And Then What Creative - 2012 Q3 Trend Report for Experiential Marketing


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And Then What Creative - 2012 Q3 Trend Report for Experiential Marketing

  1. 1. TRENDREPORTFOR EXPERIENCE DESIGN2012 Q3Q4 2011 // stuartfingerhut.comLos Angeles, CA T 323.963.3393
  2. 2. DESIGN NOW PLAYS THE MOST SIGNIFICANT ROLE IN CONSUMER EXPERIENCES.Good design creates positive experiences between people and products,spaces or systems.
  3. 3. Design’s power lies in its ability to create memorable experiences.People will always seek out something new - it’s a part of the humancondition. Designs power is in creating richness and meaning bylayering products or spaces with services.
  4. 4. Creating experiences which are captivating and engaging is one of thegreatest challenges - but will reap the most rewards!Doing anything less is a waste of time and money, and will look datedbefore it hits the floor.DRIVERS
  5. 5. Once a project has gone live with a competitor it may cease to be“the new.”To deliver rich experiences to your visitors, one should design withan eye for what will be innovative in 6 - 12 months time.
  7. 7. WHATS NEW
  8. 8. COACHELLA GATEWAY PAVILIONFor the 2012 Coachella Music Festival Alexis Rochas of I/O designed and built the CoachellaGateway Pavilion, the largest customized structure in the US. The 35-by-75-foot freestandingstructure featured more than 18 hours of video and interactive 3D projection-mapped contentwhich cast dynamic imagery across the desert.
  9. 9. MOCAP MAPPINGMocap mapping is a first-of-its-kind combination of 3D projection mapping and live motioncapture technology. This brand-new mix allows for engaging interaction between the audienceand 3D imagery projected onto a building. The tailor-made mocap mapping provides a highlyengaging experience through media attention and online interaction.
  10. 10. THE TELEVISION OF TOMORROWNDSs Surfaces is a proof-of-concept that shows how television could become a much moreimmersive living room experience. The Surfaces prototype transforms the idea of “television”into something worthy of our digital age. Starting with a gigantic canvas different layers ofinformation and content most revelant to the home user could be displayed.
  11. 11. AR FASHION CAMPAIGNSMarks & Spencer is integrating augmented reality into its autumn fashion advertisingcampaign. The AR app will provide customers access to exclusive video content via M&S adsand magazine showcasing how the latest fashion ranges look when they are worn. QR codeswill also allow customers access to information about products.
  12. 12. 3-D VIDEO PODResearchers at Queen’s University have developed TeleHuman, a life-size cylindrical podallowsing users to conduct real-time, 360-degree video conferences. Not only do you see theperson in 3-D, you can walk a full 360 degrees around the pod to see your conversation partnerfrom every angle — just as if the person was actually standing infront of you.
  13. 13. VIRTUAL CHANGING ROOMJohn Lewis is piloting Ciscos StyleMe Virtual Fashion Mirrors at its flagship London departmentstore. The 6- by 3-foot mirrors have built-in cameras that capture shoppers’ body dimensionsand position to provide customers with a virtual way to try on clothes. The mirrors offers morethan 500 women’s-wear garments and accessories which are superimposed over customers’on-screen images.
  14. 14. INTERACTIVE HANGERTeamLabHanger is an interactive hanger linking the hanger to coordinated images and videosdisplayed on monitors in the store. The teamLabHanger acts as an interface that providesadditional information to make the item more appealing. Displays can provide item information,video and sound.
  15. 15. MOBILE TELECONFERENCINGDouble is a simple way to be somewhere else in the world without flying there. The designallow users to freely move while making conversations fluid and real. Double improve existingteleconferencing and open a world of possibilities for the disabled and elderly.
  16. 16. LIVE EVENT SCREENPRINTINGHIT + RUN is the worlds leader in live screenprinting. Their live screenprinting events can befound at everything from Coachella, to the Super Bowl, to Art Basel and more. They work withclients to screenprint posters, bandanas and even customized CD jackets to go with a musiccompilation put together by the client.
  17. 17. Good designers understand the value of materials and the opportunities they provide to furtherexpanded the impact of a finished installation including the fabrication processes.Materials manufacturers also understand both the economic benefits and marketingopportunities of developing more environmentally beneficial productions. These materialinvestigations have had unexpected benefits for the environment and supports the modest riskinvolved in trying new combinations and processes.Materials now possess multiple functions and can be tailored to change their visual and me-chanical properties to suit specific needs.MATERIALS MATTER
  18. 18. POWER PARASOLThe Lot 59 project has four Power Parasols positioned over the parking lots at ASU between thefootball stadium and the baseball stadium. It covers parking areas used by students and by fansattending athletic events.
  19. 19. KINETIC PARKING GARAGE FAÇADEArtist Ned Kahn has designed an aluminium façade with 117,000 suspended aluminum panelsthat fluctuate with the movement of wind. The panels hang eight storeys and cover an area of5000-sq-m. The facade offere the observer an ever-changing piece of art while masking theside of a car park.
  20. 20. CONCRETE PANELSBudapest-based Ivanka offers concrete wall panels designed to protect and embellish interiorand exterior walls with the aesthetic of cast-in-place concrete. The 2 cm thick fiber-reinforcedpanels enhance both thermal and acoustic isolation, have a high level of fire resistance, andare anti-corrosive and waterproof.
  21. 21. FLEX LIGHTING3M Architectural Markets has introduced FLEX, a modular lighting system that can besuspended and curved along walls and ceilings to create luminous installations. The newdesigns are suited for retail and hospitality spaces and explore the flexibility of LED lighting.
  22. 22. CONTACTPHONEEMAIL stuart@a-t-w-c.com323.963.3393Stuart Fingerhut