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Act Now: 10 Tips for Boosting your business | Magento Imagine 2013 Marketing Track | Ed Hoffman and Richard Sexton


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Act Now: 10 Tips for Boosting your business | Magento Imagine 2013 Marketing Track | Ed Hoffman and Richard Sexton

  1. 1. Insert photo of speakerhere891 pixels h x 688 pixels wAct Now: 10 Tipsfor Boosting yourBusinessPresented by:Ed Hoffman, VP of Global Sales andBusiness Development, SLI SystemsRichard Sexton, President, Carolina Rustica
  2. 2. SLI Systems offers full service, customized, on-demand solutionsfor Merchandising, Site-Search and Navigation and UserGenerated SEO. SLI Systems’ hosted solutions empowerbusinesses to enhance customer satisfaction while increasingsales, reducing costs and yielding valuable customer information.
  3. 3. Established in 2000, Carolina Rustica is a high-end multi-channel furnitureretailer based in Concord, NC. In October 2012 it became part of the US-Mattress family.SLI Systems has been a technology partner with Carolina Rustica forover seven years, four platform migrations, and one ownership change.Carolina Rustica is very happy to be on the Magento platform. It’s where weshould have been all along.
  4. 4. Site Search Influenced by Web Search
  5. 5. Many Consumers Search FIRST• Consumers use Google or Yahoo or some web searchevery day – they are used to searching• They want what they came for, not to be ‘distracted’• If they can’t find it, they can’t buy it.• Do you search first?
  6. 6. Importance of Site Search• Relevance is crucial• The most important page on your site is the site searchpage• Users often rely on search as their main huntingstrategy• 43% of visitors use the search box• Visitors who use Site Search convert better than non-searchers. Why?• Search is a fundamental component of the Web userexperience and is getting more important every year
  7. 7. Search Results Reflect a Uniform User Experience
  8. 8. Present a great and consistent user experience
  9. 9. Optimized Search Results Page
  10. 10. Site search not just product search
  11. 11. Present Visitors with Merchandising and Marketing Banners
  12. 12. Use Every Opportunity to Promote
  13. 13. Learning Search Connect• A Magento-specific application that pulls data directfrom the platform to SLI search results• Allows for changes and additions to productattributes and categories to be reflected in searchresults almost real-time• This linked integration allows for higher functionalityand customization of search results
  14. 14. Functionality with Learning Search Connect
  15. 15. Use the Connections in your DataNext Steps: Cross Site / CrossPlatform Integration with US-Mattress Sites using SLI
  16. 16. Thank you!