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Develop intelligent apps for the modern workplace


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We are Developers Conference
Dec. 5th, 2018, #Vienna #WeAreDevs
Martina Grom & Toni Pohl,
@magrom @atwork

Published in: Technology
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Develop intelligent apps for the modern workplace

  1. 1. Develop intelligent apps for the Modern Workplace Martina Grom Office 365 MVP, Microsoft RD @magrom | Toni Pohl MVP Azure & Office Dev. @atwork | Picture:
  2. 2. Why is there a trend for AI in organizations Using intelligent cloud services Collaboration and how AI can support
  3. 3. 59% 20% 59%Managers missing information daily
  4. 4. How can ML & AI help? Both support users in operations Machines learn without being explicitly programmed Both can be consumed easily from the cloud Picture: Man looking into the stars/Universe
  5. 5. Cortana as digital Assistant
  6. 6. Microsoft 365 knows about relationships
  7. 7.
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Join our #AI cloud service experiment: Tweet positive and negative text with hashtag #PandaDev
  10. 10. Search Discovery Workflow Protection Accessibility
  11. 11. Photo Intelligence: Automatic OCR in Microsoft OneDrive
  12. 12. Video Intelligence: Automatic Transcript in Microsoft Stream
  13. 13. Demo of Cognitive Services/Text Analyzer with Sentiment Score
  14. 14. @jawache Demo of Cognitive Services for Developers:
  15. 15. by Asim Hussain, @jawache
  16. 16. Demo of Cognitive Services/Emotion API with Emoticons
  17. 17. ML and AI support users Use intelligent cloud services for collaboration, search and more Add cloud services to your own apps Picture: Toni Pohl
  18. 18. Picture: We are hiring
  19. 19. Picture: Thumbs up