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The Importance of Fully Managed Hosting for Magento Enterprise | Imagine 2013 Technology | Greg Strelzoff


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The Importance of Fully Managed Hosting for Magento Enterprise | Imagine 2013 Technology | Greg Strelzoff

  1. 1. The importance of fullymanaged hosting forMagento Enterprise
  2. 2. Insert photo of speakerhere891 pixels h x 688 pixels wThe importance offully managedhosting forMagento EnterpriseCEOZeroLag CommunicationsGreg Strelzoff
  3. 3. ZeroLag, a Platinum Magento Hosting Partner, specializes inworking with Magento Solution Partners to host high volume andcomplex Magento Enterprise deployments. ZeroLag understandsthat achieving maximum reliability, speed, and security in aMagento deployment requires a close and collaborative workingrelationship between developer and host.
  4. 4. Introduction• Cheap Hosting never ends up saving money dueto: Unstable Server Environment Bad User Experience Consistent Downtime No Security procedures No back ups if data is lost.• Enterprise class managed hosting is the smartchoice for Magento Enterprise.
  5. 5. Types of Hosting• Managed - A managed server means that the hosting company is solely responsiblefor the integrity and security of the Operating System and the rest of the softwarestack.• Co-managed - A co-managed server means that the hosting company will no longerbe able to ensure the integrity of the server configuration. With multiple teamsworking on the server, the hosting company will be unable to diagnose and fix issueswithout having full knowledge of what the Client has done.• Unmanaged - A unmanaged server means the hosting company will rack the serverand provide full admin access to the client to configure and set up all software.
  6. 6. Managed Co-Managed UnmanagedOS install Yes Yes NoSoftware Stack install, if supported Yes Maybe NoProactive Security Patches Yes No NoStability Guaranteed Yes No NoRoot/Admin Access No Yes YesSSH Access Yes Yes YesFTP Access Yes Yes YesComparison
  7. 7. It’s All About the Approach• Infrastructure is equivalent to thefoundation of a house.• If your foundation IS NOT stable you endup with a crooked house that can notsupport the weight of the building.
  8. 8. The Common Goal• Produce a website with the besteCommerce application andinfrastructure that provides a product tothe customer and return to the businesswhile creating and maintaining the bestpossible online user experience.
  9. 9. The Team Approach• Everyone has a role they specialize inand they communicate throughout theentire development and life of thewebsite: eCommerce business Magento Magento Solution Partner Magento Hosting PartnerClose the loopon the userexperience
  10. 10. Peace of Mind as a Service(“POMaaS”)Visit ZeroLag in theMarketplace at Lounge 74 tolearn more about POMaaS