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9 14-12


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9 14-12

  1. 1. September 14, 2012 Daily Folders and Book Orders Star Student! Planners I will be sending book Starting next week, we Please continue to sign orders home throughoutwill recognize one student your child’s planner every the year. If you wouldper week as the “star day. It helps keep them like to place an order,student.” I will be doing it accountable for their please make checksin alphabetical order. homework and keeps you payable to Scholastic.When your child is the star up to date on class work You may also order onlinestudent, please send in or other announcements. atpictures (if you are able) of child, family, .vacations, etc. that we can The activation code forput on the star student our class is: JDB8G. Whenboard for the week (I will you place an order online, yoube sure not to staple the September’s will earn a FREE book pick,pictures). Here are the Character Quality and the class will also receive $3first two star students: towards books for the classroom. You will also haveSept. 17-21- Kiara more books to choose from. IfSept. 24-28- Natalie at all possible, please place your order online and help out our class . This Week’s Academics Spelling– This week, we focused on long vowels, short vowels, and silent letters. We also took our first spelling test today. Students will receive their first 2-5-8 menu on Monday to practice the words they missed on the test. Their 2-5-8 will always be due on Friday. Reading– We finished Mrs. Frisby and the Crow and took our test on Tuesday. We are currently reading Toto and will finish it next week! Writing- We worked hard on our autobiographies this week. We worked on our final drafts today and will be typing them on laptops starting on Monday! Math– This week, we continued to review addition and subtraction. We also learned how to find missing addends. We hope to finish unit 1 next week with our first test on Friday.