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And Then What Creative - 2012 Q2 Trend Report for Experiential Marketing


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Published in: Design, Business, Technology
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And Then What Creative - 2012 Q2 Trend Report for Experiential Marketing

  1. 1. TRENDREPORTFOR EXPERIENCE DESIGN2012 Q2Q4 2011 // stuartfingerhut.comLos Angeles, CA T 323.963.3393
  2. 2. DESIGN NOW PLAYS THE MOST SIGNIFICANT ROLE IN CONSUMER EXPERIENCES.Good design creates positive experiences between people and products,spaces or systems.
  3. 3. Design’s power lies in its ability to create memorable experiences.People will always seek out something new - it’s a part of the humancondition. Designs power is in creating richness and meaning bylayering products or spaces with services.
  4. 4. Creating experiences which are captivating and engaging is one of thegreatest challenges - but will reap the most rewards!Doing anything less is a waste of time and money, and will look datedbefore it hits the floor.DRIVERS
  5. 5. Once a project has gone live with a competitor it may cease to be“the new.”To deliver rich experiences to your visitors, one should design withan eye for what will be innovative in 6 - 12 months time.
  7. 7. WHATS NEW
  8. 8. MQ10 | ARCHITECTURAL STAGINGThe 10th anniversary of the Museumsquartier Vienna was celebrated with the commission ofa façade projection video by Urbanscreen. Projected on two full sides of the Leopold Museum’saustere walls, the non-narrative video mapping folds’ the walls into parametric forms and re-builds the building in continually abstract ways.
  9. 9. BURBERRY MAKES IT RAIN IN TAIPEITaking the phrase "grand opening" to the next level, Burberry created a digitally immersiveexperience complete with a 360° film to launch its newest store in Taipei. The night’s runningtheme was a multi-sensory, digital weather experience. The affair included a live musical per-formances and an eight-part film screening 360° in a custom cylindrical space.
  10. 10. BENETTON’S LIVE WINDOWSBenettons Live Window’s Project took home the top retail award at the 2012 Digital SignageExpo. Created by Benetton Group’s research laboratory, the digital program connects teninternational flagships together in real time. Instead of mannequins or traditional two-dimen-sional imagery, each store was equipped with high definition video walls playing the company’sad campaigns and product offerings.
  11. 11. WHITE"White” was a gallery installation produced by the 20 students of Studio 400, a fifth-year archi-tectural design studio at California Polytechnic State University. The installation was a collab-orative effort by all members of the studio. 80,000 square feet of plastic sheeting was sliced,loomed, woven, and tied to provide a climbable and malleable surface in the 4,500 square footgallery, with fabrication and installation occurring over just a five day period.
  12. 12. VIRTUAL SHOP ‘WALK THROUGHSNew virtual shops have opened in Japan using the PanoPlaza platform. These online shopsrecreate the stores floor so visitors can browse through items as they would in-store. Userscan navigate around the virtual shop with keyboard or mouse commands, and even "walk"over for a better look at products. The virtual shops are designed using a series of photos tocreate a panoramic layout.
  13. 13. AUGMENTED FOR THE HOMESayduck has created an augmented reality app that allows users to see how furniture looks intheir home before buying it. Utilizing a live camera feed the furniture is virtual represented inreal-time with a tracking marker, allowing the user to view the virtual object from any angle.No more guessing how a piece of furniture will fit in its intended environment.
  14. 14. INTERACTIVE NEWSSTANDSInteractive content is being delivered to eight newsstand displays throughout Times Squarein New York City. The street-level screens are embedded into kiosks where people buy theirdaily newspapers and magazines, targeting audiences in the popular tourist and businessdestination. These kiosks feature technologies ranging from touch interaction to augmentedreality.
  15. 15. CHEVROLET GOGOLINKSome of Chevrolets smallest cars will feature a touchscreen that link to a infotainment systemon smartphones. The Spark and Sonic will offer a touchscreen that acts as a dumb terminal,using the GogoLink smartphone app to do the heavy lifting for audio and navigation. The phonesbuilt-in data connection can get real-time traffic updates, stream audio and find local points ofinterest. How soon before a similar system is integrated into buildings?
  16. 16. WEARABLE MULTITOUCH INTERACTIONWearable Multitouch Interaction turns any surface in the user’s environment into a touchinterface. The wearable prototype - combing a laser-based pico projector and depth-sensingcamera - enables graphical, interactive, and multitouch input on arbitrary, everyday surfaces.
  17. 17. We now have access to a vast array of materials, each one possessing different attributeswhich can be further expanded through fabrication processes.Materials now possess multiple functionalities - self-healing concrete, translucent concrete,reinforced concrete - and can be tailored to change their mechanical properties - flexibility,strength, toughness - to suit specific needs.Weve also seen the rise of dynamic materials such as thermotropic materials that changetheir optical properties in response to temperature, or shape-changing materials thatrespond to heat or electricity.MATERIALS MATTER
  18. 18. POLYCARBONATE PARKING FACILITYThis parking facility designed by JOHO Architecture uses a 5 layers polycarbonate. The externalpart was coated with violet color and IR Coating, and the internal part with white color to rec-reate a feeling of a reflective surface of glass or metal depending on the angle of light. Colorchanges occur throughout the day while in the evening it glows from the internal light produced.
  19. 19. REYNOBOND WITH ECOCLEANAlcoa has developed a proprietary process that applies a titanium dioxide coating, called Eco-Clean, to the pre-painted aluminum surface of Reynobond. The result is the world’s firstaluminum architectural panel that helps clean itself and the air around it. The panels activelywork to clean the air with the approximate air cleansing power of 80 trees every day.
  20. 20. CARBONCURE BLOCK SYSTEMCarbonCure is a precast concrete technology developed to sequester carbon dioxide. TheCarbonCure Block System has been installed at concrete manufacturing facilities to store CO2within concrete masonry units during the production process. This permanently locks away thegreenhouse gas in the form of synthetic limestone. The result is a more environmentallyresponsible concrete product with equivalent performance and cost to traditional concrete.
  21. 21. TOUCH-ENABLED WALL PAINTQuark Design has come up with On/Off paint, a conductive wall treatment that can enable touchcontrol of home electronic devices. On/Off paint is designed to serve as an undercoat on virtuallyany medium such as traditional paints or wallpapers. On/Off paint could potentially remove theneed for light switches allowing one to control virtually any kind of electronic device withdifferent touch pressures.
  22. 22. FLEXIBLE DISPLAY TECHNOLOGYNew ultra-thin touchscreen technology capable of bending are set to drop. These technolo-gies include black-and-white screens that are user-malleable and color displays intended tohold a fixed contour. While promiseing to open new opportunities for designers, flexible OLEDdisplays have the advantage of being basically unbreakable because instead of glass they use aplastic called polyamide.
  23. 23. CUSTOM PRINTED CERAMIC TILESImageSnap prints on standard ceramic tile, the same tile you can buy at home-improvementstores. The sizes of ImageSnap’s tiles conform to building industry standards meaning allowingthe tiles to match with sizes already found in your home, office or design project, including trimpieces.
  24. 24. PLASTIC THAT CAN INSTANTLY CHANGE SURFACE TEXTUREA new plastic material that can morph its surface texture in less than a second has beendeveloped at Duke’s Pratt School of Engineering. The texture pattern can morph from dots andcircles, to segments and lines. Possibilities for this material include smartphone covers thatcan alter their surface to become more coarse for a better grip.
  25. 25. CONTACTPHONEEMAIL stuart@a-t-w-c.com323.963.3393Stuart Fingerhut