azure Active Directory Connect Additional AAD improvements Outlook 2016 & mobile app Office Graph & Delve integration Skype Meet now Files & pages Invite guest users Dynamics CRM Extensible to third party apps
  7. 7. Cloud Updates within Office 365 Monthly updates Deliver new features and value Updated automatically Roadmap at On Premises Updates New features and value at major releases Approximately 2-3 year cycle Interim Service Packs Next Release: Public Beta Q4, 2015; GA Q2 2016 Release Cadence
  8. 8. Converged code base Cloud-down codebase based on SharePoint Online Backported capabilities for on-premises differentiators DevMain SPORel O15 GUx GUy
  9. 9. Prerequisites Windows Management Framework 3.0 Application Server Role Web Server (IIS) Role Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 Update for the .NET Framework 4 (KB2898850) Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Native Client Microsoft Identity Extensions Microsoft Sync Framework Runtime v1.0 SP1 (x64) Windows Server AppFabric 1.1 Windows Identity Foundation v1.1 Microsoft Information Protection and Control Client Microsoft WCF Data Services
  10. 10. Database Servers
  11. 11. 1 Windows identity over SAML claims Normalizes on OAuth and JWT/SAML with WSFED Important resources 2 3 5 4
  12. 12. Supports sending mail to SMTP servers using STARTTLS connection encryption No fallback support for unencrypted connections SMTP can use non-default ports Connection Encryption Provides improved messaging security
  13. 13. […..] Distributed Cache and Request Management Distributed Cache, Request Management, SharePoint Foundation Web Application […..] Web Servers Access Services, Business Data Connectivity, Central Administration, Managed Metadata, SharePoint Foundation Web Application, Secure Store Service, State, Subscription Settings, User Code, User Profile, Visio Graphics […..] Batch Processing Crawl Target, Machine Translation, SharePoint Foundation Web Application, PowerPoint Conversion, User Profile Synchronization, Word Automation, Work Management, Workflow Timer Service […..] Specialized Workloads Excel Calculation, PerformancePoint, Project, Search, SharePoint Foundation Web Application User services Robot services Caching services MinRole SharePoint logic consolidated into one single machine reducing the number of discrete roles timer jobs search caching provisioning sync client onenote page rendering user profile excel services sandbox code project subscription settings
  14. 14. Smaller update footprint Reduced number of MSI and MSP In-place, online, installation
  15. 15. Increased List Threshold >5000 List Threshold Content database sizing into TB’s Content Database Size MaxFile Size increases to 10GB and removed character restrictions MaxFile Size 100,000 site collections per content database Site Collections per Content Database 2x increase in Search scale to 500 million items Indexed Items
  16. 16. BITS Protocol support Download Byte-range HTTP GETs Upload BITS specific block-based upload protocol Data Application Data Presentation Data Session Segments Transport Packets Network Frames Data Link Bits Physical HOSTLAYERSMEDIALAYERS
  17. 17. Copies Site Collections using SPSite.Copy at Content Database level Implements master copies of Site Collections Mitigates Feature Activation overhead New Logic Improves site collection creation performance
  18. 18. Improved bidirectional synchronization Removed built-in FIM Service Supports external FIM Service Unidirectional synchronization provided through native AD synchronization
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  20. 20. Search Service Application for cloud storage Unifies on-premises and cloud indexes Provides support for Office Graph/Delve experiences on-premises Supports Search as a Service / reduces search crawl footprint Audio text And search indexpropertiessignals Metadata extraction and processing
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